New best with TA Tomahawk power.

Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by GS Kubisch, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Julian

    Julian Well-Known Member

    1.3xx time slip on FB..
  2. GS Kubisch

    GS Kubisch THE "CUT-UP" BUICK

    It went 1.30 on that run, 3.39 to the 330ft
    Previous run was 1.21 and 3.42 to the 330ft

    I'm pretty confident in a 1-teen 60ft with some tweaking.
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  3. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    Wonder if the difference was 1 pass clippingbthe 60ft with front tires and withother the rear. The 330 times are reasonable close considering the 60ft spread. Doesn't make since the pass 9 hun faster in the 60 would be slower in 330, unless the way car tripped the beam or you had to pedal.

    Car does a great job of going forward and slowly lift and ride........its not a straight up........looks like a fairly calm set down as well..........also looked close to getting the 330 with the rear tires
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  4. GS Kubisch

    GS Kubisch THE "CUT-UP" BUICK

    We started the day with a 1.22/3.47/5.36

    Shortened the launch ramp which only showed a .004 improvement in 60ft. But... it picked up .04 to the 330ft. From the video I can deduce that is was not tripping the 60ft beam with the lead side of the front tire but instead the back of the front tire or possibly the header collectors...

    That was 1.21/3.43/5.30

    Third run was a throw away but I moved the shift points a bit and it did go over 130 which I was really waiting for. We also tightened the front shocks in an effort to get an accurate 60ft for this run

    Being that the third run was no good we left it alone for the fourth which was...

    1.21/3.42/5.29 an again it went 130+

    For the fifth run I added one degree of timing and left everything else the same.

    1.30 (Definitely on the rear tires) 3.39/5.25 at 131+

    So the only solid 60ft number is the 1.22/3.47 pass...I'd love to know what that last 60ft was consider 1.30 produced a 3.39

    I'm still smiling...
  5. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    1.2xs out a NA 112in wheel base Abody is no joke,..
  6. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    If I had to guess by the incremental, I would be putting money on.1.185, seeing you were 4 hun under by the 330' it had to gain at least 2 hun in 60'

    131 is a very impressive mph

    When do bars out the back start to become a thought?? I would imagine if the front would stay down a little there is a few hun more from the areo drag

    I know this has been a multi year venture that had you rethinking, and almost jumping ship. I'm glad to see you be getting some very positive and impressive results. Wish I could had been there to see it in person
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  7. ozarkian

    ozarkian Rush is Right

    Outstanding Gary!!
  8. offbrand Racing

    offbrand Racing Platinum Level Contributor

    Very impressive!!
  9. GS Kubisch

    GS Kubisch THE "CUT-UP" BUICK

    Wheelie bars will be a last resort. I really don't want to use them.

    Photo guy was on the money. received_914637345570187.jpeg
  10. BQUICK

    BQUICK Gold Level Contributor

    Very nice.....You da man.....
  11. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    That is for sure up enough to not click the 60ft with the front tires.

    How much air are you running in your rear radials........looks nice
  12. GS Kubisch

    GS Kubisch THE "CUT-UP" BUICK

    Tires were 18psi or so. Couple pictures show that I can add some air.

    And here's a shot to show it ain't always laptops and jet changes

  13. Todd69GS

    Todd69GS Silver Level contributor

    Good times! Lol
  14. Tom Haeffner

    Tom Haeffner Well-Known Member

    Hey Gary.Dont put bars on it and dont run the headers through the fenders.Lol
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  15. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise EFI/DIS 482

    That looks like a fun Ride Gary, Wheelies are fun, even if they do cost you some ET.

    Keep working it..

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  16. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    Better you than me under there, I did the master swap for our new brakes and thought I was going to get stuck down there, there is no way I could fit in there.........biggest question, what are you hiding under there?????? Lol
  17. BQUICK

    BQUICK Gold Level Contributor

    yeah it's amazing how hard bars make it getting to stuff like that......
  18. dr

    dr Well-Known Member

    Is it time to get wheelie bars?
  19. Philip66

    Philip66 Well-Known Member

    No twist in that wheelie either!
    Car looks dead straight....

    Love the Cut up Buick!!
  20. 69wildcatgs

    69wildcatgs Member

    I could watch this all day.....
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