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Discussion in 'V-8 Buick Powered Regals' started by Topher455, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Topher455

    Topher455 Active Member

    Hey I am getting ready to build the rear suspension in my BBB regal and I was wondering what type of rear suspension parts everybody is using to hook up their smokin tires. Im getting ready to buy a 8.5 gn rear and I have been looking at UMI Gbody parts and Jegs. I cant decide between lift bars or adjustable uppers anybody got some input?? Oh the motor should be 450hp
    500tq with a th400 framerails are already boxed, tie braces are installed front and rear and polyeurethane body bushings are installed in all the locations including the GNX only ones

    Also Does anyone have a 8.5 rear for sale??? if so how much$$ I live in Tampa
    fl so shipping might be an issue


    I have added pictures but this is as big as I could get them any help would be great these thumbs dont do the car justice

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  2. Vern

    Vern Well-Known Member

    The last I checked there was an 8.5 rear listed for sale on oldspower. I used aftermarket lower control arms with adjustable upppers. Also an air bag in the passenger side rear can be used to pre load the suspension for equal force on both tires. If you get a rear but need to buy a posi the Eaton is excellent. Top notch if you want to drive it on the street as well as the track.
  3. Running

    Running Midwest Buick Mafia

    comp, Engineering lowers and dual air bags are all we run... you might add a taller pinion snubber as well.

    I have been considering selling my 8.5, the rear is open right now, but i have the correct posi in a box to go with it..not sure of the total value as of yet..
  4. Topher455

    Topher455 Active Member

    Yes pleease let me know if you want to sell that diff. Also what type of coil springs do you use my stockers are worn and lopsided I was thinking about getting a new set of gn springs

    thanks for the help
  5. Leviathan

    Leviathan Inmate of the Month

    Sounds like you've done most of the tricky stuff. Some more stuff...

    My favorit e hookup combo is:

    -Jounce bars up front (ties the frame to the centre of the crossmember)
    -Airbags 10 & 25 PSI
    -Udjustable Uppers - get the pinion angle as close to zero as possible
    -stock or S-10 springs and a mid-range swaybar.

    ...oh and put a station wagon rear over those rear wheels
  6. Topher455

    Topher455 Active Member

    Station Wagon Rear????

    when you say station wagon rear are you implying that there is a wagon
    that is equipped with an 8.5 with g body style brackets? I have searched numerous boneyards for such a thing and either the brackets are wrong or
    it is a 7.5 rear. I realize the rear might be wider but that is not an issue
    it can be corrected with backspacing or narrowing. please let me know
    what vehicles I can find this rear in. I really dont want to cut the brackets off my 7.5 and weld them to another axle that is why I was looking for a GN type rear end.

    Also, any pics of these setups would be greatly appreciated


    I kinda thought this post would draw more attention because of the obvious
    traction problems associated with big engine light car... oh well
  7. Vern

    Vern Well-Known Member

    The 8.5 rear I was refering to was one listed for sale by someone else. under Tech has a suspention section with a lot of good spring charts & info. The Moog 5660 would be my choice. Stiffer than GN springs but not too stiff like some others and reasonably priced. You can get them at a local autoparts. I forget the number but their software will tell you what rear springs to get to go with the fronts.
  8. Topher455

    Topher455 Active Member

    thanks for the help

    Thanks Vern I found the rear end you were talking about on olds power. When I asked how much for the rear end I was asking Running about the one he mentioned. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Leviathan

    Leviathan Inmate of the Month

    Sorry, Wagon humor doesn't translate well. I meant the extra 200 lbs a Wagon has over the rear wheels. There's just the one wagon with the GN rear, and you'lll not find it in a yard anytome soon.

    These rears only came in GN's, and the Olds 442 G-bodies.

    Here's everything you ned to know/see about the rear end swapout:
  10. Weekender

    Weekender weekender

    My input for what it is worth

    You have done the best thing you can do by boxing the frame. I did the same with my 78 Regal, this along with a couple of simple and low cost changes will provide you with low 60 times at very little cost.

    Rear Trailing arms, simply weld a plate in the channel and create a box, replace the bushing with poly type. Add air bags to the rear coils, this combination is good to about 550 to 600 HP. The air bag pressures I use is 4lbs in the left bag, 8lbs in the right bag. If the car goes right on launch I put 2lbs of air in the right rear tire more than the left. Walla, the car goes straight as a die.

    Simple yet deadly, 60 ft times 1.58 ET 11:66 @ 116MPH weight 3800lb.

    The photo is just after the burnout with tires biting hard with the frontend UP and level, this is how it lauches everytime, forward not upward is what you want.


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  11. Topher455

    Topher455 Active Member

    thanks for the tip. Nice lookin car!!! I need some help making my pictures
    big like that. The ones I posted wouldnt load unless they were that small.
    any iideas???
  12. Weekender

    Weekender weekender


    Thank you for the complement. The old 78-80 regals are getting rarer by the day and I wanted the best example possible as a representative for those few that are left.

    Yes, I think I can help. When you after you select your photo open the jpg on your computer and keep the photo open until you post your message and it will remain in the open format at the bottom of your post as mine did.

    If you just select without opening and leaving it open it will just stack them in the jpg format. This is how it works for me.

    If your images are remain small after you have tried this, your camera setting are probably wrong try a different size jpg at the camera setting level.

  13. Leviathan

    Leviathan Inmate of the Month

    I've been looking at the whole frame boxing thing for a while. The solid box -vs- staggered plate debate has been driving me nuts.

    If either of you guys could post your pics of the frame boxing I'd be appreciated!
  14. Running

    Running Midwest Buick Mafia

    I'm not sure what the 8.5 is worth yet? Make an offer?

    I have the "HD Cargo springs" in the rear. I would like to send you the part numbers, but I just drove over and picked them up from the "spring store". The GN guys over here run them. The front end has Comp Eng 90-10 adjustable shocks and Moroso, Med SPring rate I think. The rear shocks are nothing special...
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  15. Weekender

    Weekender weekender

    Frame specs

    I'm not sure what a staggered plate is, but I think that the box plate I made which was of .125 plate could have slots cut in to reduce weight. I really did not care about an extra pound or two.

    I just know that my very smooth body has no stress cracks and the car leaves hard and straight.

    I attached a drawing of my box plates along with a couple of dimensions which may not be the same as yours I have a 78 Regal, not a GS frame.

    Weekender :3gears:

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  16. Leviathan

    Leviathan Inmate of the Month

    Thanks! Indeed the 78 Regal frame is the same as the 79 Century. Wagons have a little more bracing on the body but as usual does not leave straight at all.

    I notice your diagram does not show the crossmember mounting holes, did you just put the plate behind that or did you go around?

    Staggering just uses 10" plates with 6" spacing. Leaves a small amount of flex in the frame at distributed points instead of 1 large centre block...
  17. Weekender

    Weekender weekender



    I made a cross member from a salvage piece by welding pieces of 2" angle iron on the end of the crossmember and used the same bolt holes as the stock 6 cylinder, 200 tranny cross member location.

    The frame filler plate I used did not interfear with the stock cross member location at all. I welded angle iron (see sketch) to the end cross member and this adapter slides right over the stock location.


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  18. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    Listen to weekender or he will send you video of him whipping your small longearded pack animal :Dou: He really has his dialed in and I can tell you it looks pretty ugly when you give someone .2 on the 60 ft. :rant:
  19. Topher455

    Topher455 Active Member

    Hey Running

    Im assuming the rear still has the 3.42 gears in it. Yes?? I was thinking about
    $ 700 shipped to 33613. If you are interested e-mail some pics of the rear to me at and we can discuss details.
  20. Running

    Running Midwest Buick Mafia

    I'll send you a note .. :TU:

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