1964/65 SBB 4 speed information

Discussion in 'U-shift em' started by 64G-lark, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. 64G-lark

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    Confirmed your UPC codes in your other post. I can't read the trim tag well enough to tell any more. Nice car enjoy it.
  2. autom8it

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    I have the consolette with the 4 speed trans. Has anyone found a suitable replacement boot for this setup with the consolette?

    Also, the former owner replaced the carpet in the car but the consolette just sits loose on top of it. Can anyone tell me how it fastens to the carpet?

  3. 64G-lark

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    Hi Beau,
    That has been a problem. There is a boot that will work but its not perfect. The boot is for an early Camaro. Unlike the orginal boot the retainer ring is not molded into the rubber. I assume you are still using the factory Hurst shifter which is the flat style stick. Another member (Brian Stone) and myself are both using this as it is the best we have found.
    The base flange of the boot is plenty big and can be trimmed down. The good thing is the boot is fairly cheap. We both are using it with the 4 speed consolette. The part number is cp-98 and is available from Eklers or Ricks Camaro. The last time I bought one it was $15.99.
    Here's a link with a picture. Looks like the price went up a little.


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    Forgot to tell you the mounting. The tri sheild emblem in the middle must be gently pried up. There are three pins that retain it. If your console is not fastened down just flip the metal portion over and gently tap the pins with a small hammer. Less chance of breaking one. The whole things is held down with one screw in the middle under the emblem.
  4. autom8it

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    Hi Mark,

    Great feedback, thank you for the detailed reply. Yes, I am using the factory flat Hurst shifter style stick. The boot you have lead me to is a much better option than the ones I have been looking at, which is great - I will be ordering one up. I like the price too, you can't beat that.

    Ahhh, okay your description about how the consolette is fastened down is crystal clear - I never would have figured that out without your tips - thanks!

  5. sky64

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    Hi,I am familiar with the Borg Warner 4 peed conundrum.Jumping out of 2nd or 3rd is a sign of wear,usually on a combination of parts related to those gears.The gear box started life in 1939 as a HD 3 Speed.It was converted to all forward gears in the main case with a reverse gear added to a redesigned extention housing to be introduced for Corvette in 1957.During the re-engineering the mainshaft has no shoulder to separate 2 & 3 gears.A timken roller bearing separates them(back to back).wear can occure on all thrust surfaces and worn engagement teeth exacerbates the problem.The cure can be a bandade fix of Re-Po Torque Lock sliders or a total replacement of all worn parts.either way it is a design flaw and was corrected with the intro of Muncie and Super T's.The originality is affected with ungrades.Some internal later upgrades are always a good idea also.Bill
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    I have a 4-speed T-10 from 64 Skylark, appears to be factory equip. It has one ring on the input spline. Have not been able to find any info on gear ratio with one groove on intake spline. Any help? thanks
  7. Hotboat

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    I also have a 64 Skylark convertible 4 speed. I have recently added an ironing board console. Love this car. DSC03244.jpg DSC03236.jpg
  8. crash

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    Early T-10 with one ID groove is a wide ratio (2.54 1st gear)...

    Hope this helps... Crash
  9. 64G-lark

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    For Reference:
    Pilot bushing/ bearing for crankshaft is National PB-656_HD
    Throw out bearing Hayes 70-201
  10. crawdadman

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    I have a ACC 2LP on my cowl tag. I have read some other posts that identify a 4-speed by the "L", the P is supposed to mean back-up lights which my car has. I believe it has a switch on the tranny and saw a post earlier to post a pic. Will do when can. Am very new at this hope my info is correct for you.
  11. crawdadman

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    Have a T-10 transmission with date stamp on side cover 6-21-63, It has another number stamped on it WH1333. Do I have this right;

    13= 13th day
    3= 1963
    3= 3rd shift

    Have heard of VIN's on transmissions, don't know if it is supposed to match the motor and title VIN though.
  12. Clanceman427

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    put it in each gear and count how many turns of input shaft for one turn of the output shaft. 4 th is easy: one for one
  13. wkillgs

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    Sounds good. The side cover has the casting date, and the case stamping would be the assembly date. I've seen the VIN stamped on the top of the bearing support, which is the plate between the case and tailshaft. Not the whole VIN, just the last 6 or so digits.
  14. 36racin

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    Are the 66 Skylark 3 on the tree parts worth saving? I have a 225v-6 3sp car I'm about ready to part.
  15. wkillgs

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    Pedals, clutch linkage, and even the bellhousing will fit 300-340-350-400-430-455 swaps!:TU:
    ...and Pedals are same as 65-66 GS.
  16. crawdadman

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    I saw someone asking for a pic of the back-up switch on a T-10 tranmission. Pretty rusty but I hope this helps! (off a 64 skylark convert. )

    back up switch.jpg back up switch.jpg
  17. skylark64fishy3

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    I dont know if this is the right place to ask, but has anyone run a 455 with a t-10 4 speed in there 64?

    IF so what all is needed? I am thinking of going this route
  18. Skylark-65

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    Hi, I just have some images from my first Skylark with a four on the floor.
    I bought it in 1981 in Stockholm Sweden and sold it four years later. I visit the present owner for a couple of weeks ago and it's still in very nice condition.
    I remember it was equipped with a Hurst shifter and it still make the rattling noise when driving.

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  19. I have a 1964 2dr hardtop skylark with a 300 2bbl, 4 speed, and a bench seat. I was wondering how many were built like that?[​IMG][​IMG]
  20. GGreen289

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    Will the clutch pedal kit for a 64-66 Chevelle work in my 64 special with the 300?

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