Decoding 1972 GS 350 convertible

Discussion in 'The ragtop shop' started by Harry, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Racerx88

    Racerx88 Platinum Level Contributor

    If so equipped, the cruise indicator light would be in the rectangular "pod" to the right of the clock/tach "pod" with the power top switch.
  2. Harry

    Harry The Hammer

    Yes I know that item,small green box.I thought it was an indicator for when the top switch was activated.No wonder I can't get it to light up with the switch....dumbass:Dou:

    Hey Tim a lot of us around here had tried to snag it but it was always a no-go.You bet we'll go cruising.That green vert is still sitting on the flats with the window open,somebody should rescue that car.....want the phone number as I've given up.
  3. TimR

    TimR Nutcase at large

    As a teenager I partied with the daughter of the lady who owned it. I was interested of course as I had my Stage 1 already. Her daughter would drive it and we raced once, that was pretty funny. She wanted 25,000 back in 89....I watched it get hit once, saw it sitting in the assiniboia parking lot one afternoon during a huge hailstorm (also late 80's) with the top down, tried to buy it a couple more times, "nope saving it for my grandkids" she said....sat under a tarp for years with flat tires and stuff piled on top, then in the lot of an old house down on the flats, every once in a while it would pop up somewhere and I'd go ask abut her daughter and fi the car was for sale but she was always saving it for somebody. Now you have it, good job.

    Its kind of like the GS 455 convertible I looked at back in the late 80's, it was hurting, missing the hood, etc. Guy was a dick so I walked away and it ended up selling and going to brooks where they did some quicky bodywork and fix up then sold it to another guy who approached me just a few years back looking for info and sure enough there is the car I looked at 25+ years ago...small world.

    On the green one, its the old docs car, triple green right?? Skylark too if I remember, be a neat car to rod but I, am out of space and time....

    Looking forward to my ride!!!
  4. kingdaddycreel

    kingdaddycreel Well-Known Member

    This is correct.
  5. richopp

    richopp Well-Known Member

    Ha! Noticed the upside-down air cleaner lid in the early pics. First thing we did back then was turn it that way as soon as we got them home from the dealer. Funny, have not thought of that in years...

    Also, remember driving to the tire place the next day and getting Michelin tires on all the those years ('70-'72) they were a big deal. Drove on belted tires a month or so ago for the first time since back then--huge problems! Forgot about that, too. No wonder the speed limit was 55...

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