Terri Schiavo

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by tdacton, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. austingta

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    That would certainly be a better way to go.
  2. nailheadina67

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    Know what really burns me? Her husband would not even let her have holy communion on Easter.......someone needs to open up a can of whoop a$$ on that guy. :af:
  3. bob k. mando

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    A homeless dog in a shelter just gets killed even when he's healthy.

    no one is comparing Terry to a homeless dog because she has a home.

    it would be nice if you leftists would stop misrepresenting basic facts.
  4. nailheadina67

    nailheadina67 Official Nailheader

    It's just plain barbaric to starve ANYBODY to death......whether it's an animal OR a human being. If that makes me a leftist than so be it.......IT'S JUST PLAIN WRONG AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE HERE.

    Terri Schiavo should be an illegal alien......then it would not be "politically correct" to starve her to death. :af:
  5. 67Wildcat2post

    67Wildcat2post the Pontiac guy

    I agree, they shouldn't starve her. BUT, you guys say Mike hasn't the right to say she should die, why do her parents have a right to say live. That would be like stopping a convict from being executed (not comparing her to a convinct or saying she did anything wrong), but what is Terri doing? Anything? No. She is laying there, staring off into space, and doesn't even realize it! What is this doing to our country? As of this morning, 38 people have been arrested. Some of them CHILDREN! Who sent them? Parents. There have been rewards set for life, $250,000 rewards! They need to inject her with something, and call it done. :rant:
  6. buickdav

    buickdav Kris' other half.

    Personally, at this point in time, I feel this way. I think she has gone too far now, should a miracle happen and the tube is replaced. While my prayers still go out to her and her family, they also go now to God that he finds time to take her home with him. I also hope that she somehow lasts another few hours so that the family that cares for her won't forever remember this day as the day she was taken from them. I think it will be hard enough to know that, should she go soon, it happened on or near Easter weekend. That would be difficult I think myself. Also in my heart, I know there is a special place in hell for her husband who has committed this murder. With no living will this is a tough decision I know....... But if I see even and ounce of promise, ANYTHING !! I would do my level best to hope, pray and spend every penny I have in the attempt to ensure her persuit of life.
  7. bignasty71GSX

    bignasty71GSX Wes Peters

    Responce to Riv2x4

    You've made some valid points and I'm not upset by your opinion,nor will I lash out at you, after all this is a discussion group. My comments before were based on the facts as I understand them, that her husband, Mike had abused her during there marriage and that he may be responsible in some way for her current condition.( See Post by tdacton) Of course we don't know the validity of that letter. Also I don't view Mike Schaivo as the loving husband who has stood beside Terri for all these years "for better or for worse" " in sickness and in health" he has in fact, in just about every respect, "Gone on with his life" Living with another women who has fathered two children by him. If this is spin then I guess I have been spun. I feel like he should have divorced Terri before taking on another women and starting another family. I appears to me that, only her mother and father have really stoods by her side all these years, which I my opinion qualifies them over Mike to make any decision concerning her health. I realize the law tends to see things in black and white. I feel like Mike has hung on for the money and he is tired of waiting, maybe the new women is getting a little pushy. Just theory I may be wrong.
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  8. slomo

    slomo MY NAME IS JOE

    I agree this is "BARBARIC" and a shame too. Remember what goes around comes around.
  9. GS4551970

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    I dont know if there is more money than the million that your refering to but out of that there is only $40,000 left. $700,000 of it went directly to her medical bills and the other $300,000 to him. What he did with that who knows.
  10. riv2x4

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    bignasty71GSX and others,

    If you read he report by Terri's Guardian a Law, Jay Wolfson, you will find no credible evidense of abuse by her husband. Also, her parents suggested he find someone. As to abandoning her, he had come to the conclusion that her condition would not improve many years ago. He even tried some experimental procedure hoping for any results. Nowhere in the report is there any hint that he acted an any way that was not in Terri's best interest. The reason he went to court was to get an order to remove the tube because he and the parents disagreed on her condition, something that continues to this day. The parents have fought since 98 to keep the tube in. They have not won a single suit and all appeals except the two currently before the 11 Curcuit have been rejected. The court refused to issue a stays in the current cases because of the unlikelyhood the parents would prevail. To say the Michael has dragged this out for 15 years is incorrect. The parents have dragged it out and used the court of public opinion to try to win when they have been unable to in a court of law.

    How many of you know he parents have a 501(c)3 fund to use to pay for lawyers? Does anyone else find it odd that as soon as the parents say they are stopping any further legal action they ask the demonstrators to go away?

    As to barbaric, no, uncomfortable to watch, yes. Many times a little extra morphine may find its way into the patient and it might moves things along a little quicker. I doubt anyone would be willing to risk anything like that in this case.

    If you feel it is more humane to quickly put an ill animal down, why is it so difficult to take the next step and say it is OK for a human in the same condition too?

    When does the fact that we can keep the body alive for no other reason than we can, become the reason that we must?


    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    Nevertheless just remember, this case sets the presidence to uthinize the elderly and handicap's that people deam living without quality of life. NO the elderly are'nt targeted yet. but watch that will be the next in line.
  12. nailheadina67

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    It's been reported and documented that the day she had the heart attack that put her in this condition, she also had a broken wrist, broken femor bone, and I think broken ribs. When you consider that into the equation that includes her husband waiting 7 years to come forward with his claim she would not want to live, it makes you wonder. :puzzled:

    I have said this before.....try walking into court and saying your relative is in a coma, but he said he would leave his entire estate to you although there is no will........how do you think the judge would rule? It's no different than this really......this whole thing is happening because heresay evidence was accepted in place of written documents.

    Where is the Nat. org of Women? (NOW)........I'll tell you where......if they got involved in a right to life case they'd have to change their position on abortion. Otherwise, they'd be all over her husband as an abuser and the judges would certainly ruled the other way.......why? b/c statistics show that more women vote than men.

    If I were her husband I'd be looking behind my back.......there was one threat on his life already from some guy in Iowa........I don't think this is going to go away when she dies........it may just get worse. :(

    May God bless Terri and her grieving family. :bglasses:
  13. riv2x4

    riv2x4 Well-Known Member


    In your hypothetical will situation the same thing would happen that happened here, the "RULE OF LAW" would be followed. If you were, by law, entitled to any of the money, you would get it. The husband is entitled by law to make these decisions. If there was any credible proof that he had injured her it would have been in Jay Wolfson's report. The "harshest" thing that Jay could say about the Michael was that he was not a "warm and cuddly" kind of guy.

    Joe, are you mad at Michael, the situation, or the ending of a life that you see as not ready to end? What about the other 1000's of people that have life support removed by family every year that nobody hears about?

    I don't see how this is going to cause a jump right to euthanizing the elderly or infirmed or handicapped. The only state that has an assisted suicide law, Oregon, would not apply here. You, the patient, must request it, be competent, and terminally ill. Two doctors must agree. A guardian can not do it themselves. There are also more requirements. The Fed's are currently trying to have the law overturned.

    I have also yet to see or hear that a single medical or health care or end of life care worker say anything suggesting that the removal of the feeding tube and the death following was cruel, painful, or in any way undignified. If this was as barbaric as some say don't you think that there would be medical people saying so? There are plenty of medical procedures that could be called cruel, painful or undignified.


    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    aaah she wasnt on LIFE SUPPORT. She could not swallow food so she was being fed by tubes. If you dont eat YES YOU WILL DIE. Like DUUUUUUUHHHH Everyone that dont eat would die!!! Thats a no brainer. She wasnt on anything but FOOD support.
  15. buickdav

    buickdav Kris' other half.

    How would your "medical people" know ??? Honestly ???? PLEASE introduce me to ANYONE that has starved themselves(to death) that can tell me that it is painless. I am sorry but this bit of this case REALLY!!!!!! makes me mad. If these "SO CALLED" experts are SOOOO damn experienced in this enough to say they fall into a(can't remember the word they are using) blissful state, I can only assume that they have a example to point us too. I seriously doubt many of us could do this of our own free will for a week, AND most are healthy to some point. This girl has been starved for well over a week, in her current physical state, and "something" in her is still fighting to live. I have seen several reports that she could swallow. And she had attempted to speak. But that doesn't matter I guess.......................
  16. bob k. mando

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    If that makes me a leftist than so be it.

    calm down nailhead. your post was the last one before mine but the reply i was quoting from and replying too was from austingta.

    you know, that whole bit about 'homeless dogs'?
  17. GKMoz

    GKMoz Gary / Moz

    Where does it stop

    http://www.v8buick.com/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=528920 And who decides who can go on with life,Wasn't it 1973 that abortion was legalized? for the preservation of the mothers health? look where we are today! :af: Abortion on DEMAND,selection practically !!! 20 years from now generation X will be deciding who should live based on their opinion of "quality of YOUR life" Its always the same no matter what it is ! some one telling you or I how WE should live OUR lives!!!!!!!!!! :af:
  18. nailheadina67

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    Excellent point!

    As for "the rule of law was followed"......that's BS, because the judge made a decision that he could have ruled either way on. The evidence presented to him that was in Terri's favor seemed to be not important to him. Even if you pretend that her parents are entirely wrong, and their stories are all made up crap, it all boils down to one thing........we'd rather starve someone to death than do same humane thing we do for animals and criminals every day. It's as simple as that!

    All I can say is that if our nation doesn't get it's act together where right to life is concerned we are increasingly looking like hypocrytes in front the rest of the world. We kill our unborn children! We invaded a nation (Iraq) to preserve "human rights" but have no regard for them in our own country. Even the Pope is on the bandwagon.......what kind of message does this send about freedom and democracy? :Dou:
  19. bignasty71GSX

    bignasty71GSX Wes Peters

    I find it very interesting that Riv 2x4 has failed to respond to the valid points that I have made. Instead he chooses to pick out the points he wants to respond to. Mike Schavio is a big boy, He didn't need Terri's parents to point him in the direction of another woman. He made that choice himself. Besides that where is your credible proof of that fact? Mike is an adulterer plain and simple fact. If he was half the man you make him out to be, he would have divorced Terri before starting a new family. I don't believe in cheating on your wife regardless of her medical condition. This is against the basic law of God. (Ten commandments) It is apparent to me and many others, Mike wants to cash in on the death benefit. As for the abuse there are many eye witness, reports that indicate she was in fact abused. It boils down to which report you chose to believe. I have been involved in law enforcement for 17 years, and have interrogated many suspects. I have attended numerous classes including Kenesic interview and interrogation techinque. First asked yourself what the motive is on both sides of the issue. Her parents motive, hope! Mikes motive, money! I do however realize that both sides have most likely lied or stretched the truth. I think ones views on this issue is relevant to the way one deals with any other issue. I am a conservative christian which explaines the direction I have followed in this case. I have gained knowledge of this case from Fox News, a news organization known for presanting both the liberal and conservative side to every story. I feel that by watching a "Fair and Balanced" news organization I can more fairly develope an opinion on any issue.
  20. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    Yeah. Civil liberties. Where the hell is the Civil Liberties Union Now!!???!?!?!?!

    They are too busy getting crosses removed from Town Halls across the country and fighting for the rights of convicted criminals. :blast: :blast:

    When it comes to someone who REALLY needs them, they are nowhere to be found. Freakin hypocrites!

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