New GSCA M/T headers

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by collector, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. collector

    collector collector

    PM'd you, Mike.
  2. collector

    collector collector

    Headers are done and back from platers. Here is the list of you who have paid in full --

    1. Dean Plunk
    2. John Meyers
    3. Jan Laursen
    4. Keith Falkowski
    5. JC Autobody
    6. Jon Harden
    7. Denis Turgeon
    8. Steve Mario
    9. Jeffery Fromer
    10. Scott Henderson
    11. Dennis Cornell
    12 Alan Jernigan
    13. Poods from the board here, still need shipping money, PM'd you.

    Pending -have sent deposit

    14. Steve Gray
    15. Mr. Wall from Co.
    16. Have a deposit from a man from Canada who sent a deposit leftover from a purchase on a 74 GS (??) I have E mailed him but nothing back, hopefully he reads this and contacts me.
    17. Mike Sobotka wants a set.

    These we will work out. Anyone who sent money for these headers that is not on this list, please contact me. 814 734 7471. And, anyone else wanting a set, get in line asap. Thanks to all for your patience, I know this has been trying for several of you, and it looks like we are finally there. Richard assures me this is it, not doing the project again. The monies will be sent the beginning of the week, so you may start seeing these headers as soon as the end of next week, although I expect it to be slightly longer since the money is going to Georgia and then on to California.
  3. pooods

    pooods Well-Known Member

    I paid the shipping several days back. Please verify you got it via paypal.
  4. collector

    collector collector

    I did get it. Still need your shipping address.
  5. collector

    collector collector

    Update -- The headers are done, back from the platers and sitting on a pallet waiting to go out. However, the way they do business is call the shipping company and send them all out at once. Richard says that's always the way it has been with this company, they will do whatever we want as long as we do it their way! So.... we are still waiting on some last minute promised payments and some shipping address' from some of you. If we don't take care of the few last minute people they will have to pay shipping twice as they WILL NOT ship these all out but once and the pending "solds" or those we are still waiting for their shipping address' will have to pay double shipping as these will be shipped to either myself or Richard and then shipped again to you. So, pleaseeeee, a little more patience. Thanks to all of you who have ordered these, I am confident they will be worth the wait. And, those of you who still need to get me your shipping address ( 2 of you ) and final payments ( think I have them all now ) please get up with me asap so that we can all get our headers. Gessh, what a project, huh?
  6. pooods

    pooods Well-Known Member

    436 Okolona Rd.
    Johnson City, TN 37601

    Never been a part of a sale like this before. The ones who pay are at the mercy of the few that don't have the money or are late. All this after the product was almost 3 months late. I will never blame you John but I think this has been my final purchase of this sort. It was out of your control and you were only the messenger. Thanks for helping the community out.
  7. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    John - are you all set with me ? I don't see my name ...
  8. collector

    collector collector

    I know! As I said, Richard told me they do whatever they please and that's how they do their business and we are trying to not have to levee additional shipping charges on anyone. And, I get your point. It's not fair. And, yes, please don't shoot the messenger! And, I will pass your address on.
  9. collector

    collector collector

    Yes, Alan, I passed your shipping info on last week. You are good to go. Think I was waiting on your stuff in the mail when I posted the list.
  10. tatorhead

    tatorhead Well-Known Member

    what is the balance owed if you put a $200 deposit?

    BUICKRAT Got any treats?

    I have yet to see a deal like this go according to plan. Such is the nature of it, any of you who actually expected the headers much earlier are very optomistic. I knew from the start it would take much longer than anticipated. I want to thank John for all his effort and hard work, after all, M/T's don't grow on trees, I just feel lucky to have been able to get a set! Thanks again, John.

    ps if you are in need of another buyer or two, shoot me a pm.
  12. JCSpringer2005

    JCSpringer2005 Gold Level Contributor

    All ~ I guess I am lucky in that there is no pressure because "Project Blondie" is so far from needing the headers there is no absolute time limit for me. I will be glad to see the headers hanging in my garage, LOL!!!

    John ~ again thanks for handling this project! I know it has been taxing with all the delays and questions! I for one will buy you a beer or favorite adult beverage of choice whenever we bump into one another!

  13. Inrush2

    Inrush2 Well-Known Member

    OK Guys... Have U All Paid Up?????? IF Not Lets Go.......Getting closer to finishing my 455 build n turning the key for the first time...... NEED THE HEADERS!!!!!!!

    John, Thank You Very Much for coordinating this run of headers.....Much Appreciated!!!!!! :TU: :TU:

  14. Inrush2

    Inrush2 Well-Known Member

    TTT for any updates???
  15. collector

    collector collector

    Headers are slated to be shipped the first week of Sept according to Richard as he has been in touch with them. Thanks again,all, for the patience. I know, I've been saying that but I do appreciate it. Looks like we are about there.

    I, too, am looking forward to getting a set to put back as I don't need them either, but we are not doing this project ever again and I will always be glad to have one of these sets! Know that I would regret it down the road if I don't. :cool:
  16. COMPTA

    COMPTA Well-Known Member

    Hi John.

    I know i may be a little late to the party but if you have an extra set of headers i am interested..

  17. Inrush2

    Inrush2 Well-Known Member

    Asked this question on The Bench n have not gotten n answer for n A Body....

    Thinking of buying Magnaflows 15894, 2 1/2" Stainless Steel exhaust with X-Pipe.
    My question is: Will the collector be too long n interfere with the location of the X-pipe? Are there any modifications needed to the X-pipe or is it a plug n play exhaust with the M/T Scav headers? Or would the Flowmaster H-pipe system be an easier modification, if one is needed?


  18. collector

    collector collector

    Sorry, Juan, they are all sold. And, for everyone else, Richard is calling them today telling them to ship them out as we have all the info and payments.
  19. gsgns4me

    gsgns4me Well-Known Member

    I have a 3 inch "X" pipe with Magnaflow mufflers on my '70. Bought the system from the GSCA when I bought my M/T headers from them. Definately wasn't "plug-and-play".

    You might want to take the system (after you install the headers) to an exhaust shop and let them install it. If it needs tweaked some, they should be able to handle it. Worth the money for their expertise.

    If I had it to do over, I would have went with the 2 1/2 inch system also. Let's just say removal of the trans crossmember and the driveshaft on my car will be "interesting", if I ever need to do it.
  20. Inrush2

    Inrush2 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dwayne for the response. Ya going to stick with the 2 1/2"


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