concealed carry guys..... opinions.... What do you carry every day?

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by 70skylark350, Nov 24, 2016.

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    Unfortunately you are basing your experience on a sample size of 1, as is Storm, so not a lot to go off of there. Having worked on the retail side and as a range officer, I've been fortunate enough to be around and get feedback on many firearms, and larger samples of specific brands/models. My input is this. It's undeniable under first inspection that keltec fit and finish is not going to win any awards. Park it next to most other leading brand firearms and there's no comparison. Seams in the plastic, tooling marks, etc are much more prevalent. That's an appearance issue, not always indicative of function.

    However, I've had discussions with many owners and interacted with them on the range, and I would confidently say that keltecs do have a higher failure rate than many (not all) brands. Now, that's not to say they're all "junk" or whatever, and all manufacturers drop a few faulty ones once in a while. But from my experience with them and those who have them, they do tend to be a bit more spotty in reliability. I still want a PMR30 for some silly reason, so I'm not "anti-keltec" by any means. But because 1 guy has a good one doesn't mean they're good, and one guy has a bad one doesn't mean they're bad. If you have a well tested one (500 rounds is a decent start) that's proven reliable, then I'd say its a good option. But if you have one that gives you fits, it's tough to gain confidence in that piece of equipment to potentially save your life one day.
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    Thanks for the input Shawn....i appreciate it.I will have a sample size of 2 very soon......

    The P3 is not a Kimber and i don't expect that kind of fit and finish from it.But as a pocket has many advantages....and i will carry it when i want that kind of carry.

    What gets me is that nobody talks what ammo they are using when they had failure to fires and failure to eject.
    There is SOOO much crap(foreign) ammo out there now because everyone wants the cheapest they can get.....were these people shooting that......many guns prefer a certain type round/load.

    I will give true results of my break-in of this gun in a few weeks.

    I was a rifle range instructor at a Boy Scout summer camp 69-72.....taught many thousands of boys to shoot(safely) those three summers.....ah,the memories!

    Peace WildBill
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    Browning announced they were going to stop producing them about 2 years ago and the prices went through the roof. Even the FEG knock offs are crazy. For around $500 you can find new Turkish made Hi Powers under the Tisas brand. Reviews have been pretty good. If I didn't have a good shooting FEG I MIGHT consider one.
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    Ive become painfully aware of that! My LGS has one that's a few years old for $995. But I might hold out for the sweet 1972 Hi Power on Gunbroker for $1700.
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    I used to have one of the WWII Canadian John Inglis Hi-Powers. It had the tangent rear sight and slots for the shoulder stock. It shot great but it wasn't much to look at. I paid $165 for it back in the late eighties. Probably should have hung on to that one. Later I had one of the FEG's.
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    Shawn, I'm also an NRA RSO. Yes, my post was about my personal experience with the P3At, however I have also seen an unusual amount of failure reports from many other owners.

    In addition to failures to eject, my assembly pin walked almost completely out while I was on the line shooting:

    The original assembly pin design is flawed. The next fix they tried also failed. The third attempt still requires several 'checks' to make sure you can safely fire this pistol. This is the last thing I want to worry about if i need to defend myself or my loved ones.

    Sure, anything mechanical can fail, but my own personal experience, the experiences of many others, and the shear amount of data online about failures, fixes, mods, and checks, I came to the realization that I would not trust my safety to this particular gun.

    I'm just sharing my opinion and I wish everyone the best of luck with theirs.

    Bill, I was using Speer Gold Dots 90gr HP's around 7yds and it was hitting the edges of the paper. I'm not saying I'm a crack shot, but I can keep most of them in the black ring under the same conditions with my Seecamp which is actually smaller.

    And some of my fondest memories were Boy Scout summer camp at the range :) I wasn't teaching like you, but I remember my RSO's they were great guys!
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    My third expensive hobby was women. My wife made me give that one up though. :D
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    You can still look at the menu, you just cant order anything
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    Gen V Glock 19 all day. Everyday.
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    Anybody Have feedback on the P365, I am interested in a new CC and looking at this Sig.
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    I only have one Kel-Tec, PLR-16 in 5.56.
    Have probably put 2500-3000 rounds through it with no problems. I always take it to family shooting outings and everybody loves this thing! I think it looks COOL!!
    I think they like shooting it because it’s SO LOUD!! Short barrel...

    The crazy thing is that in the gun-rights challenged state of Maryland, this thing is considered a hand gun. Had to go through all of the normal hoops as when buying any pistol. So that means, with my CWP I can legally carry this. Has to be concealed but it does fit nicely under a trench coat or rain coat with the shoulder strap!
    Just not practical for every day carry.



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  13. Steve A

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    I have rented a P365 twice and it shot very accurately for me. I have heard of reliability problems, although I can't speak from personal experience.
  14. Topcat

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    My neighbor who is a 25 year State policeman and 8 year County sheriff and he swears by his 365.....shoots impressive groups...has not told me of any reliability problems.

    Peace WildBill
  15. 2001ws6

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    Pretty Awesome!

    I plan on picking up something like this after I move to a Free state.
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    Question: Are you guys allowed to open carry where you're at? Around here, you can walk down the street or even in the mall with your holster and side arm out in the wide open for the world to see. It's pretty funny to see all the "foreigners" and out-of-staters when I go to places like Glacier Park and I've got my 629 on my right hip. I don't think a lot of city people that come here to go through the parks realize it isn't a petting zoo and the bears would really like to eat you, a wolverine just wants to rip your face off, mountain lions like to stalk you, and a moose wants to step on you.
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    Open carry is allowed in CT but no one does. They few that do carry open have the cops called on them. Its not worth the hassle. The 99% carried concealed.
  18. DavidC77

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    In The CommyWealth Of MA it is legal to carry openly... Most don't do it though... In this Blue CommyWealth "Guns Are Bad and Scary"...

    Our LTC ( License To Carry ) system is "By The Police Chiefs OK"... If you carry open you will freak out the MoonBats, they will call the Police, you will be slapped into cuffs till it's proven that you have a LTC, if you do you will have the cuffs removed (maybe, you will get the "riot act" drilled into you ), if not your going to jail... Now the FUN STARTS if you were Carrying Open, the Police Chief will say that "YOU" caused a problem and because of that he/she is going to "REVOKE" your LTC... You then have no rights and no guns and you will be hiring a Lawyer to fight for YOUR RIGHTS back that you shouldn't of lost to begin with... And OH YA, the Tens of Thousands of Dollars you will have to spend to get YOUR RIGHTS BACK THAT YOU SHOULDN'T OF LOST!!!!!!!

    So long story short, Conceal Carry in The CommyWealth of MA!!!!!!!

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  19. 1972Mach1

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    You don't see it much here either, but you do see guys doing it in town every now and then (they are obviously badasses :rolleyes:). The cops don't mess with you if you do here, but it freaks people out. In the woods I do open carry, as quick as possible while being accurate is always the way to go. One time I was in a shooting competition, and after we were all done, I decided to stick around and get my new RUM and myself a little bit better acquainted. I was walking out to the 500 yd marker to hang some targets, but before I took off on my hike, I decided to grab my GP100 just in case, even though there'd been about 20,000 rounds going off throughout day. Well, after hanging up my targets, I was walking back looking at the ground for lead (I melt, cast, and reload my own handgun rounds), and at about 40 yards away from the bench I look up......and there's a grizzly half way between me and the bench (that'd be 20 yards in front of me for those not good at the math skills). In the middle of the gun range. Right after a shooting competition. So it's really not afraid of gunfire. And it stopped it's leisurely walk and looked at me....I pulled up my now much too small for the situation .357, and I'll tell you what, tunnel vision is a real thing. All I saw was that bear and everything else in my vision was red.....Before I knew it I had backed up to the 100 yd dirt pile and climbed on top off it. The bear had walked into the woods next to the range, and I heard it next to me, but I couldn't see it. I stood on top of that pile for what seemed like 30 minutes after I didn't hear it anymore. I walked back to my Jeep doing the full 360 degree repeating circles, hands shaking routine for that 100 yds, climbed in, and called my buddy who was in the comp with me to come back out and watch my back while I loaded up all my stuff.........I went and bought my .44 the next day. And I still feel like I need at least a .454 for the woods, but I've also got a 45-70, a 870 Super Mag, and a plain-jane 30-06 Savage for options that I take with me when going in the sticks.
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    Ohio is an open carry state, and some do. It does raise a few eyebrows once in a while....
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