Stage 1 track eliminator heads

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    I certainly dont want to take away anything from what you and Rob have accomplished. You guys really have those cars flying. But I would like to say that rarely do any other track in the country get some of that GOOD (400 feet of density altitude) air. Since I started tracking air and et I have seen around .10 to .15 for every 1000 feet of density altitude. A guy in Denver, CO who races at 6000 feet on a good day will never be able to compete with someone who is east coast racing.

    The only way to tell who has the faster car is to run SIDE BY SIDE! Not on the flow bench or on the dyno.

    Are you going to make it to Salem? We miss racing you!!!


    Can we start up a "Guess Rick's HP thread". I will start by say 796 hp. I personally like your head flow, compression and camshaft combo. I think your going to be happy with the numbers.


    FCOOFRAZ3 Whiteboy

    Hey there John I have been reading up on your combination and have been trying to figure out how did you get it to go that fast. Mine is not much different than yours and I cant get mine to run no where in the 6's on motor.
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    6's?????? as in 6's in the quarter mile???? I hope that was a misprint:Do No: or maybe 1/8th mile times.

    John Zerucha, thanks for the generous guess on the dyno. I'll just hope for that 750 number, that was my goal. Spoke to Mr. Hecker today, he just laughed at me:Dou: and said 650 on the dyno, he loves to break my onions. That's OK I always abuse him on his red eyes:laugh: at the track. He will no doubt be there when we run the engine.
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    You just hope it stays in one piece there Rick.. that's the trick with those motors, as Douggy knows far too well.. guess you do too..

    765 HP, 675 TQ..

    That's based on one incarnation of Sweesy's motor, when it was a 494,.. it made 750/675 with heads not quite as good as yours on the intake (but better on the exhaust. stg 2) and a slightly smaller cam.. and that one was about 12.5 to 1 if I recall correctly

    The switch to the 525 bottom end and 13.3 compression brought it up into the 800 HP range.. don't think you can make it there with a '94.. but hey, prove me wrong..

    Big difference between the two incarnations was torque.. just had that motor on the dyno again, it went 735 ft/lbs..

    Oh.. and by the way, your intakes are 2.190, not 2.250.. we sacrificed some intake valve size to get the 1.81 exhausts in.

    It needed the bigger exhaust valves.. bad..

    Interestingly enough, we just upped his head porting to match your numbers, and the motor didn't pick up any HP.. Intake is the limit now..

    Where did I put that dual dommie tunnel ram... :Brow:

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    OK so far this Monday is D-Day at the dyno...Chinese torture on the waiting. Rob e-mailed me up some shots. The engine was fitted and is fully assembled and primed ready to go. And JW, no you can't have that intake back:grin:

    Of course Doug had to add some assistance :Dou:

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    another shot

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    A shot at the Peterson oil/vac pump setup. Steve Reynolds of SRE supplied the entire oiling and vac kit, from valve covers to oil pan. We actually didn't have to remove the crossmember as his pan would have fit in the stock location. But Rob installed a removable crossmember so that the pan can be removed to inspect the bearings without the hassles of lifting or removing the engine.

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    That is a very nice oiling setup. Did they say how much vacuum that pump will be able to pull? Will you need to run a vacuum relief valve with the pump?

    Take Care and BEST OF LUCK on the dyno! (pssst 796:grin: )
  9. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP


    Start the motor, and break it in, and do a few pulls, with the vacuum pump disconnected.. in your case leave the hose disconnected.

    Vacuum pumps are a good "add on" after you know the motor.. oil pressure and that good stuff..

    Sweesy's vacuum pump drops the oil pressure a solid 10-15 pounds, which when you start at 115 is not that big a problem, but it's always safe to add the vacuum to the motor later in the session. And then you will know exactly what it is worth.

    Our testing showed anything beyond 10" was no power gain, just hurt oil pressure more..

    your results may vary..



    You can keep the intake... I got something all toghether different brewing here... If I tell you Dave Mongeon is sending me something, you should be able to figure that out..
  10. Jim Weise

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    I assume that deal in the LH valve cover is a relief valve setup.. cause if it is just a breather, then they know something about vacuum pumps that I don't....
  11. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc


    Jim, that's not a breather, nor is it a vacuum relief. It's a safety pop-off valve. If for any reason you should lose vacuum, it relieves crankcase pressure. If excess pressure is not relieved, it could, and most likely would blow out a gasket somewhere on the motor. Which gasket is anybodies guess. Peterson highly recomends using one, thats why I sell them with my oil pump kit.
    Besides it doubles as an oil fill location.

    P.S. I will be shipping out your next aluminum pan on or about tuesday of next week. Thanks! Steve
  12. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP


    What vacuum does that system typically pull?... I recall our discussion now on the pop-off valve..

    Cool on the pan... Keep 'em coming.. I will get a check off.. same as last time?

    Think we may go with a pivoting pickup on the one other deal we are working with.. that was Dave Mongeon's suggestion on the subject.
  13. stagetwo65

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    Beware the pivoting pickup! That's what I was using in my Stef's pan for several years. Scotty suspected it might be causing the system to get airbound, causing engine failure. On my current motor, he sent the pan back to Stef's and had them install a pickup on the bottom of the pan. We kept the trapdoor that it always had in place. Give him a call if you want more info.
  14. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc


    Jim, I typically see 8 in. down the track. Some people are getting 10 or 11 in. I must have some small leaks in my motor, but I think 8 in. is just fine for my car.

    Yes, same price on this pan.

    Not sure on the hemi style swinging pickup. I have installed a few of them in customers pans, but I have never used one in my car. I know that the Mopar guys sure use them alot! Might want to talk with some of them, if they will share info.
  15. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Thanks Doug.. I will have to call Scotty and pick his brain on the subject.. he in town, or out racing?

    I will get the check off to you tomorrow Steve..

    8-10 inches is perfect on the vacuum, from what I have seen.


    FCOOFRAZ3 Whiteboy

    I mean the 6's in the 1/8th of the mile.
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    Well, It's dyno day for Rick's motor. I'm on my way over to the shop now. We'll let you know what happens.
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    Yeah, I have one, it came with my JKM flow bench. Jim Burek
  19. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    And the numbers are in

    Rick called and left a message..

    TQ 652 ft lbs at 5400 rpm

    HP- 779 at 6900...

    6900 rpm ??? :eek2:
  20. stagetwo65

    stagetwo65 Wheelie King

    Actually Jim, I called your shop to leave that message. Rick was too busy running around in circles yelling WHOO HOO! :laugh:

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