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Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by Mike Bucy, Aug 5, 2009.


As a buyer or seller would you find a Car Partout forum valuable?

  1. Yes. It would be of value to me. I think it could work this time.

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  2. No. I'd rather see parts and prices. I'm happy with Parts for Sale Section.

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  1. Hurst_454

    Hurst_454 New Member

    I'm new to this forum and to be honest, i'm more into Oldsmobile than Buick. I recently ran into a '70 GS455 that looks to have the original drivetrain, however the car is rusted out around itself. i would imagine it was parked a very long time ago and the owner never had an interest to fix whatever was wrong with it. so it sat...
    in either event, i'm contacting you to find out which is the best way to advertise this car as a 'part out' car but not step on anybody's toes.
    i'm about to pull the motor and trans this weekend. although i do have access to the original carb and distributor as per research on this site.
    Please advise what you suggest to help some Buick guy get some original parts to his restoration.


    Rene Garza (aka Hurst)
  2. bammax

    bammax Well-Known Member

    One thing you can try is just stripping down all the good parts and then doing a listing in the parts for sale section. Just make sure to list your location, prices, and since you're new I'd also list some contact info so people can feel a little more comfortable.

    If you take off every good part and then sort them (cooling, trim, interior, etc) then do a batch listing based on what area of the car the parts are from you should have decent results.
  3. burgsports

    burgsports Pittsburgh, PA

    I vote yes
  4. horsepower71

    horsepower71 Well-Known Member

    I'm new here so I dont want to be out of line. I would love to see a section in here for rolling chassis's that are left after they are parted out. That way people like me that cant afford to buy a complete car have a opportunity to buy a shell to start with and can save these cars from the crusher.
  5. electraboat

    electraboat Well-Known Member

    i have an idea though it may be ridiculous as i have never parted a car.
    how about the seller breakdown his parts for sale on a standard page etc with the names and conditions of each part. then each buyer could just checkoff in a sold or yes box and be obligated for the purchase/ he would be then obliged to pm within 24 hrs and make arrangementss for paying. after 24 hrs the yes would revert to know and next buyer could repeat process.marty
  6. bammax

    bammax Well-Known Member

    There are over 4,000 different parts on a car. No way to list them all.
  7. 1970GSSTAGE3

    1970GSSTAGE3 Well-Known Member

    sounds great to me also,i have recently gotten a real 1971 gs 350 4spd rag top that has sadly been negleted,and i am noe sure i can get the title,although you can get a replacement now through vegas,if the frame is still ok ill try to sell whats left of it whole,or if the frame is to far gone(and im pretty sure it is )i would love to let it finally go with dignity any part salvaged would be cool its never been wrecked hard,just in the weeds for decades,damn shame pretty low production #s on this 1:beer
  8. 57Wayne

    57Wayne New Member

    Related to "Parting Out", how about a "Parts Wanted" section, maybe even the same section as Parting Out?
    I a rescuing a 64 Wildcat conv. that has been improperly repaired before. I have to believe someone has a parts car closer to me than Arizona or Texas! Need a decent or reasonably repairable trunk section.
    Or, if someone is retreiving parts from Texas and heading northeast, is there a way to connect to get another part brought up?
  9. flynbuick

    flynbuick Guest

    We have had such a section for years. Take another look at the forums.
  10. sky64

    sky64 bill merrick- RIP

    sounds reasonable to me.
  11. sky64

    sky64 bill merrick- RIP

    Good point.It's a two way street.Buyers who don't honor their deals.sellers who back shelf you for more money.It's a tough world and humans will be human.I believe that posting feedback on sales transactions helps protect members from sleezy people (feedback can be bad or good as long as it states the facts).As far as listing prices and part description,it is a losing proposition,it's just easier to junk the car and not waste your time.Solution=state what you have,take request and fill them with commitment on both sides.when it's given it's last part then crush it.Simple.

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  12. ceas350

    ceas350 "THE BURNER"

    I believe it should now be mandatory to post feedback as the rules have changed and you don't see the full transaction half the time... I've sold quite a few things and always had a positive response in threads or p.m., but have yet to s see a positive feedback via thread... ?
  13. staged70

    staged70 RIP

    I like the parts for sale section as most of the buyers on here want to see pics of the parts. Maybe a separate section for parts cars for sale.
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