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  1. redapache59
    I've buffed the old paint as best I could and added whitewalls. The car had some starting issues but nothing that adjusting the choke and exercising the petal starting switch didn't solve. I lubed the accelerator pump with a few drops of oil which cleared up hesitation for now but may have to pull the carb top and replace it. The car is running great, I think is was starting to sit for long periods...just needs some exercise! Next project is resurrecting the wipers/washer pump.
  2. redapache59
    Buffed up the paint, added some whitewalls!
    1. Michael_G
      WOW... NICE!!!
      Michael_G, May 22, 2021
  3. Michael_G
    Now that is FABULOUS! Any more photos?
      redapache59 likes this.
    1. redapache59
      Thank you. I'm adding more pics now.
      redapache59, May 22, 2021