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    FCOOFRAZ3 Whiteboy

    I went to Rico's on sunday and the car only went 6.64 on the gas, but I could not shift it fast enough and still haven't figured out the transbrake to nitrous thing.
  2. jimmy

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    What is Rico's? Or Where is it?

    And did you meet Wayne at the Fayetteville track?

    Sounds like the car is really flying! Good luck on the NOS.
  3. Buicks4Speed

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    So do you think your ready to try a different gear yet?? 6.64 isn't all that bad for a first outing using nitrous. What was the best MPH? I was only going 6.0's the first time I sprayed mine. It takes time to tune but you need to make it consistant before you can tune it properly. Hey, its still together so your still doing good. :TU:

    FCOOFRAZ3 Whiteboy

    Rico's race track is located between Whiteville NC and Hallsboro NC. Yes I did meet Wayne in Fayetteville. He has a sharp old Buick Skylark. I have since gotten a shifter and have been 6.69 playing with the gas and shutting it down on the other end of the track. I went out there on Sunday and like to lost it I dripped a little trans fluid on the track and it caused me to slip and slide down the track I got the ride of my life.
  5. Buicks4Speed

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    What tune up are you running with your nitrous? What was the MPH/60ft?

    FCOOFRAZ3 Whiteboy

    I am running number 26 autolites gaped at 30 and .30/.30 on the valves. Mobil 1 0w20, and the 4200 eight inch convertor. I went to Fayetteville and the car went 6.68 at 97mph. I think that it was blowing through the convertor and causing the tires to spin after the launch. I had a 1.62 60ft time on the car. I have gotten a 9 inch convertor to go in the car. I personally think that the convertor cant handle the nos. I am shooting a 200 shot at the car and it is running more mph off the gas then on the gas.Off the gas it runs 100.78 mph at a 6.89 and on the gas it goes 6.60's at 97 mph. is that blowing through the convertor?
  7. tjcole

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    This is a great read guys and I want to hear the latest news on your progress.

    FCOOFRAZ3 Whiteboy

    I am going back to the track sometime this week and am hoping to go some 6.30' or 6.20's on the gas. I have the new 9 inch converter going in that is 3400 on motor and 4400 on nitrous. I will try different timing settings and we found out that the shocks were way out of adjustment on the car. I will inform you all of what is going on. Are there any suggestions to help me get there.
  9. Buicks4Speed

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    Good luck. I hope they got that converter right for you. You'll know soon enough. Remember what I said about the fuel on the nitrous. Its better to tune than try to spray more. 175HP ok, 225 pushing-it, 275+ is all barrowed time as far as i'm concerned. I wouldn't go past that 175hp until you get all you can out of it. it just may be all you get out of it past that. You never know. Better spread some pixy-dust on it. With a tighter converter, the block will see more load from the nitrous since it will working more in its power band and wont be running out of breath. So go see if you can beat the "guts" out of it. You've got a 6.64 to beat. You should get that on the first pass.

    FCOOFRAZ3 Whiteboy

    I have been on the road this week so I will not get to see what she will do. I will inform u of it and then I have to send for the rollers on Monday. So when are u coming to the house from over there. I need to leave this thing with u to test and tune to your expertise.

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