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    BUICKRAT Torque Rules!

    Heads are great and all, but us Buick guys need BLOCKS. If you twin turbo a 455 with good heads, all you're going to do is spit out your crankshaft. I would love to see some more heads, but I think we need stronger blocks first!
    Keep in mind that a guy from a pontiac forum came on here and inquired about this forums intrest in a stronger iron block and was promptly shot to ribbons, but good luck, we need all the help we can get!
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    Stop feeding the troll.
  3. gmcgruther

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    If you want a bullet proof block and ya it's gonna cost money, refer to the number above, he can bulid anything, Oh by the way I'm not a troll, some people gotta call names to make people leave but I'm not going anywhere and I will constantly look in other place's and ask The people in here to better suite people like you and me.
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    It'll take years, if not a decade, for anyone to catch up to the R&D that TA has already done. We waited how long for an aftermarket block? We have one now, and I'd bet that anyone able to afford building one is going to be more than satisfied with it's performance.

    Somehow I doubt anyone you told us about is even remotely interested in producing Buick parts. Why? Because there isn't enough market share for them to be profitable.
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    I beg the difference, That's why I have contacted some people all ready and they have done billet buick heads that breathed ten times better then T/A St 4 heads, Now if that does'nt tell you something, then you are just not in it good enough, Greg gesseler make's the T/a heads breath better then they have, but there is no room to improve wrong again, Here is qeustion for ya, tell me where I can see or read about a bbb producin 3800 hp on twin 91 mm turbos under 30 pounds of boost and is a 440 cid, and ya this engine does exist and has more torque then any buick I have read in here yet. Yes his heads were one of a kind but not now. oh I forgot and only turns 7500 rpm. Yes I know bbb are not suppose to turn that high but remember T/A did make a badass block that can handle that power. I'm not thanking of the small fri guy's here I'm thinking about the guys that want to go out and be in the ADRL or street car class that is not streetable. Good exsample David Wolfes mustang runni 6.52 in the quarter with radials in a non tube chassis. T/A has done a wonderful job on makin heads for people that go from 13 to 8 second zone in N/A engine, I'm talkin about making more power then you can think. Now you see where I'm going here, I would love to see a bbb in adrl or the radial rev. or any other class to wax the other brands, trust me thats why I want this so bad. I don't care for any publicity on this at all, I just like to see it happen.
  6. gmcgruther

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    Now here is my question on that post you posted, If T/A has done so much r/d on them then why is there any spread port or valve relocation done, please don't tell me they flow enough to handle all the best we can throw at because when you have through more boosted air then any other brand many ford, dodge, and chevy that means they DON'T FLOW ENOUGH. Yes there do produce more torque then any but that only off the line and hp rein's supreme in the end of the track, I would love to see T/A make this heads and show everyone saying I can make such heads and have the technology. Yes it cost money but I bet there would be atleast 20 or more people steppin up to the plate and saying I want a set...
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    Wow, what a hoot that was to read. De-ja-vu all over again.

    The Yellow Bullet links that Devon posted in #31 were :eek2:. One thing about YB, you post it and you've got 5 minutes or you own it for ever.

    So Gary, it's been almost 4 years and I see you've done nothing but blow smoke. What gives? You get things patched-up with Darin?

    We need constructive posts and information sharing about all things Buick here on this board. Getting on a soap box and spouting pure BS, for years apparently, isn't very constructive. Seems like many of the older guys that have earned it don't post much here anymore, which is a real shame.
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    Hahahhahhah I just looked at that book link.. Its totally off topic but rather appropriate. This thread started in 2011? Dang Gary, you might take a hint. But then again that goes both ways. Well **** that was 2011 any progress?
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    I know its been awhile since I been on this thread. Man, I like to thank Mike at TA PERFORMANCE for going forth a making a Real nasty cylinder head. I know it is attend for the individuals that want to go in the extreme motorsports divisions, but atleast their there to make it happen. I hope they put Buick back on top and ahead of the pack. A lot of people on here really won't apologize but oh well. I can't what untill I the valvetrain on this heads ;)
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    This thread- being 4 years old, was damage in one of the updates, so new posts would go into the database, but the 3rd page would not show up.. not for me, not for anyone.

    So, I copied it to a different forum, and just like that, everything that has been posted to is shows up..

    So here it is, those of you who seem to continued to think that we agressively edit these things.. really? you think anyone here as the time for that?

    OK NOW--- clean sheet of paper--

    What has been written, is out there now. I did not remove anything here, and won't.

    What I will do, from here on out, is remove users who can't act like adults. I have no time to deal with that nonesense, and won't. No exceptions, I don't care if you have been on the board since Moses wore short pants..

    You act like a child, I will treat you like one, and you will be watching from the sidelines.

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    Gary , your script is killing my eyes,

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