If we were to hold a Texas Buick Nats in 2014 would you...

Discussion in 'Texas Buick Nationals' started by Regal1, Aug 21, 2013.


Would you attend a TX Buick Nats in 2014...

Poll closed Nov 19, 2013.
  1. Yes I would attend anywhere in TX

  2. I would attend if it was in my area of the state

  3. Not interested in this event

  4. I'm only a maybe?

  5. I would come and watch, no car

  1. 1drwgn

    1drwgn Poor Gearhead

    things are looking promising! Will probably tow it down, so if i break i can get home!!
  2. sroys

    sroys Married to a Buick Girl!!

    I'm thinkin' I know a few old boys with some slow ole Buick iron that will be there.... :)

    as far as getting the word out I own the Buick Boys Facebook page so I will post the crap out of it...+3200 members - that will help spread the word!
  3. Regal1

    Regal1 Well-Known Member

  4. 455stude

    455stude Well-Known Member

    Will be there with the buick powered 55 stude.

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