All Buick Show - Portland Area

Discussion in 'BCA Events' started by dukec, Jul 9, 2013.

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    sorry duke, I got called in to work and couldn't afford to call in sick. plus just put my engine back together and haven't had an opportunity to test drive it yet. just an all around bad week.
  4. dukec

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    Missed seeing you Dan!
    Been watching your posts on you engine - so I understand. As well as work - got to do it.
  5. dukec

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    Had a great but small show on Saturday in downtown Troutdale, OR.
    3 blocks of nothing but Buicks on both sides of the street.
    I will put up some pictures over the next couple of days.
    Thanks to all who came - it was great to see everyone!!! DSC03755.jpg DSC03772.jpg DSC03800.jpg DSC03801.jpg DSC03827.jpg DSC03835.jpg DSC03757.jpg
  6. dukec

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    Some cars of note.

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    Looked like a great show...Thanks for the pics:bglasses:
  9. Eric

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    Was a great show and the weather was wonderful. Got to meet some new people and trade some good stories.

    Eric :3gears:
  10. exodus

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    Any plans yet for this to happen again in 2014?

  11. dukec

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    This event will not happen in 2014. It should resume again in 2015.

    The BCA National meet & show will be in Portland, OR July 23 thru 26, 2014. This will take a large involvement of the Portland Area Chapter and 2 shows within a couple of weeks would be too much.

    More details to follow.
  12. exodus

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    Roger that. ...thank you.

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