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  1. Waterboy

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    Ray, I could be wrong but I think I saw you going through downtown Atlanta this morning. I passed you with the gold Skylark on a tow dolly

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    We became very good friends with Les Otte. Still are. One of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He did really well in the class. Bracket format makes the most sense these days. More participants. And as far as class racing goes. We always go with the flow.
    And follow the rules and the format. Just remembering the past class and sharing. I agree 1000% that it wouldn't be possible to bring back the heads up GSSS class today "as it was". It would also mean bringing back the all iron factory castings into a
    "true stock appearing format" as it was back then. Going to bring the GSX back out at some point again. Just from a nostalgic perspective. It will still run ALL IRON and with the correct castings. That is just the way the X always was, and always will be.
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    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    It would be really great to have you guys back next year with the GSX.

    ROCK N ROLL GSX Well-Known Member

    That is what we would like to do. Thanks
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  5. wildcat4

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    I wish all you guys the best of luck.
    I am jealous I can’t be there this year but hopefully someone will post some of the action and I can feel kinda like I was there again.
    Hope you have FUN!

    my car misses the track too
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  6. Nicholas Sloop

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    At the risk of “hijacking” the thread, I hope a smidge more “nostalgic musings” about Stock Appearing racing are not too out-of-line… (And, hopefully, slightly entertaining…)
    While I could hardly say we became friends, Les did talk to me when I occasionally appeared in his pit like a lovesick puppy dog. I told him of my dreams of building a car for the class. While he said “I’m not gonna share all my secrets,” he did talk to me about his ignition timing, and stressed “Compression!!!!”
    In anticipation of potentially building the car, Patrick and I fantasized mapping out a road trip to BG, driving a 13:1 car, plotting sources of race fuel along the way. We planned to document the whole thing, and recoup the cost of a tank or two of race fuel expended on highway driving by selling an article about the adventure to one of the mags…
    Giving up on that idea, I did take the next step of acquiring a “tow vehicle,” when the wifey fell in love with a 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Have any of y’all rebuilt a second-gen AMC V-8? I can’t help imagining that some AMC engineer, tasked with designing that engine, in desperation called a friend at Buick. Following a secret, 8-hour late night phone call, that under-paid AMC engineer showed up to work the next morning with a new enthusiasm, and “new” ideas!
    Following a rebuilt TorqueFlite 727 (sandwiched ahead of an iron transfer case—UGH!!!,) uncountable plastic power window “tapes,” and “re-engineering” the power mirror switch with soldering iron and bits of wire, wifey tired of the Wagoneer (and me…) If I ignore the time, tribulations, and money invested, we did sell the rust-free southern Jeep to a guy in Chicago for a decent profit.
    In the meantime, I had begun bracket racing at my local track, and my fellow racers were surprisingly “Buick friendly.” I became reasonably competitive, often at least making the quarter-finals. I comfortably gave up my “Fastest Stock Appearing Buick” dreams. Then, Hennessey bought the track to be his private “Corvette development playground...”
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  7. pbr400

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    If you’re running BSA this year and didn’t come to the drivers’ meeting, here’s what you’ll need to know.
    You’ll need to qualify today (because we may not get a qualifying run Saturday). We hope to get our first time trial around 2:00 on Friday, so listen up for the announcer to call ‘Quick 16’, then ‘GSR’ and BSA will be next. Gather at the east end of the circle track so that we can go under the tower and get a pro tree.
    Any questions, most of us are pitted in the circle track or call me-770-363-7322
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  8. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    Update! We have a class of 16 cars, between 12 and 16 seconds. Tomorrow we may get another qualifying time, but we may not-depends upon the weather. Tomorrow morning we might know more. Try to be at the track by 9:00 in case they’ve sped things up. I think everyone is up to speed (no pun intended) but if not, let me or Starc know!
    Man this is fun!
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  9. wildcat4

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    What was qualifying like this year?
    Can you post the times like last year?
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  10. 70skylark350

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    Just a question not really related to BSA but not sure best BG thread to post it. I have never been to the GS nationals but really would love to attend. Are non GS skylarks allowed, or even skylark/GS clones?
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  11. wildcat4

    wildcat4 Well-Known Member

    Yes that’s not a problem
  12. Waterboy

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    I believe so. I’m racing a
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    ROCK N ROLL GSX Well-Known Member

    There are "no secrets" to running or building a low 11 second street stocker like Duane' s GSX. It is not a high dollar build. It is a .030 forged piston, 462 short block. Other than the forged pistons it is stock IE: rods crank etc . ANY short block will work with the combo. It isn't 13:1 compression. It is running the flat tappet off the shelf HEMI KILLER cam, that anyone could buy. It has 1970 #1231786 casting cylinder heads and a 1970 casting block. The key element in obtaining the performance is ALL for the most part in the "cylinder heads". Duane is exceptionally good at porting cylinder heads as seen in his car, Ken Montour's and Bob Ortolani's cars and engines. " Get a good set of cylinder heads". That's the ticket to ANY good running combo. That's "where" the power IS.
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  14. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    BSA ‘22 was a success! Our winner was Keith Egan in his black ‘70 GS455 versus Randy Hollister in his silver ‘71 GSX 350. We were able to pay every class participant in the class! Details of the whole class to come later when I can organize my notes.
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  15. wildcat4

    wildcat4 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations Keith!
    Pretty impressive to be in the finals again AND win.

    ROCK N ROLL GSX Well-Known Member

    Well deserved win for Keith. He is a veteran of the class. And has probably participated in the class longer than any one else. He was right in there back in the early days of the GSSS .
  17. FJM568

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    Had a great time. It was good to see everybody in person again.

    Congrats Keith!

    A HUGE thanks needs to go out to Patrick and Starc for running this class and attempting to herd the bunch of us cats.

    It was a blast!
  18. Dano

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    I was just thinking about this volcano "Deluxe Wheelcover" issue since I hope to race in BSA someday w/a car that's being restored with them (at least that's the plan). Guess that means they'd have to be on per the rules. Hopefully you're correct about the aerodynamics, lol.
  19. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    9605AEFA-E561-455D-A7C4-2F4499180A77.jpeg 48D7260A-6498-4966-AE37-AE2E110B2A5B.jpeg 2A72729C-1D83-4483-B4D1-5E695E7C758E.jpeg 2458D047-9459-4231-B93C-EF35D4366087.jpeg Here’s an update. We had 16 cars qualify:
    1. Keith Egan, black ‘70 GS455, 12.10
    2. Mike Psarchik, blue ‘69 GS400, 12.21
    3. Greg Gessler, red ‘72 GS455, 12.43
    4. Ray Kammer, green ‘70 GS455, 12.69
    5. Dan Lembo, white ‘70 GSX, 12.89
    6. Bob Merrick, silver ‘71 GS455, 12.94
    7. Patrick Briggs, blue ‘68 GS400, 13.19
    8. Jim Rodgers, T. Red ‘70 GS Stage 1, 13.32
    9. Jim Frankovich, blue ‘66 Skylark, 13.35
    10. Steve Caruso, blue ‘71 GSX, 13.54
    11. Dave Hemker, red ‘68 GS400, 13.76
    12. Starc Traxler, red ‘65 Skylark GS, 14.70
    13. Justin Carnes, gold ‘70 GS455, 14.92
    14. Randy Hollister, silver ‘71 GSX, 14.93
    15. John Carroll, gold ‘69 Skylark, 15.34
    16. Steve Brisbois, white ‘66 Wildcat, 16.53

    Congratulations to Keith for winning and to Randy for being runner up. Starc Traxler’s ‘65 four speed GS convertible won the ‘class favorite’ from the show display.
    Winner took home a fabulous belt, a restaurant gift card and an envelope full of cash. Runner up got an envelope full of cash. We paid every participant who made a race (so even if you went out in the first round, like I did, you still got your race sticker money plus a little more back!)

    In total we had $1500 in sponsorship cash plus the belt and gift cards.

    Extra special thanks to:
    Jim Rodgers for the belt (and all the guidance);
    HR Parts for a large cash donation;
    Molo Petroleum for a large cash donation,
    and several current and past racers who wish to remain anonymous for their cash donations.

    And thanks to everyone who participated or helped! We really appreciate it. See y’all next year!
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  20. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    0535C8F5-6F97-4D21-962F-62393421EB10.jpeg C12C5DBD-B4BA-4EA8-B689-2EA3714D6967.jpeg FDB489EA-B7AC-4381-9546-ED14E9D207B9.jpeg 193AF718-2540-44B1-9E60-173EAE50E99E.jpeg 44350B6A-F7F8-4A39-98C7-8B0CEE3522CE.jpeg 5E06D82C-8B72-4AEE-B78F-15ACBF1F809B.jpeg 8E95622F-2B25-4573-9203-4E1BAF8D0784.jpeg 0AD52ABF-F436-4CC7-A640-16C22CAF207B.jpeg BC7C202A-293A-4B83-9BE7-704881A1DDF3.jpeg 0535C8F5-6F97-4D21-962F-62393421EB10.jpeg
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