concealed carry guys..... opinions.... What do you carry every day?

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by 70skylark350, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. Harlockssx

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    My perspective changed drastically when I started to carry daily...I do have a few 1911's and Glocks, as well as a nice Sig, but ultimately found all of them too bulky in one dimension or another to not "imprint" and be comfortable. As I'm a larger guy at 6'5" and 330 pounds, I find IWB to be uncomfortable, and OWB to imprint too much. I normally carry my Kimber Solo 9mm with an elastic "belly band" setup, worn high under my left arm like a shoulder rig. It's comfortable, no one knows it's there, and it's well secured. It also doesn't hurt that the belly band only cost me like $11 shipped from Amazon. It's machine washable, and rolls up nicely for storage. I bought a couple, so I can switch them out if I get sweaty in the Florida heat/humidity.

    Having a few extra rounds would be nice, but I'm more into having it neatly concealed. I also have a pocket sleeve holster, in case I want to pocket carry it. In my opinion, a gun is like a parachute...if you find yourself needing it and not having it, you'll never need it again...
  2. Storm1

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    How long does it take you to draw from that belly band? If it's similar to shoulder carry, you're cross drawing and sweeping everything in its path until you get on target. Just some things to think about.

    I'm 6'2 212lbs. I OWB (safariland ALS) whenever I can. It's just more comfortable. I don't go around showing it off, but if it prints or if someone see's it I don't care. 99% of people are too involved in their daily rituals to notice anything around them anyway!
  3. Harlockssx

    Harlockssx Brother Graw Mad

    I'm not overly concerned with draw speed, more so with being proficient with using it, and it not hanging up. Fortunately it's got a really smooth profile and isn't prone to snags or catching. When I feel like I'm in a more "risky" place, I typically have it pocketed...

    With the reactions a lot of misled/uneducated people have regarding guns, I prefer to keep it as concealable as possible. I always have a bigger one to back it up in the car...
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  4. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    A cool gun to consider is the Sig P938. Basically a mini 1911 that is 9mm. The Extreme model is nice looking gun and man does it shoot nice. I was more accurate with it first time I tried it than I was with Shield after two years. If you have giant hands you may not like it. But average size hand guys like me it works fine. Super easy to conceal. Just have to get used to carrying cocked and locked. Carrying without a round in the chamber can get you killed. Tons of videos on YouTube showing why. Bad things happen fast and you may not have time or even a free hand to rack. Another cool gun just released is Sig P365. Tiny 9Mm that is striker fire and carries 10 rounds. May obsolete all others in its class. Others are scrambling to catch up. Of course not available in Mass yet as usual. I was lucky enough to try it. Brother in law in NH just bought one. This crazy state is terrible. Applied for my license renewal three months ago. Still don’t have it. My old one is expired. They tell me old is still good as long as you applied? I don’t trust this state period.
  5. TTNC

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    Agreed with the large hands thing, I wanted to like the 938 but that changed when I shot one. My palms are a little over 4" across and when I gripped it, my pinky finger was nowhere near being able to grab the grip and even my ring finger was questionable on it. And being a real small 9mm it packs quite a punch when you have a lousy grip. Did not care for the recoil in a gun that size when I had such a lousy grip on it. Love the concealability, just not comfortable to shoot for me.
  6. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    My palm is just about 4” across so I must be right on the edge. I actually like the kick it has. I think it forces me to put my hands in exact same place every time. A very high grip is key on this gun and you have to keep your thumb off the slide or it can jam.
  7. Harlockssx

    Harlockssx Brother Graw Mad

    I do love the Sig P938...was considering buying one, but got a great deal on the Kimber Solo so went that way instead. My hands are pretty big, but it feels good in them. I do have a couple 8-rd extended magazines too, which enhances the grip more, but I don't carry it that way. I had a Kimber Ultra Carry 2 that I was trying to carry, but the magazine well just imprinted too much due to me being a fat bastard...a thinner guy could get away with it better, so I sold it to my baby brother who's only 170 pounds, compared to me at 330, haha! He'd been bugging me about it for awhile...
  8. Ken Warner

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    Gonna kick the hornets nest here....

    Unless you train a lot and often how do you carry anything for self defense that is not immediately deployable? If you have to pull the pistol only to chamber a round, or cock a hammer or even click off a safety I see that as a HUGE hurdle.


    In a pressure situation most people can’t get their fly open to take a leak without fumbling. How do you expect it will go if there are bullets flying around you? How about if you are counting on your wife to do something with the pisto because you are unable to? Anything more involved than pointing and pulling the trigger and my wife would be done.

    IMHO a lot of people are very conscious of carrying something “sexy” or unique to show off more so than for actual self defense. And remember, that CC piece is for self defense, shooting someone across the street with your CC’d full size 1911 is not going to go over well with your local law enforcement or prosecutor.

    Stepping off soap box...
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  9. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    I certainly agree with you about the slide Ken but the way I have come up with on the safety is muscle memory. Use your thumb to swipe down on the safety everytime whether it is there or not then it will always be off. But you are correct that practice is important. Practice in front of a mirror like Dinero before he was a Sissy.
  10. Mike B in SC

    Mike B in SC Well-Known Member

    I just picked up a Taurus G2C 9mm at the gun show last weekend to use as my new CC pistol. I hope to get to the range this weekend to try it out.

    Taurus G2C 9mm.JPG
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  11. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    Is it an inch or less in thickness? That is most important thing in comfort especially inside waist band.
  12. Mike B in SC

    Mike B in SC Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure. I will measure it when I get home.
  13. Mike B in SC

    Mike B in SC Well-Known Member

    Found the specs online:
    Key Specifications
    • Item Number: 705255
    • Caliber: 9mm
    • Action: Semi-automatic/striker-fired (DAO)
    • Round capacity: 12+1
    • Barrel length: 3.2"
    • Frame: Polymer
    • Sights: Fixed front/Adjustable 2-dot rear
    • Overall length: 6.2"
    • Overall height: 5.1"
    • Overall width: 1.2"
    • Overall weight: 22 oz.
    • Mfg. Number: 1-G2C931-12
    • UPC: 725327616030
    So it is slightly over an inch thick.
  14. Taulbee2277

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    This is what I am allowed to carry daily at work.

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  15. 2001ws6

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    Is it under 10oz? I'd hate to see you get in trouble for a high capacity coffee cup. :p:D
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  16. Taulbee2277

    Taulbee2277 Silver Level contributor

    It is, but lucky for me reloads are really quick ;)
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  17. sriley531

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    We live in Ohio, no stupid capacity restrictions for our "assault" :rolleyes: beverages...:D
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  18. Taulbee2277

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    Im just happy that ammo is cheap in this instance :D
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  19. Brad Conley

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    In your case Taulb, I believe trigger discipline is extremely difficult. Almost impossible to keep the bugger-hooker off the bang-switch.
  20. 70skylark350

    70skylark350 Well-Known Member

    Have you shot the Ruger LC9 ? how does it compare as far as size? I love my LC9. I like the look of the sig but its pricy, I like the Kimber solo as well. not sure if I can bring myself to spend $800.00 on a mini 9?
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