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Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by Jaymoung, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Jaymoung

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    from a v6 231 to a 72 buick 350 ive swapped all my acc over but the water pump pulley from the 231 for some reason isnt lining up to the waterpump thats on the 350 anybody know why i am having this problem? i throw the idea out there to the mech to use the waterpump and pulley from the 231 but he wants to advoid doing alot of extra work. but i cant find the pulley anywhere no junkyards around have these 350 blocks for some reason

    will post a video of how the motor sits as of now

  2. LARRY70GS

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    It isn't necessary to start a new thread every time you have a question. I answered your question in the other thread.:grin:
  3. 1987Regal

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    I just did this last spring, it looks like you have the 72 style water pump, so you will need that pulley for that pump, If you use the v6 water pump,you must use that pulley. the reason why things are off is because you have 1 long (3.8 v6) pump and 1 (early 350 v8) short pump). I may have a pulley for the 72 style and 1 off a v6. Hope I may have helped you out. Josh
  4. Jaymoung

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    so the v6 water pump will work? And how much for the pulley.
  5. 1987Regal

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    Ya the v6 pump will bolt right on, what pulley you need? If I understand you put all the brackets off a v6 on your 72 buick 350 and you used a 72 style water pump (i believe the short one), with a 72 pulley. which should work, but if you can list what you are using and what year its for may help us out more remember don't mix and match pulleys and water pumps. far as a price let me see how much shipping is I let you know. Josh
  6. Jaymoung

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    Thanks I mean in just ready to get this motor running so whatever will get the job done the quickest and I have a 1983 Buick regal 3.8 231ci
  7. 1987Regal

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    so you do have the v6 water pump pulley? If you do just buy a v6 water pump, OR used your old one (your choice). you can switch it out in 1hr... tops and your problem should be solved. and if you need a the pulley let me know what one you what. Josh
  8. 1987Regal

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    some pictures, one is the height difference and one is what my regal's pulley setup is like

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