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    now look at the date of that too, for the other guys on the combustion chamber shape, Robert Yates designed the heads and Mister jack in the hat revised the ports and combustion chamber. they both use this head back then remember? Matter of fact Darin morgan has reshaped it to work alittle better in all heads.
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    Yeah, it's a bit dated, but some of the designs in there are pretty wicked. Overhead cams, hemi-heads, offset valves, turbos, etc. Buick engineering was there and did it.

    I'll just say that the current offerings by TA are here for a reason; they work.

    Maybe it was just bad timing on the parts development, but I have a feeling that there's more to it than that. A lot of development for some of this stuff was scrapped in '70. Case-in-point; the multi-carb Weber intake idea was scrapped since it didn't offer anything more over a single carb setup. Rare; yes, desirable; not so much. (Don't get me wrong, it's quite the piece of history)
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    I've thought about that before but never like that - the sum of all the good things.

    There's definately something special going on when you also factor into that test that the others in most cases were race tested motor designs and parts - ours was busy on race day pushing a wagon uphill pulling a trailer or taking Grandpaw to church in his luxo barge
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    I always chalk it up to the fact that Chevy and Ford had to run new and exciting things so that they could keep up with the Olds, Buick, and Caddy powerplants. The first time you step out from a "performance" Chevy or Ford and into a big block BOPC you'll laugh at the idea that the popular car was a "performance" car. I always considered the Camaros and Mustangs as cars for high school girls to look cool in.
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    Our BBB's have 15* heads.

  6. skierkaj

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    Have you actually looked at their website?! :confused:

    I think TA has it covered. And if that's not enough for you, I know there was talk of a Stage 5 head. <---- Who has a link?
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    From what I remember the stage 5 consisted of 1 head that was half finished and then sat on a shelf for years. There wasn't enough demand to justify finishing it.
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    I'm not trying to knock T/A Performance at all ok! I just want to see if they fixed the stage through stage 2 valve train problem, like having push rod guide plates? From what I have read Harland sharp fixed that problem on there roller rocker system. I just don't want to buy a set of T/A ST2's and have to spend more money on valve train stuff that must cylinder peolpe already have on there heads, I know the st3 and 4's are bad to the bone but Have you seen the technology that is aviable to have as cast and then work there way up to a wild head? Yes it is aviable in other brand rt now but not in BBB yet, why. I'm willing to help much as possible, I look at things and see what I possibly can do to improve on it. Here is what I'm talkin about high port, The eddy Glidden/Victor 15* degree ford small block head. This head was totally redesigned by Billy Glidden him self and is proven to work beyound anything aviable in its catagory. I don't want to see a head that is not been valve spacing modified or combustion chamber shape not missed with and the ports were move a little bit I to admit, but look at the Dart Big Chief head, It reigened superemed for a decade then Darin move the the ports around and valves and made it breath ten times better in cast from and still used the existing valve train. No thats doing a head. I understand T/A has spent many of yrs on there heads but here is something to think about and Mike should remember this, The BBB tried out for NHRA way back then and only lost by a few tenths to quilfy, where are those heads now, and the engine was under 500 cid to boot. Now does anyone see where I'm going on this, If they had the technology then to run in the high 7's why can't we know?
  9. gmcgruther

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    Check this out, They rock beyound what you can think, there hopin for 2800 hp on twins.
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    What class are you talking about? Pro-Stock? The Judd Speed Shop car is the only one I can think of in that category, but I'm just a young guy. From what I've heard, they didn't do so well. Heck, I think the Reynolds car was just as fast, if not faster. A 10.79 at around 120-something.

    Doug Jones and Dave Benesik ran their stock Stage 1 GS and dominated for 2? 3? years. Of course, in class racing, they were limited to Stage 1 heads, since the Stage 2's weren't an actual production head.

    The only heads that Buick released back then were the two versions of the Stage 2 head (I'm pretty sure); which have been updated by TA already.

    It just seems to me you're trying to "squeeze blood out of a turnip" so to speak.
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    Good grief Gary, when's the last time you had your hands on a set of the TA heads? What "valve train problem" are you having that necessitates guideplates? We don't even need 3/8" pushrods for most builds for God's sake!

    Is there some reason you feel compelled to drop at least three "big" names in motorsports in every other post??? I would imagine Darin Morgan isn't all that pleased with you after you aired his private e-mail publicly on . Talk about epic threads!

    I'm not sure if you're a bit misguided but have your heart in the right place or what. :Do No:

  12. skierkaj

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  13. bammax

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    Maybe it's cause I don't care about what racers do with small block fords, but I've never heard of any of these people. Tell me what Shelby, Roush, and Lingenfelter have done with engines and then I'll pay close attention and take lots of notes. Plus as I mentioned before, none of that stuff is workable on a Buick without starting from scratch with someone elses design. That's even been done by Edelbrock with their new Chevy heads for Buicks.

    What I want to see is a high-rise dual plane intake or a right out of the box fuelie intake for under $1,000 complete with injectors and rails. That's a tree that hasn't been barked up much :TU:

    Do appreciate the new ideas though. Just need to keep them more focused and Buick specific to get them through in this crowd.
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    Devon, Ya I started **** there and thats the past, but everything I have mentioned on here is true if you don't think so go look at his web site, or maybe you guys are to damn afraid to learn new stuff for the Buicks! Yes has a set of those heads sent to Dr. J's porting or even Joe Mondello, or are you just plain stupid and only want the guy's in here say this is the only thing that can be done, Beside's I was talkin about the NHRA Prostock class but I see where you and others are just scared to try new stuff because it might scare the **** out you. I have realized one thing in here, it's all hush hush unless you ask the rt question, excuse the hell out of me, I have worked on every engine imaginable but buicks and now I can't get a straight answer from no one! Ya there was a thread in here about a engine that can't rev past 5500 rpm because of roller rockers! Give me a break, the rockers were from t/a and and people has said they have had problems with them too, come on. It does'nt take a rocket sciencist to realize less friction means more power, Then again harland sharp only makes a limited run of bbb roller rockers for a reason because of some so called goood roller rockers fail at @ 5500, maybe you guys should try a set and see what more feels like. Pontiacs are very similar to bbb and I have done built a 1000 hp cast 455 not aftermarket, it's pretty simple, I learned tons of crap in my life but I see people are just to scared to venture out. this all could've been simplified IF ONE person came forward and spoke but no he didn't and now you bring up old stuff, damn your good but not smart.
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    Good luck to you Gary. Sounds like you're way ahead of the rest of us already. Looking forward to your progress.

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    See this is what I'm lookin for, Contact mike moran he will work something up but I doubt for under 1000 but you sure wont find nobody in here better then him at efi and turbo's. The Darin Morgan class if you go look at his class schedule and keep scroolin down you'll see all the peoples rants and rave's about his class, his class is not brand spefic at all, just facts, and alot of the ones I have learned from him posting on his blog and various places. Please answer one question for me, did buick ever have stand alone rockers? Any size bbb or smbb
  17. skierkaj

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    I'm right there with you Devon. Gary apparently knows nothing about building a Buick engine, much less done any research on who's who in the world of Buick racing, what they're running, how much power they're putting out, etc.

    Now where is that "ignore" button?
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    Devon, I never said I was ahead of you guy's nor will I ever say it either. I just wanted some answer's from the big shots but I see that won't ever happen.Maybe I should give Greg gesseler a call and ask him some questions sense no here wants to help. Devon, from what I gather from you is that T/A is the only people that can do heads for you and others the rt way and no one can try or have in put, I'm devon I don't care how long mike has done buicks there is always someone out there that can and will do better. LOOK at the F.E. heads, carlo shelby had the strong hold for over 30 yrs and now two other people has made better heads, same with chevy's, same with pontiac, same dodge, but only one can dominate the Big Block Buick? wake up... I'm sorry bulldog left a sore taste in your mouth and eddy did a big favor for you on the problems of the roller rocker problem, Only if you knew that donaven billet specialtise can make a billet block that is willing to handle anything you can possible throw at it! Proven past 5000hp can t/a do that? for the same price? I highly doubt it.
    now do you see where I'm going with this?
  19. gmcgruther

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    see nobody wants to call on this people to explain anything to me, I know I can do a simple 500hp buick, with simple cast stuff but know I don't know nothing do I, simple port work and st1 valves and a desent intake and a st2 cam and little tweakin, but no I don't know nothing. I know what makes engine run and what don't , All the heads avaible are great to a certian point then there dead, I would like to see a 470 produce 1000hp n/a then talk to me.
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