70 Stage1 Convertible

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Smartin, Oct 27, 2019.

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  2. Smartin

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    Well, after making the show tour, I was finally able to wrap up a few loose ends on this car. I think this is the first time the top has been down. I’ve been beating the crap out of it since the GS nationals a couple weeks ago, making sure it is road worthy.

    BCA Gold Senior 2022 and Senior Preservation 2023
    MCACN Concours Gold 2021
    GSCA Concours Gold 2024

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  3. 2.5

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    I love that color!! Thanks for getting it to BG, I really enjoyed seeing it.
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  4. Dano

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    Glad I saw it @ MCACN. Hardly saw anything in BG.
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  5. cjp69

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    Please be careful with my favorite GS!
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  6. Jim Jones

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    Finally got to see this car in person at the nationals this year. Simply stunning car.
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