Roll cage specs

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    I know when I do mustangs we put a cross bar in, 2" x 3" rectangle tubing from frame rail to frame rail with a hump in it for driveshaft clearance then have your downward angle bars attach to that. Floor has to much flex.
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    Thanks Dave. My good friend, Jim Kline, at GoFast Productions can take credit for the cages in both cars. No Sir. Skylark has stock inners. 275/60-15 drag radials.
    I have the front loop, on the Buick, welded to the trans crossmember. The rear loop is welded to the frame.
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    Love it when old threads pop up. didnt even know it was mine until after I started reading it. :D
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    No kidding. Its interesting looking at a 4 yr old thread and thinking man did I say that. I will have to really dig deep to top some of that stuff.

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