Who's gotta drop top?

Discussion in 'The ragtop shop' started by gotbuick, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. MooseBear

    MooseBear Skylark

    I got mine in Aug.

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  2. GSXER

    GSXER Well-Known Member

    Looks like Eddie finally sold the car..Hope you got it for a song! It should keep you busy for a few years:TU:
  3. nfaunt

    nfaunt New Member

    Mine's a 68 Buick Electra 225 (Annapolis, MD). Just joined today - looks a lot nicer here than it actually is!

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  4. DeeVeeEight

    DeeVeeEight Well-Known Member

    Man, those are some sweet cars. It's a '71 Skylark Custom for me, 350, 2 bbl. auto. Dark midnight blue metallic, p/s, p/b, factory air. Many factory upgrades to come and maybe a few not so factory....

  5. austingta

    austingta Well-Known Member

    Hey wait a minute... those aren't stock seats are they?

    :laugh: :laugh:

    They look great. More interior pics?
  6. DeeVeeEight

    DeeVeeEight Well-Known Member


    This is the only other decent interior picture I have right now. The seats are from a '95 Monte Carlo.
  7. rogbo1

    rogbo1 Well-Known Member

    Nice! What color is the top?
  8. carcrazyjim

    carcrazyjim Well-Known Member

    Guess I might as well add mine to the list. I've got a '70 Skylark Custom GS wannabe, triple black, 350-4V. Just bought it a year ago and have been busy fixing all the little anoying things. Overall, it's a great car. Looking forward to cruising this summer - assuming summer ever gets here in Iowa.
  9. austingta

    austingta Well-Known Member

    I traded for a Cadillac last fall, but now it needs it's engine rebuilt. I think it was a message from the Buick gods.

    Anyway, it's a nice car.

  10. DeeVeeEight

    DeeVeeEight Well-Known Member

  11. DeeVeeEight

    DeeVeeEight Well-Known Member

    From what little I can see - that looks like a very sweet '66 Caddy.:TU:
  12. Nicko

    Nicko Well-Known Member

    Hi from Norway
    I have a GS455.......firered and black top....bucket seat.
    Will have a full resturation next year of this car.
    Waiting to drop top,,but the winther have no end here.:beer

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  13. DeeVeeEight

    DeeVeeEight Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I heard the weather kinda sucks there. I am surprised to see a convertible in Norway. Nice car!
  14. stevierayvaughn

    stevierayvaughn Active Member

    I have a 1971 GSX convertible Monster 455 Doug Nash 4 plus 1 rust free Arizona car
  15. jsevans12

    jsevans12 #'s matching 72 GS350

    My dad has a 1971 Skylark 350 vert and I have a 1972 Buick Gs 350 Hardtop.Mine is junk and his is a nice driver.:ball:
  16. 64SkyConvert

    64SkyConvert 1964 300 ci


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  17. Lee Bacon

    Lee Bacon Well-Known Member

    Very nice 64 :TU:
  18. Nicko

    Nicko Well-Known Member

    First time out of the garage.....still winther here in Norway, but the spring is on way.

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  19. Nicko

    Nicko Well-Known Member

    Here is another pics.

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  20. V8Sky

    V8Sky "Scarlett"

    >>Beautiful red GS vert Nicko!:TU:

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