All Buick show June 19, 2004

Discussion in 'Other Buick Events' started by gotbuick, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. gotbuick

    gotbuick What, me worry?

    NW Buick guys:

    Here is the only show I enter every year. It's the All Buick show during (Ezra) Meeker days in Puyallup, Wa. It's at the site of the old Wilen-Cornforth Buick dealer. There are always lots of Buicks new and old. I think there were well over 100 last year.

    Bring the Family! Need info let me know.

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  2. GS-XNR

    GS-XNR Well-Known Member

    I was there for the first time last year without my Buick. What a great display of Buicks. This year I will be there with a car. How do I register???

    All the rest of you BC guys, put this in your calendar. Let's get a contingent and head down!
  3. gotbuick

    gotbuick What, me worry?


    You can register the day of the show, no problem.

    You probably saw these rusty roaches when you were down last year...

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  4. Smartin

    Smartin Guest

    Jerry did you get any close up shots of Brian Laurance's 71 Centurion Formal Coupe in the bottom right corner of this picture?

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  5. gotbuick

    gotbuick What, me worry?


    All the pictures I took last year I posted already. If I see it again this year I will have to take a closer picture of it.

    By the way, there was a tan Centurian convert I tried to buy about 8 years ago in a carport out here. I wonder if I can find it again. My accontant has a black hardtop 72' with a 455, and he drives a Roadmaster too. Geez, the big boat Buick guys are everywhere!!!
  6. cjp69

    cjp69 Gold Level Contributor

    Anybody here ever go to the Buick gathering in Arlington, WA? I

    see in the Buick Bugle that it is on June 5th this year (2nd Annual) at the Smokey Point Buick Dealership . Registration starts at 10 am, No entry fee, show is noon to 4 pm.
  7. GS-XNR

    GS-XNR Well-Known Member

    I didn't know about Arlington. We used to drag race at the airport so long ago that I don't want to admit when. But I will be there June5th! :TU:
  8. dukec

    dukec Platinum Level Contributor


    How about directions to the show?

    I know how to get to Puyallup & the fair grounds, but where from there?

    Should be a contingent from the BSRA (Buick Street Rod Assoc.) there.

    Looking forward to meeting some of the NW V8 Buick guys.

  9. gotbuick

    gotbuick What, me worry?


    It's on the corner of Pioneer and Meridian N. If you are heading North on Meridian from the Fair Grounds the road will turn into a one way. Follow that for about 1/2 mile, should be car show signs right at the light on Pioneer, you can't miss it. :TU:
  10. ardun53

    ardun53 sky view

    June 19

    What are the show times? One day event I assume? Anything else to do for the weekend if I were to come over, drag racing, cruzin? Seems like a long way to pull a car for only a day?
  11. gotbuick

    gotbuick What, me worry?

    Re: June 19


    The show starts around 8:30 and awards are at 4:00. It's during (Ezra) Meeker days (Pioneer guy who was one of the early settlers of the area). That event lasts all weekend. I believe the GM Picnic (car show) may be the same weekend but have not verified that. Most likely there will be normal drag racing at the two tracks out this way on that weekend too.

    I would think you be a shoe in for the longest haul award.
  12. wormwood

    wormwood Dare to be different

    I'll try to make it, although im not sure how far a drive it is from Kalama/Longview.
  13. cjp69

    cjp69 Gold Level Contributor

    I have a pregistration form that I can make a copy of and fax, mail or probably email ( I will see if someone at work can scan it for me) to anyone who wants one.

    Advance entry fee is $8 for BCA members, $10 for non-members. Day of show is $12 for everyone.

    Address is 115 2nd Avenue SE, Puyallup WA in case anyone is using Mapquest for directions (Jerry's directions above are good).

    Show starts at 10, but parking starts at 8. If you don't get there until 10 or later you probaby won't get to park with similiar model cars. Awards at 4, I think voting closes at 1 or 2 (takes a while to count the votes).

    Participant ribbons, Peer Judging, 1st, 2nd and 3rd awards in all classes. Lots of good food and fun, as Jerry said, there is a street fair going on, so all the stores are open, and there are arts and crafts booths, food booths, live bands, inflatable toys for the kids, etc., perfect for those that don't want to spend all day looking at Buick's (not sure who that would be).

    There are about 20 different classes, so there is something for everyone!

  14. dukec

    dukec Platinum Level Contributor


    I would like a copy of the preregistration form emailed if possible. Thanks


    I am down in the Couv (Vancouver) and it usually takes me about 2 hours to run to Puyallup. Let me know if you want to run up together.
  15. dukec

    dukec Platinum Level Contributor


    I just noticed your avitar says Babylon NY.:jd:

    It may take you a little longer than a couple of hours.

    But the offer still stands to hook up if you are planning to go.

    Just leave plenty of time.

  16. cjp69

    cjp69 Gold Level Contributor


    I sent you an email (sorry, I was confused by your email and called you Dan:Dou: )

    Forgot to mention,

    If you want me to email this to you, fax it to you, or mail it to you, you will need to email or PM with your contact info.

    The V8buick email system does not allow for attachments, so I can't use the "email" button, you have to send me your info first.

    You can email me at
  17. wormwood

    wormwood Dare to be different

    Yeah, I just moved over here from N.Y, and havent gotten around to changing the avitar yet. Hey if i'm able to go, vancouver is close to me, I wouldent mind going togther.

  18. gotbuick

    gotbuick What, me worry?


    Don't forget about the BIG car swap meet this coming weekend at Protland Meadows. Since your up the street and new to the area you should check it out. Once a year event. :TU:
  19. ardun53

    ardun53 sky view


    Don't you mean the Portland SWAMP meet?:grin
    went a while back 1st purchace RAIN GEAR:pp
  20. gotbuick

    gotbuick What, me worry?

    Re: typo


    It's a crap shoot. One year I got a massive sunburn, the next year I got soaked! At least everything is on asphalt or indoors.

    Bring rain gear and sunscreen!!!:eek2:

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