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Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by JEFF STRUBE, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. blown455

    blown455 Pit crew

    I'm just going off what we were told Saturday. Could be that everyone doesn't have money down or paid in full. It was mentioned that some built sheets were still out, but no money down, so you can't count those sold.
  2. buick535

    buick535 Well-Known Member

    OK, before we all get off in left field here.
    What Dick was referiing to here are paid for blocks. Here's what the issue is. Yes, there had been over 20 blocks presold and deposits received on. From the beginning, when this whole thing started, we made it clear that the only way it was going to ever happen was we needed a minimum of 25 blocks sold. We started taking deposits to make sure people were serious.
    Throughout the early stages of this thing, I had one big name Buick guy say here would take 6 blocks, and just let him know when, well, he never came through, so this postponed things a little form the start.
    Now we have all these guys that have put down deposits, and some of them have really been making a big issue about the fact that this thing has taken 2 years to come about. Putting lots of pressure on myself and Bulldog about the time.
    Now that we have things progressing and actually in production, now some of the guys who have deposits in and have been complaining about the block not being out yet, are some of the guys who have not sent in their option sheets and final payments.
    Interesting thing now is that some of the earliest fully paid for blocks have been new sales, not people who had deposits in the first place.
    This was kind of surprising. I knew there would be other new sales as soon as we could start giving people something to see, feel and touch, Just sort of figured the guys with money already in would want to be the first ones to get blocks, as it should be.

    Here's the facts people. In order for the project to happen in the first place, we needed a minmum of 25 blocks, that is what the foundry said it would take to get them to run them in the first place. Everyone knew this from the start. It was determined that an almost break even point as far as costs referring to money spent, materials, parts, programming, everything associated with this block , other than labor for the pattern work would be around 30 or slightly more blocks. At that point, Dick Bradshaw will still have not made anything to compensate him for the pattern work for the block, that will have to come out of future sales.
    He was willing to do this, in order to get us ( Buick People) a block.
    And he has done that. Like I have said in the past throughout this whole thing, there are alot of things that have gone on behind the scenes, even when it looked like nothing was happening.
    I wish we had had a bankroll behind this thing in the beginning to push it through earlier, but we did not.
    Both Dick and myself are a little concerned as to why some of the guys that have made the most noise about this thing taking so long have also turned out to be some of the guys that are dragging their feet now.
    Thanks to the guys that have already stepped up, things are moving along nicely.

    Incidently, the almost finished machined block, now bored to 4.5 inches, lifter holes bored, basically needing just the final main work done, weighs in at 231 pounds. About 70 pounds have been machined off this thing froma raw casting. The block will be on display at the PRI show this weekend. Jim Burek P.A.E. ENTERPRISES
  3. stagetwo65

    stagetwo65 Wheelie King

    I believe he said several were paid for in advance, in full. Deposits for several more. Let's face it, not everyone needs or can afford this block. I've got ten different irons in the fire right now, regarding my '65, but I've GOTTA dig up the cash for a block! I don't want to keep going down the track with my fingers crossed, hoping to keep it together. I'd like to see Dick sell at least enough blocks to get him into the black financially, asap. That way, when 455 blocks are no longer to be found in the junkyard, the guys who don't need a Bulldog block for it's strength, will have a replacement available, even if it IS much stronger than they'll ever need. Mark my word, several years down the road, you won't find a usable stock block in ANY junkyard.

    PS - Jim B. , The block that I saw on Saturday has been machined already?? WOW! :TU:
  4. 9secStage1

    9secStage1 Worlds Fastest GS Stage 1

    Yep and they will all be on E-Bay for a ton of silly cash!
  5. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Ok.. that makes sense I guess.. Six bought and paid for, with several others with deposits.. sounded like there was only six units with money on them..

    And for the record.. I never ordered a block.. let alone six. Just in case anyone was wondering.

  6. buick535

    buick535 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's the one that will be a PRI this weekend. Jim
  7. buick535

    buick535 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, we are actually at over 20 blocks either fully paid for or at least deposits on them. Of course I realize christmas time is not the best time to bring something like this out, but then again, if you guys are really nice to your wives and girlfriends, hmmm, Maybe Santa will need one of these to power his sleigh :Brow: Jim Burek
  8. buickdav

    buickdav Kris' other half.

    I hope so Rick, I am down to about 12 blocks now with only 4 more coming in :Brow: .

    As far as the new block goes. You put a deposit down only to complain later ??? I am confused. I am thinking that the way this is going, investing in a couple of the new blocks now would be pretty smart money. If only 6 have been paid for in full, I would expect Dick to pull the plug on this as fast as he can. Or at least get close to the point that he is within' breaking even daylight, then pull it. No support, no block.

    Option "A"

    1- Buy 3 now,
    2- Wait till the plug is pulled,
    3- Store blocks until someone needs it "that bad",
    4- Make piles of money.

    Or option "B"

    Actually support Bulldog now, so that everyone makes money and is happy. And they continue to sell them for years, and years. And then they see that the Buick family was serious, and will continue to make more new stuff.

    I sure hope option "B" is the winner hands down.
  9. buickboy714554

    buickboy714554 Well-Known Member


    "Or option "B"

    Actually support Bulldog now, so that everyone makes money and is happy. And they continue to sell them for years, and years. And then they see that the Buick family was serious, and will continue to make more new stuff.

    I sure hope option "B" is the winner hands down.[/QUOTE]"

    +1 :Smarty:
  10. blown455

    blown455 Pit crew

    Like I said I just quoted what Dick said this last weekend.

    Rod has said from the get go that if you show him a block he will buy it. Last year when he split the block he was ready to drop the money on it in a heartbeat. Rod has seen the block, likes it so far and has his money in on one.

    Those that cant make it to the show to check this thing out, the block is what you see on the site. Those sitting on the fence can put your mind at ease and send your money in so this doesnt get put on the back burner. We have no other choice at this time. Like Doug said in a few years stock blocks are going to be really hard to come by. Even if this is not exactly what we want, it is something we can work with now and build on later. Still would like to have one up and running. I think once these do get up and running there will be a line to get one.
  11. Dave Mongeon

    Dave Mongeon Well-Known Member

    231 sounds more reasonable Jim .
    I take it that's without the caps ?
    Getting people to lay cash on the line is always a challenge .
    At least the V8 guys seem more open to take the leap .
    I remember a v6 thread where some members felt several engines should be assembled dynoed and fully tested before bringing a block to market.
    See you at PRI .
  12. BirdDog

    BirdDog Well-Known Member

    As soon as I can get the money together, I'll be gettin at least one of those babies :TU: . Just the peace of mind is ALMOST worth the price tag.

    The $3,500 is much beter than the $5,500 I was hearing several months ago.

    Jim B., how long before you'll be offering "new block" packages?? :Brow: ...short blocks, long blocks, complete engines.... :) :TU:
  13. 9secStage1

    9secStage1 Worlds Fastest GS Stage 1

    Waiting for the PRI event and immediately after talking to the east coast "Pope of Buicks", Scotty Guadagno (who will be there to check things out) my cash is on its way. No talk here, got the money just waiting on final word. As of now I have no doubt the block checks out, just one last inspection by the man who will be building my next engine :3gears: My goal is to pick up the block along with the cam blank at Norwalk.
  14. buick535

    buick535 Well-Known Member

    I am already putting together crate engine packages using this block.
    Anything from 455 up to 573 inches.
    P.S. pictures of the machined block are now up on my site.
    Jim Burek
  15. stage2man

    stage2man Well-Known Member

    A thing of beauty :ball: I need one bad
  16. BirdDog

    BirdDog Well-Known Member

    Hopefully my financial situation will improve soon. :Brow:

    Jim, hurry and get those packages up on your website. :grin: Also, am I correct in assuming that the oil from the top-end will get back to the pan by way of the timing cover?----through the opening in the front of the lifter valley? That will give extra lube for the timing set...cool. :TU:

    The only down side I can see is that we won't be able to replace the cam bearings with the engine in the car anymore :( . :laugh: ...oh well.

    ...It will be mine, oh yes it will be mine..............eventually.
  17. blown455

    blown455 Pit crew

    Sorry to say but my money is on Doug :Do No:

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  18. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    :laugh: Doug appears to be a little more "determined"!
  19. jimmy

    jimmy Low-Tech Dinosaur

    This is the first time that Doug's weight has given him an advantage!!!!!!! :laugh:
  20. stagetwo65

    stagetwo65 Wheelie King

    This time....... and every time that I ever had to snap somebody's neck. :laugh:
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