concealed carry guys..... opinions.... What do you carry every day?

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by 70skylark350, Nov 24, 2016.

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    I've only ever "open carried" when I was in the woods in bear country. And then it was only from the truck through the woods and back. I've seen a few folks do it around here, and it doesn't really bother me (though I do have a tendency to keep a closer eye out of habit), but I choose not to for strategic reasons. Luckily my company (day job, not a gun store) is gun friendly so I carry (concealed) everyday at work and they're happy I do it.

    As far as open carry goes, I saw a great video on the 5 rules of open carrying. 1 through 3 were "don't be an *$$hole". If I see a fella open carrying at Kroger, and he's just casually going about his business shopping, I'll watch for a second, try to scope out what he's carrying (more from being a gun enthusiast and not for any real reason), and then go about my business just the same. When somebody is walking around flaunting it and looking for attention, that's no bueno in my book. My sister in law dated this toolbag for a while that showed up at car shows open carrying and going out of his way to be noticed, going so far as to wear a shiny gold badge on his belt that said "CCW Holder" on it. I always laughed my arse off at that idiot. But I could share some real stories of that fool....
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    Open carry is for give up the element of surprise !

    Peace WildBill
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    I think it's pretty ironic that while Maryland is actually nick-named the "Free State," it's anything but free.
    Maryland is concealed carry only, and pretty particular about it, too.
    Just like a drivers license, a MD CWP has restrictions listed on the back.
    Mine says: "For transporting business currency to and from bank; as operations manager for XXXXXXX company." I always figure every penny in my pocket is business currency.

    Philip T.
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    Lord help the bad guy that ever comes into the dealership I work at....out of 80+ employees just in our complex, I'd say 1/2 of them have some sort of firearm on them or in their office every day.
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    I knew a Captain in the army who just came off a tour in Alaska. Wherever he was at up there he said everyone was carrying a firearm as big bear and moose were no joke and not afraid to walk in the middle of town. So one night he's talking to a guy in a bar and he brings up that the Capt is not carrying anything for protection. Capt says "he's got a nice S&W model 19, .357 with 6 in barrel in his personal goods that he plans to carry once it arrives. Bar guy spits tobacco on the floor and tells him how important it is to make sure any sharp edges are knocked down off the sights or whatnot. This would typically be so it won't get hung in the leather when you draw it quickly. In this case the bar guy finishes the story by saying... "because IF you live, it will hurt less while they remove it, after the bear sticks that 357 up your @$$" .
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    I've got a client that struts into my office open carrying that must have got his shiny badge from the same gumball machine. I shake my head at those OC'ing when, as Wild Bill say, they lose all element of surprise. Always take the advantage. Always.
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    open carry is legal in PA too, don't see it too often but when I do I just laugh. I saw a guy in Sheetz the other day with his side holster, I told the cashier "that guy thinks its the wild west"
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    The argument over concealed vs. open carry is unending and mostly void of factual data to back up either opinion.
    People are usually in one of three camps.

    1. Open carry is stupid and you lose the element of surprise. The bad guy will shoot you first.
    2. Open carry is a deterrent. The bad guy will find a softer target. It's much quicker to access your gun.
    3. People who don't care either way.

    I fall into the 3rd camp. I don't care how you carry. I open carry, I carry concealed. I don't think either way is stupid. Each way has it's advantages and disadvantages. To me, either way is a situational choice.

    Now people who go around with their CCW badges...That's another story! o_O

    Lots of people think fast old cars, loud exhaust, and smoking up the tires is stupid. I like those too, call me stupid!
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