Big Chief heads for big block Buick

Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by bigdwg03, Mar 17, 2014.

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  1. bigdwg03

    bigdwg03 Well-Known Member

    It was mentioned in another thread but I figure I would start another thread so everyone would know. I have a contact that can get me raw completely unmachined big chief style cylinder heads, I can modify the castings and put in the Buick bolt pattern and water jacket along with valve angles to suit customer application. I know there is a need for a Buick race head but probably very few actually willing to pay the big bucks so this is probably the most viable option. I need to know ASAP and get deposits if anyone is really serious about this as I can only get castings when they are ready to do a run of heads, the next run is the begining of April and after that there is no telling when the next run will be, could be after the new year. PM me if you are SERIOUS only and ready to lay down a deposit.

    I can also do something for the 350 guys if there is a need for an aluminum race head for those guys

  2. DaWildcat

    DaWildcat Platinum Level Contributor

    Your efforts are very much appreciated.

  3. bostongsx

    bostongsx Platinum Level Contributor

    What type of money are we talking about
  4. bigdwg03

    bigdwg03 Well-Known Member

    Cost is going to have a multitude of variables. It's isn't going to be cheap and I'll explain why, the Dart big chief heads go for around 12k with no rockers, their middle of the road avg Cnc port and whatever springs and valves they put in there, no rockers. Now I will have raw castings that I will have to put the Buick bolt pattern in, head dowels, and water jackets. On top of that valve angle and location, which would be per customer application and a port to go with it. They'll be modified to fit the Buick block, need to be machined for Jesel rockers, machine for custome valve covers and make valve covers, I can do either a cast single 4 barrel manifold ported to match the induction package or a sheetmetal intake, again depending on application.... All said and done depending on exactly what you need your looking at 20-25k for a complete top end; manifold, heads, springs, valves, jesel shaft rockers and valve covered all made for individual customer needs, no cookie cutter stuff. I understand it's a lot of money but it's a TON of work, I had to call in favors just to be able to get castings, Dart refuses to sell their heads unmachined but I have an in thank god. I can also do a symmetrical head or a small block head (probably lots cheaper) this is all custom one off stuff, i know big time race guys with more than 20k just in the heads with less work than it will take to get these on a Buick so price really isn't that expensive by comparison.
  5. buicksstage1

    buicksstage1 Well-Known Member

    Fully CNC ported Big Cheif heads at RFD $5600 Who sells them for $12,000 bare and middle of the road/avg CNC port? These are 560cfm+ they dont go much higher then that.
    Specifications as follows:
    > 14x4 Intake Valve Angle
    > 2.5" Intake - 1.82" Exhaust Valves
    > 65cc to 86cc Chambers & custom NOS chamber
    > Flows 560+ cfm
    > Pro-Stock Port & Valve Seat Technology
    > Fits Both Cast Single 4 & Tunnel Ram Intakes
    > Several port CnC Programs for up to 706" engines
    > Custom Built for Your Application
    > Fits 4.84" Standard Bore Space Blocks
    > Sheet-Metal and Billet Intake Packages Available
  6. bigdwg03

    bigdwg03 Well-Known Member

    Lets not turn this in to another argument, most of the back and forth didn't make the update and I rather not revisit it. Look at RFDs website that price is EACH... You need 2, and I did say tha price was with valves and springs, now are those components suitable for your cam and application? Maybe.... CNC ports are designed for the average user like all mass produce products, it's a port that is good for anyone not the best for anyone. I've seen guys pay thousands of dollars to have cylinder heads ported that were already CNC'd
  7. bigdwg03

    bigdwg03 Well-Known Member

    I've SEEN big chief style heads go north of 600cfm....
  8. buicksstage1

    buicksstage1 Well-Known Member

    I am sure you have. Its $5600 for a pair not each and yes I know they take two. "CNC ports are designed for the average user like all mass produce products" I am sorry but you are out in left field with your comments.
  9. bigdwg03

    bigdwg03 Well-Known Member

    read ad after the description where it says assbled EACH

    I design ports for a SPECIFIC combination and application how can a CNC port be the best port for a 650ci drag motor and a 706 tractor pull motor and an offshore power boat? All different applications and rpm ranges and DIFFERENT port requirements. I'm not saying their CNC port is bad by any means it's just not specifically tailored to anyone so it can't be the best port and will work for anyone but will not be the BEST for anyone.

    Here's is a "left field" FACT for ya:

    a smallblock ford super victor manifold from edelbrock is SMALLER than the victor JR for a small chevy, why? Because the average ford isn't going to make the power or turn the RPM that the small chevy average guy does. Products are mass produced for the masses, they design something that the average user will need so they can sell more. This includes CNC ports as they are mass produced.
  10. buicksstage1

    buicksstage1 Well-Known Member

    These are full retail, and cookie cutter as you put it. There are many company's out there selling them in the same price range as Curtis and a pair of custom Big Chief heads start at $5600 fully CNC ported. I fully understand about applications etc.

    This is a accurate dicription of custom CNC porting. "Great cylinder heads and port design is a never ending process. The hundreds of hours designing, hand grinding, digitizing and flow testing ends up on the dyno and race track, only to start the process all over. RFD never rests on its latest development but continues to develop on an on going bases. It's the research and development that drives RFD and it's what we do best. All of our CnC ported heads are custom built one set at a time assuring you the best cylinder head for your application.

    We give our in-house 5 axis CnC a real work out on a daily basis. All our digitizing and programing is done in-house to allow us to make the best use of CnC, CAD modeling as well as CFD modeling. All of our programs can be modified to fit your application and that's just what we do. Every CnC project is adjusted to fit the application. Not shelf stock run-of-the-mill CnC programs, RFD performans all custom work. We can make very accurate adjustments in cross sectional area & port volume to fit any application."

    There is a lot to know.
  11. bigdwg03

    bigdwg03 Well-Known Member

    Well raw C core castings from dart cost 1800 each and those would need to be modified severely to fit any buick. CNC and custom don't belong in the same sentence. If Cnc is designed or mass production and your selling the same port to multiple people how exactly is that custom??? And yes that is bare have you looked at cost of parts?

    You need to stop commenting on my threads, no one cares to hear your ignorance nor read your repeated copy and paste from the about me section of websites.

    can someone tell me if there is a way to block this kid? It's getting annoying.
  12. D-Con

    D-Con Kills Rats and Mice

    Chris, you've made your point; based on that I don't think Jordan will be selling you a set of heads, so please let it go.

    For everyone else, if you want to price compare before laying down your hard-earned money on a custom-made big-chief head for a Buick, by all means and based on the specialty of his product and the cost, it would be foolish not to do your own careful research before buying.

    Jordan, it may worthwhile to share your background here and bolstering your qualifications by sharing what you have produced in the past. We have had a few unscrupulous or overzealous sellers here who even with apparent qualifications have promised to produce something really expensive but also nifty, taking down-payments, but not delivering the product or a refund.

    Good luck with your idea.
  13. sriley531

    sriley531 M.M.O.G.

    Yep, after you login click on "profile" and hit "edit ignore list". Then you have to type in the exact user name as it appears and their posts will no longer show up when you are logged in and are reading threads that they have posted in. Its been a useful tool around here as of late (unfortunately). Anyway, hope this helps, and Im interested in your input so keep it up!
  14. bigdwg03

    bigdwg03 Well-Known Member

    Thanks to the both of you, I would have preferred we not pick up the bickering where we left off but I guess not. My qualifications and education is in the post by dpcp66 "best cylinder head guy around" he was trying to thow my info out there since they're are few really good guys doing buick stuff. I already have a set of symmetrical heads ready to be modified for a buick but before I started figured I would post see if there is an interest as it will be easier to do multiple sets when I have the machine set up. Also they are getting ready to do a run of big chief castings at the beginning of the month so if I don't get deposits asap people will have to wait till the next run and there isn't anything scheduled till next year. I know no one wants to wait that long, I also know there are big talkers that have dissapointed an ripped people off here before. I do have several family members on this board and have no issues giving customers my home address or any other information they feel they need to trust me. I like to do one off unique and most of all bad ass stuff, an a prostock/ big chief head sounds about right. Again I can also do a modified aluminum head if anyone is racing a 350 or wants serious work on an iron head.
  15. bigdwg03

    bigdwg03 Well-Known Member

    As far as price by all means please everyone do research! There are a handful of guys that can modify cylinder heads any more there just isn't a need and it's becoming a lost art. Most guys just want to throw it in a CNC and it costs to get tooled up for that especially for a handful of heads and even more so when a casting had to be severely modified from it's original intent. Add up just cost of parts 1500-1800 cost of castings EACH, CV products guides 8-12 each seats from 28-54 each,
    1500 approx in ferrea valves +/- depending on application PAC springs depends on application 40-50 EACH tool steel retainers 150+ more for Ti jesel shafts 2500-3k, cast intake manifold 450 has be modified to fit before port work or sheetmetal and custom valve covers... I think that's it... Oh and about a ton of hours in labor. Price doesn't look so bad now right? Look at prices off the shelf pieces then imagine that cost PLUS what it takes to make it work on a Buick PLUS this head is made for YOU no 2 pair the same because no 2 combinations are the same (unless your running dual motors in a boat or tractor lol)
  16. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP


    If you really want to sell this type of head, the best thing you can do is do a prototype.. does not have to be two heads, can be just one.

    I would suggest that you get yourself one head from this run as a prototype, do it up, and then go on from there. There are guys with deep pockets who will be interested when they can see something.

  17. buicksstage1

    buicksstage1 Well-Known Member

    Adam, like you guys I can have an opinion here. Jordan, I am not a kid, I am getting close to 50 for the record. I have heard ducks fart in shallow water before. You made statements regarding cylinder head development that I am pretty well versed in that is the only reason for asking you questions etc. You are asking people to give you money on a project you can't back up with experience, produce etc etc. Sorry guys, it had to be said. If anyone is looking at buying a race head for your new aluminum block call Mike and talk to him about the use a other heads on his block.
  18. bigdwg03

    bigdwg03 Well-Known Member

    JW I do have a first set on the floor and a paying customer but there is a window of opportunity to get castings that is closing very rapidly I'm just letting those interested know, it's either the next few weeks or next year.
  19. bigdwg03

    bigdwg03 Well-Known Member

    I never would have guessed your age from the way you talk. I have laid out my qualifications, education and experience I'm sure we all would like to know what makes you so "well versed" other than owning a sf600 for 2 years and reading on the Internet
  20. buicksstage1

    buicksstage1 Well-Known Member

    You can't get anything straight can you? SF600? Like Flow Com and most everything else you have spit out. Keep beating your chest. You have no back ground in this, can you pull it off? I hope so being that you now have someones money.
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