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Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by gmcgruther, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Really? Are you serious? Some so-called "big favor". Yes, they gave us another option for cylinder heads (which is great), but they're no better than what TA has to offer. You want innovation and improvement? Adding stand-alone rockers is not an innovation, nor is it an immense improvement.

    And what is this, "roller rocker problem" you speak of?!

    I suggest you do a bit more reading before running your mouth off . . . seems to be a common theme amongst your posts.
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    Call these companies and ask them what the requirements are to make these parts. I don't think you realize that most of these companies require a production run of 50 or more pieces at hundreds to thousands per and all paid for in advance before they even consider going ahead with development. The Buick world isn't as big as the Chevy and Ford world so their developments and pricing has absolutely no effect on us. We're lucky to get any parts reworked and in turn we stay with those who got us where we are. That's why Jim W is the engine guru, Cliff R is the carb guy, and T/A are the production experts. None of them know everything but they all know tons more than any of the Chevy guys or the Ford guys about what you can and can't do with a Buick. I've come from Pontiacs Olds and Chevies and this Buick thing is a whole new can of worms. The only engine I've ever heard of with a "some assembly required" oil pump. Describe it to a Chevy guy and watch his head explode.

    If you can get any of these parts produced and then show a few dyno runs of how they perform then you'll have no problem being a go to guy around here. It's just that so many people have been burned by guys like Bulldog that there needs to be proof to go with the claims.

    By the way you had better quickly forget the Mondello name before talking to the Olds guys. That company is not very well recieved these day.

    Also the failed lifters were a widespred problem with a bad supply that went out to distributors all over. Those tended to collapse under certain conditions. The other issue with reving the valvetrains came from a mismatch between high lift cams combined with certain spring rates and certain lifters. There was a bad combination that people stumbled apon when designing the new valvetrain components.

    Talk to Gessler, Mike at T/A, and Jim W and find out everything you can about the Buick motors and then take it from there.
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    What new stuff do you want us to try - these mega heads of wich you speak DO NOT EXIST.................

    And they dont' exist because until this year, we never had a block that could handle them anyway.

    I sure hope the shortblock BBB you have is ALUM - after all this 2500 NA HP talk you talk about.
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    Now that would be a question for DBS wouldn't it? As a matter of fact, I'd wager $$$$$$ that they WERE contacted (as what fellas, DOZENS of other co.s out there). ONE company took up the challenge to make blocks and heads for Buicks-knowing it would be years before they probably saw a profit.:shock: Now there is nothing stopping YOU to ask these co.s if they are willing to give it a try.:Brow:

    Please let me know what they have to say.:bla:
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    Wow.....just wow.....:eek2:
    I need popcorn and a twelve pack STAT!!! (this is gonna be good!!)

    In all seriousness though:
    Might I suggest you ease up a little bit. We are typically a pretty easy-going crowd in here, theres no need to come in "guns a blazing". Please bear in mind, this isnt yellowbullet, and the mind set isn't the same. We gladly welcome any innovations in Buick performance parts that we can get, but a "hells fire" approach won't help your cause. You seem to have an intense personality, and thats perfectly ok, often its those types of "go getters" that spur innovation. I dont mean that in a bad way, but the "in your face, all out or nothing" approach wont win you many fans. Just an observation on my part, no more, no less.:beer
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    Thank you, see that is what I was looking for! for Mondello, the only thing that I see he is damn good for a only port and polish school and help developing the new wet flow bench. I'm going to contact this guy's and talk with them. I also going to contact a friend that is damn good port and polishing and see if he has done any bbb heads to see whats up in this world. I know I stepped in a whole new world here, please just give me a chance I won't let you down. I already talked to David Vizard and said buicks are a class of there own but once you get ahold of it, hang on.
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    Devon, I'm not complainin about this heads at all, I just want see if I or anyone else can improve on them. And yes I'm contacting eddy tomerrow to see if they can make a rpm air gap intake and possible victor intake.
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    I wasn't complaining Doug. I think it's great that Edelbrock stepped up and gave us Buick guys options. Everyone loves options!

    That is a great book too.
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    Donaven does'nt mass produce any engine at all, they only do one off stuff and it's bullet proof! You go to him and say what you want and he does the rest for ya.:bla: :beer
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    I'm seriously sorry If I come off the wrong foot, I was just askin for the big guys to step forward and say hey, this and that, and maybe, but no because. but All I was getting was don't you dear and try that crap here in my beloved bbb area. I was just makin suggestions. Thank's again for settin me straight.
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    See, I was seeing stuff like this before but nothing came forward. I would love to see a head that outflows the biggest cubic inch aviable in bbb so you can attach twin 91 mm turbos on it and go scream at the radial vs the world and lay some nasty numbers and say I have plenty left if you want to play. That what's I'm lookin for!
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    Gary, you have to admit that based on your explosive entrance here and much of your other internet presence, it's very, very difficult to take you seriously even though you may have good intentions.

    You have to realize you can't blame us for the impression you make, that is all on your shoulders. Try to try, so you're more likely to be better received.

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    You really NEED to forget the small block over the conter stuff. Find a 455 car and go for a ride in it. I'm sure there must be someone near you who would be willing to take you for a ride around the block. Once you feel 500 ft-lbs at 4,000 rpms you'll realize quickly what makes the Buicks special. It really is a totally different ballgame when you're talking about torque monsters compared to the high reving racing fords. These engines don't need to have 2,000 horses at 9,900 rpms to "perform". My 455 Electra weighs close to 6,000 pounds and can still outrun my gen2 Caprice which is weighing in at a bit over 4,000. Figure that one out :Do No:

    The trick is improving on the weak spots in the Buicks, which if you follow closely has been or is being addressed on the engine side (especially if the timing cover coating goes through). If you want to help a ton find someone who can make gearsets for the Buick 9-3/8 rear. It's a huge weak spot in the Buicks that hasn't been addressed yet and needs to be.

    By the way E-brock says they have no intention of making new intakes for us since the current ones don't sell well enough :mad:
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    The 5500 rpm issues your refering to are not caused by TA's roller rockers but is a combition of rocker ratio, cam profile and hydrolic lifters.I'm sure for what you are contiplating a hydrolic flat tappet cam won't be used.There are afew guys out here who spin 6000-6500+ with no troubles with solids.
  17. gmcgruther

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    Bammax, My uncle has owned three of the 1969 through 1970 Skylark GS Stage 1's I have driven two of them to school to do brake replacment and tire replacments, I understand what you mean by torque monster, out of the three one had the Stage 2 cam and head work done. I roasted the old tires in front of my Auto mechanics teacher and class to demosrate the awesome torque the brute monster makes, to solve the rearend problem my uncle used the hurst olds rearend, same as the buick but why more strong and it's like a 9'' inch rearend, no c-clips to worrie about. the only way to tell the difference is getting under the car and lookin at the front of the casing, then it's still difficult then. I thank you guy's for setting me straight, I did make some calls today and devon was rt! Eddy is not doin nothing rt know, Brodix say's maybe in two yrs because there wrapped up in a big major project, Dart? forget about them. Allpro nope notta.
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    I did talk to Dave R. at Brodix and he gave me a guys place that makes billet blocks and heads to anystyle you want! Yes I know this isn't for the budget minded person by far but if you want to fly beyound the current production head's avaible and has done research on what port location and valve lay out you want the call this guy, Tom Hempilly at 1-724-639-9924. He gave me premisson to do exactly what I'm doin here. I talked at he for about an half hour about all the possibilitise and valve train stuff too, He can make anything you want in the heads and engine. He has his buddy at T&D make the rockers and majority of the time it's can be done to existing rocker system so there is no one off custom parts, everything is computer generated first then looked at then flow similated then researched more for better flow. Please don't rag on me, I did what I said I was going to do and I did, I still have to call several more cylinder head companys to get more in put and I'll write what they have told me at that time. So far everyone's been rt, the cyl. head companies say there is not enough demand, 20 or more needed.
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    Your talkin about rocker ratio not cam, I heard part of the problem was do to with factory bad lifters,not cam. I'm baffled at why this guy choose the wrong rocker ratio then, I never switch rocker ratio unless you are a pro and I'm far from that, but dId he get the rt roller rockers then?
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    Devon, I have to ask you this, why live in the past when the now is better and has nothing to do with the past? I know what I did then and have talkin to Darin since then, I will never post anything of his that is not on the web, I was just makin a statement about whats is avaible to the knowledgable man not for weak at heart. I have studied cylinder heads for over 18 yrs and I still am, I do look at things like stan weis does and study flow and velocity, port size,valve size's and valve geometry and valve train geometry. I do basic math to determine port size and optimum valve size and location in which when done rt well give you the best port and valve location. Look this up Devon you will see what I'm talkin about. Oh by the way majority of the stuff you'll find is done by Darin Morgan. I trying to help the community if they steer me in the rt direction, and tell me who to talk too not someone that go's 10 and 9 seconds either, I want the big boyz names and there stats if possible. I know alot of guys in here know alot but when it comes to cylinder heads there's more then meets the eye there.

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