One HOT 350 - We're Still Not Done Either

Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by TABuickMike, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    WOW! it sounds great!
  2. smokum

    smokum Well-Known Member

    Sounds great, and looking forward to seeing some numbers from it! I'm sure you're already aware of this, but those log-type exhaust manifolds you're using on that test stand are terrible for flow. You can practically imagine the exhaust gases going out of the port, bouncing against the wall of that collector, and reverting back toward the port! (at least, I can, in my typically pessimistic view of things).:pp
    On this subject of test stands, and proper engine break-in equipment...
    I've thought for a while now that the ideal engine test stand should be an empty A-body chassis.
    Since this is (more or less) the environment that the engine will operate in in the "real world", why not use a discarded A-body, set up like you see when people do frame-off restos (when they have the whole frame, engine, tranny, driveshaft and rearend installed before dropping the body).
    You could install the motor and dyno it with and without the driveline attached, so you could get both "crank" numbers and "rear wheel" numbers.
    Just a thought...
  3. Tricolor72

    Tricolor72 Well-Known Member

    I would love to see a build cost tally and exactly what ended up contributing to the final build. I know things were mentioned at the start but I am sure things have changed here and there. I'd love to be calling up TA this summer and ordering some parts for a similar build :laugh: Maybe in the future I can call up for some heads as well:beer
  4. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

  5. BugNuker

    BugNuker 4door BLASTER

    Looking good!
    Can't wait to see it at one of the shows!
    Thanks for the update.
  6. Fox's Den

    Fox's Den 27 years of racing the same 355 Buick motor

    TTT This will help you all get yer 350's going this winter!

    Lets Rock n Roll.
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  7. Nothingface5384

    Nothingface5384 Detail To Oil - Car Care

  8. jay3000

    jay3000 RIP 1-16-21

    So over 4.5 years ago the premier Buick folks started an engine build??? And we sholuld be excited about that???

    Odd. I still feel like I'm the few that ever actually ever did anything....
  9. jay3000

    jay3000 RIP 1-16-21

    No wonder the BBB guys laugh at us....
  10. bignastyGS

    bignastyGS Maggot pilot

    I am anxious to see some ripping 350's Too bad I am all converted to the 455 and in deep there...
  11. Fox's Den

    Fox's Den 27 years of racing the same 355 Buick motor

    you are one of a few.

    and still waiting for the intake. and how many years will the carrot be dangled over our heads for the heads. would rather see the testing of products at the track instead of a desktop dyno. that is all we seem to do.

    should have built these parts 20 years ago
  12. 73BuickGS455

    73BuickGS455 A Long Restoration

    I will buy a set of the heads and a 350 intake in the future for my recent build, but it just won't be anytime soon. I have to say the 350 I just built sounds means regardless if its a small block. I can't wait to drive it!:TU:
  13. Buick Power

    Buick Power Well-Known Member

    That engine was done a couple of years ago, this is an old thread.

    I did tech at TA for several years and I can count on one hand the number of people that were pushing the 350. That time was just before the uptick in interest because of you guys that have been turbocharging them. The entire aftermarket community ignored that engine for decades. The first ever aftermarket intake manifold was made by TA, two years AFTER production of the Buick 350 ended.

    The desk top dyno type of program that was mentioned has been tweaked over the years and is EXTREMELY accurate, so don't write off the numbers so easily.

    I saw the SP-3 (350) intake yesterday and it looks GREAT!!!

    There is a nostalgia race coming up on the 22nd here in Phoenix and the plan is to take the car/engine in this thread and do comparisons between the Stage 1 and SP-3 intakes.
  14. Nothingface5384

    Nothingface5384 Detail To Oil - Car Care

    sounds good
  15. jay3000

    jay3000 RIP 1-16-21

    So if TA finished this build, where is the info? Why would they start a thread about this super build and then leave it dead? If TA finished the engine, they either weren't very proud of it, or maybe they are keeping it secret??

  16. jay3000

    jay3000 RIP 1-16-21

    WTF does that mean, and what does it add??? The premiss of this thread was to build a bad ass 350 and put some numbers out there...

    Without at least some kind of documentation, it didn't happen...

    No wonder the BBB guys laugh at us..
  17. Buick Power

    Buick Power Well-Known Member

    I thought everything was on this thread, but there is another ^^^. 12.69 ET is right in line with the HP estimate. The car isn't a test mule, it is a personal car of Mike Jr's who was a full time engineering student at ASU during this time and is now building his profession which is currently outside of TA and until recently was out of town, away from the car. Because TA makes so many of their parts and the other aspects of the business, they actually have little time for fun stuff. After 30+ years in the business Mike Sr. still puts in 60 + hrs/week just in running the business.
  18. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    I really do not know why people get upset about things like this:

    Mike Jr built a kick ass street Buick 350, got it in his street car, ran mid 12s, and there really is not much to say about it other than it is great! He listed all the specs, and it is no surprise to me that it makes power and runs fast. People are always kicking the 350 and asking for PROOF that it can be built to run fast and then when someone does then they are called out about it.

    Look at Anthony Mackley's car, it was built by him at 16 years old, runs fast and reliable on the street and strip and just because he does not post on here people think that it doesn't count for some reason... It made 630 HP @6 psi on the dyno, then they changed the pulleys and raised the boost... Who knows how much power it makes but a lot more than 630.

    Look at what Mark did with the 350s, built tons of turbo kits, one of them was in Hot Rod magazine and almost doubled it's HP with low boost, then Jay 3000 ran his turbo car for a few years and proved it worked as well. But Mark got very little respect in the BUick community since he lived a long ways away from a track and had no money for dyno testing. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that an engine that makes about 350 HP NA will make some steam when swallowing 10 PSI of boost at an optimum air/fuel ratio.

    There is no question that:

    1. The Buick 350 is a well designed engine that can handle serious power even in stock form
    2. That the Buick 350 loves power adders such as turbos, nitrous, and superchargers, all that has been proven and documented as well

    Now that the new heads and intake are coming out things are going to get really interesting with people being able to bolt on HP instead of spending thousands on porting iron heads.

    Do not get me wrong, I love proof, dyno numbers, time slips etc for these engines but we need to be more understanding of people's situations, time limitations, etc before we call people out about their stuff.. I know personally, the more I get harassed with comments like "put up or shut up" the less I want to thrash to get my stuff on the dyno and track... I do this for myself and my own hobby enjoyment, not so that people can live vicariously through my wallet.
  19. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    Is it running with the single plane yet?
  20. Fox's Den

    Fox's Den 27 years of racing the same 355 Buick motor

    Well now you have Mark's car and now you are going to prove the capability of that turbo engine right? You had the turbo parts back when he was doing it and it died because he DID NOT get some kind of track time or a dyno time to prove its worthiness.

    There were plenty of ways to prove the worthiness of the turbo set up by Getting Dynolicous for the Apple I-Phone or a G-Tech or just make a video of the car running a complete 1/4 mile on the highway, those small videos he made did not prove much.

    Putting a turbo on a stock engine was a worthless feat, and where is it now and did we get a track time out of it, short answer NO, The only thing we have is that Procharged 350 that was put on the dyno but no one seems to get on here and tell us how it is running in the 1/4 mile. You would think that owner would be on here bragging all about it.

    There are about 4 other guys on here that have done something with a 350 but few and far between. No race 350's, we all just want that barely over stock.

    The TA guys were supposed to take Mikes car to the track and do comparisons between the two intakes and there again we have no answers.

    No wonder everyone just drops in a 455, everyone on here wants to stick in that little 212 cam and that ain't even going to beat a 455.

    You have to beat a stock 455 before you can say you have something that is fast.

    You know I am going to say something about this I am sic of watching this dumb crap.

    I do not want TA to prove the worthiness of the 350, I want YOU and YOU and YOU and also YOU to do this and you can start by porting the damn heads and going from there.

    Here come the excuses, well I am waiting for the Heads to come out, I am waiting for the intake I am waiting for this I am waiting for that I need a transmission.

    All we do here is argue about what stall, what rear gears what cam and what compression, and who is right, nun of ya. and you know why, because nun of you can get past that 212 cam, you think Mike has that cam in his mid 12 350, I don't think so.

    They did not get into the mid 12's with Aluminum heads now did they and they did it with the DP intake now did they so what the heck are you all waiting for. I know, go up two sentences for the answer. :moonu::moonu::moonu::moonu::moonu:

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