Projects and Builds

Mostly original. My first stage will be to just make minor improvements (I've already color correct as best I can and waxed) I may eventually move to a repaint. Just added some whitewalls!
Front end damage is heavy.
1970 Buick GS 455 Aqua mist 4speed convertible.
Getting her pulled up on the trailer . We have a winch now but haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
New to me GS 455 the restoration was started about 10 years ago.
Base model but I am swapping in a 340-4 from a 66
55 Buick 264 nail head needs heads manual three speed needs rebuilt asking 9500 Rust free car hard to fine
Complete 322 motor with exhaust manifolds and Dina flow Transmission available for sale
1970 skylark 455 swap update pictures and questions
1965 Special Ongoing Project
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Completely restored with 455 Stage One. Adding stripes, replica wheels, front spoiler
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My current project, moving along slow
Getting it torn down and starting to cut out all the frame rot. I'll post up the progress as it comes in. Got the stock rear axle modded up with the wilwood dynapro calipers and rotors Got the Edelbrock heads and intake snugged down today. The CVF serpentine system is also all buttoned up. I had to grind down a cheap 19mm socket to tighten down the head studs from ARP. The provision that's milled on the far ends of the heads (4 in total) wouldn't take a thin-walled 3/4 inch socket....