New GSCA M/T headers

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by collector, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Inrush2

    Inrush2 Well-Known Member


    Sorry to be a pain in your a**, but any updates???

  2. Racerx88

    Racerx88 Platinum Level Contributor

    Here's the best update I've heard yet............
    They're here! :kodak:

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  3. JCSpringer2005

    JCSpringer2005 Gold Level Contributor

    Still hav'nt seen mine yet grrr
  4. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    SWEET !

    Peace WildBill
  5. exhaust plus

    exhaust plus Well-Known Member

    Just got mine today. The plating is more chrome than ceramic.They look really good. The collector part of them got a little wrinkled but otherwise very happy with them. Thanks John. Scott
  6. gsjo

    gsjo Platinum Level Contributor

    Got em today :beers2: John, hats off to ya .These are really nice!
  7. 57sc

    57sc Member

    Is there any of the headers still available?
  8. Redmanf1

    Redmanf1 Gold Level Contributor

    Mine looked like they were kicked around and I do not see any wrapping around them through the holes. I hope they are not damaged.

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  9. JCSpringer2005

    JCSpringer2005 Gold Level Contributor

    Got em today too!! BIG THANKS go out to John!! Mine came as previously described without any damage and are really nice! I can't wait to hear them roar!!!
  10. collector

    collector collector

    No. They are sold out. Sure hope they all arrived to you all OK without damage..... Mine haven't come yet but I suspect most any day.
  11. Inrush2

    Inrush2 Well-Known Member

    Got mine today as well. Thanks John for heading this opportunity :TU:

    As Redman said, mine also were not wrapped and in the box "naked". There are some scratches on the pipes. Hard to say if that happened during shipping or they were like that prior to packaging/shipping. :Do No: Even so, they will be going on the Lark n will be firing up my 1st 455 build soon :3gears:

    Thanks Again
  12. BuickGSrules

    BuickGSrules Gold Level Contributor

    Just got a notice from the warehouse in Virginia, mine has arrived so now I just like to see them in DK in around 2 weeks:beers2:
  13. 57sc

    57sc Member

    do you still have any of the headers left?
  14. 8587GN

    8587GN Well-Known Member

    got mine yesterday,thanks John for the hard work you put into this project :beer
  15. Redmanf1

    Redmanf1 Gold Level Contributor

    Thanks for letting us in on this and all your work.


    To answer you, post # 118 "they are all sold"

  16. Jim Wall

    Jim Wall Well-Known Member

    Recieved mine, sitting on the living room floor for personal enjoyment at the moment. They are peerty
    Jim :beers2:
  17. BK455-

    BK455- Rest In Peace

    Mine arrived today. Couple holes through the box, no packing except a piece of cardboard to seperate them that had slipped to the side. Removed the headers and there isn't a scratch on them, they are beautiful, and it is a miracle that nothing happened to them. I am very pleased with these.
  18. pooods

    pooods Well-Known Member

    Got mine. Box was messed up pretty bad and haven't had time to inspect yet. Hope they didn't get messed up. I would have thought they would wrapped them better. Isn't like these are for a SBC and grow on trees. Appreciate all your work John.
  19. raresun

    raresun Well-Known Member

    Mine arrived last week, very happy with them(although I will echo the packaging comments) Thanks to everyone involved.
  20. BuickGSrules

    BuickGSrules Gold Level Contributor

    Mine arrived today, all fine and ready to say some noise:3gears:

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