Decoding 1972 GS 350 convertible

Discussion in 'The ragtop shop' started by Harry, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Harry

    Harry The Hammer

    Just purchased this fixer upper today & could use your help with the cowl tag

    ST72 43467FL1 288346 BDY
    TR 135 63A PNT
    06C A65

  2. MullyClu

    MullyClu Well-Known Member

    ST 72 - Style 1972
    GS (34)
    Conv. 2 dr (67)

    FL1 - Flint , MI Body Plant
    288346 - Body Number, no relation to VIN

    TR 135 - Trim Code White Bench with notchback seat with armrest

    63 A PNT - Burnished Copper Paint, White Top

    06C A65
    Built 3rd week (C) of June (06)
    A65 - Notchback seat
  3. Harry

    Harry The Hammer

    Thanks Steve

    Car also has full gauge package,cruise,tilt,power windows,N-25 bumper

    A few pics,my 15x10's for the 70 GSX project fit quite nice:grin:
    It will need 1/4's & possibly passenger door skin,floor & trunk are in good shape still:TU:

  4. V8Sky

    V8Sky "Scarlett"

    That is a very nicely optioned GS you picked up:TU:

    What is the thing mounted to the driver's side wheelwell - for the cruise control?
  5. MullyClu

    MullyClu Well-Known Member

    I would say cruse control. I would look for front bumper first.
  6. Harry

    Harry The Hammer

    Yes it's the cruise control.Steering column lever is missing & perhaps the wiring is too?

    Yeah that bumper looks like hell,that will be the 1st thing done,tow truck driver supposedly responsible for that one.:Dou:

    Noticed something today I've never seen before,above the radio there is a lever that says vents hi & lo thought it was added on by previous owner(s)

    Looking into the upper cowl area through the firewall vents there are motors that kind of look like heater motors,they are connected to the upper dash vents.

    What would that option be?
  7. V8Sky

    V8Sky "Scarlett"

    >>Harry, that is a rare option indeed. Known as the forced ventilation system (an option for Buicks with no A/C). When you hit the lever above the radio it would draw in cool air through the cowl area.
  8. Harry

    Harry The Hammer

    COOL !! :beer
  9. Oldskewl59

    Oldskewl59 Silver Level contributor

    Nice car. Gotta like that!
  10. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    I have seen that option on paper but never for real. Pretty nice
  11. kevin mcculloug

    kevin mcculloug 72 GS 455 Convertible

    Just fix a few things and drive it! I wish I had enjoyed mine more before restoring it. It was fun just parking and walking away without a care in the world :spank: :laugh: . Door ding??? Who cares!
  12. Harry

    Harry The Hammer

    I plan on driving & fixing it as money allows.

    these bolts on top of the cowl on both sides are what got my interest going,couldnt figure what was bolted on there??

    This is the drivers side unit for the forced ventilation,passenger side is tucked down & angled away,damn rust!!
  13. JCP

    JCP Well-Known Member

    My 71 Stage1 has forced comfort flow ventilation too. I was also a bit confused when I first saw those nuts in the cowl area that hold the blower motors.
  14. Harry

    Harry The Hammer

    Hey Jim

    How do you like it? Assuming yours works? Noisy?
  15. JCP

    JCP Well-Known Member

    Not noisy, and moves quit a bit of air on high. It's not air conditioning by any means but it's better than no air coming thru the vents. It's a rare option and you will be lucky to see another GS that has it. Congratulations on your car.

  16. Harry

    Harry The Hammer

    Have been doing a lot of work to the car recently.New bumper & trim,core support repair kit installed,new interior,new rad & trans lines,installed my 70 350 motor & trans with a TA 284-88H cam,Kenne Bell headers,1 new wheel well-when the hell are they going to make a drivers side wheel-well,new tail-lights with sequential lights.Numerous other odds and ends.

    Starting to look a lot better which is encouraging,can`t wait to go cruising
  17. TimR

    TimR Nutcase at large

    Glad to finally see the car in the hands of someone who will enjoy it, and take care of it. Tried to buy that one for 15 years! Looking forward to a ride this summer....
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  18. 2791 lark custo

    2791 lark custo Gold Level Contributor

    Beuatiful car
  19. DeeVeeEight

    DeeVeeEight Well-Known Member

    Sweet ride!
  20. Harry

    Harry The Hammer

    Got a dash bezel sent away for restoring & found some interesting things when I took this one off.

    Re-connected the forced air & by damned if it didnt spit 20 plus years of crap at me out of the ducts:eek2: it works great:TU:

    Found an electric trunk release button on the upper driver side glove box,it has a black wire running along the passenger side trunk lid to the latch but I cant see a solenoid,requires further investigating. Had a funky looking enclosed glass relay on the power wire,might be factory electric trunk??

    Wondering if there is a light for cruise control,if so where is it:puzzled:

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