GS455 Project

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  1. GS Rick
    I love to see these type of ground up builds, any progress pics?
  2. Paul Seibert
    It actually doesn't look like it was hit that hard
  3. FirstBuickNut
    So sad to see sitting there as it looks stripped and abandon.:(:(
  4. Michael_G
    Looking forward to seeing the transformation...
  5. RoseBud68
    Didn't the 455 come with disc brakes?
    1. Smitty455
      They came with both
      Smitty455, Mar 27, 2021
    2. 70 gsconvt
      I think it was the Stage 1's that came with disc brakes standard. I believe disc's had to be specified on a standard GS455.
      70 gsconvt, Mar 29, 2021
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