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1974 BUICK APOLLO numbers matching 350/350 complete car no cancer just light surface rust car does run but has a knock.. 5000k obo
whats color is this steering wheel
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1969 Electra/Wildcat/LeSabre rear $1,500 1969 Electra/Wildcat/Lesabre rear $1,750 1969 Skylark rear $1,500
Fixing a hole that was in the Buick Electra 1970 cooling system expansion vessel. Not intended as an instructional, I am a newbie at plastic welding.
Colorado desert car 88,000 miles. Not running currently. Lots of options. (Custom) TD motor Very little rust through. Great sheet metal and chrome is almost perfect. Originally green with not sure what color vinyl top. 2 tone interior. Body tag added.
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Turquoise/White 3-speed manual no ps, no pb. Starting deconstruction 4/22.
Purchased a “street sleeper” big block Skylark. Trying to make it an ornery cruiser. Switch from drag setup to more of a cruiser style while keeping the rowdy motor and possibly adding fuel injection on it (Holley Sniper?)
Mostly original. My first stage will be to just make minor improvements (I've already color correct as best I can and waxed) I may eventually move to a repaint. Just added some whitewalls!
Front end damage is heavy.
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1970 Buick GS 455 Aqua mist 4speed convertible.
Getting her pulled up on the trailer . We have a winch now but haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
New to me GS 455 the restoration was started about 10 years ago.