whats going on with the new block???

Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by staged2ny, May 9, 2006.

  1. buick535

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    Chris, what constitutes in production in your book? If blocks are in the foundry, is that considered in production? If they are being machined , does that constitute in production? Or does in production only occur after thay are shipped?
    I too am not happy about the delays that have occurred and have mself had some heated discussions with Bulldog about this. But to say the blocks are not in production is an all out misinformed statement. If even cores are made and at the foundry waiting for blocks to get poured, that my friend constitutes in production. End of discussion. Jim burek
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  3. bostongsx

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    Good things come to those who wait. I have no problem waiting for my bulldog block. Hopefully I will see it soon. :Brow:
  4. buicksstage1

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    Jim, this is not out of my book, but how about Webster's book, Production: something produced, (a product) There is not a product ready for sale yet. I was only correcting the statement that Bobkmando said " Ta's block is not yet in production" TA and bulldog both have not produced a block for sale to the public yet. Jim I hope that clears that up for you. By the way the block has been at the foundry waiting to get poured for years, I was told 2 weeks 2 years ago :Do No: cheque is in the mail :Dou:End of discussion :Dou: Why don't you guy's just get it done instead of crying wolf all the time :TU: Chris
  5. David G

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    I REALLY think we have seen enough of this "discussion" in past threads. Is it really necessary to start this up again? :spank:
  6. staged2ny

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    I'm sooo glad i didn't put money down on a block ..I think this whole situation is a total joke. I mean everytime JB comes on here you hear the same thing .The blocks in the foundry , they'll be delivered in 2 weeks ,The muslums blew them up, I mean what a joke .I for one am really glad that TA is going to PRODUCE a block , and i bet they come out before BULLDOGS... :moonu:
  7. TXGS

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    Obviously not! :Do No:
  8. bostongsx

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    Guys its not like the blocks don't exist, there was at least one at bowling green running down the track.

    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    I have one............................
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    i'm still waiting for a kenne-bell block and other stuff..........

    you guys don't realize how LUCKY and how much stuff you can have nowadays compared to when i use to race 30+ yrs ago. only game in town was k-b and we had to wait a lot longer than now.

    now, back to mike @ t/a; scrap the 455 block idea, build the 350 heads and block. put me first on the list.


    sbb, 11.88 and going down
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    STOP lying, they are not in production and not being offered for sale to the public. So neither you, nor those that have recieved them, could have purchased them. Therefore as a taxpayer I should turn you and the others in for theft of said blocks, that are not in production. And considering the prospective cost of them, that would constitute a felony. I feel it's only the right thing to do. Sorry man...........

    ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Option "B", there is another network out there, that is made up of people that are talking behind the scenes in a private arena.

    Tough call...........................
  12. staged2ny

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    ooooh wow i wonder what that means... :puzzled:
  13. buickdav

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    You wonder what, what means ? Option "A" is the parts are not in "production" as so strongly stated before. Therefore meaning there are no blocks out there. Or theres a Option "B". There alwayssssss has to be another option. Gimme' a few minutes and I will make up a option "C". I could really have fun with this....................
  14. 9secStage1

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    Tel me, tell me...me me me first :laugh:

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    You guys want an update? I'll give you an update. Three weeks from now I'll be in Indy for the Buick event and I'm going to Dick Bradshaw's shop to see for myself just exactly where this project (and at what stage MY block) is at. I have never expected to be one of the first to recieve a block since I was one of the last to plunk down my hard earned cash (early Jan. of '05). I would just like some answers to questions that we (those of us with money in this deal) deserve to have answered. The only question for me at that point will be whether I should post my findings publicly or just pm or e-mail those who I know for sure have money down. Either way, is there anyone here who doesn't believe I will tell the truth?
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    OK tell us the truth about the secret pictures with you in them at Norwalk..Mr Honesty.... :Brow: :beer :beer :laugh:
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    Hopefully you get good news Doug.......The turnout at these Buick Events has been a let down knowing how many fast Cars are sitting at home because the people put their money/trust into this guy..... :af:
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    uuuuhhhhhhmmmm.....ok. Stephanie and I kissed a little bit. Nuff said.
  19. bignastyGS

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    Jeez..... I was referring to this pic...But, it sounds like you were thinking about other things....I NOW think you are the most honest man I know... :laugh:

    BTW How about the spanking the Yanks put to the Red Sux!!!!

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    :laugh: :laugh:

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