Alignment Numbers for Radial Tires on a '69 GS

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  1. LARRY70GS

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    There does seem to be an increase in caster allowed especially for the bigger cars. The most I saw was 2* I believe. This is 1975,

  2. telriv

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    I installed Michilin radials, at the time with tubes, no tubeless were available then, in 1968 on my '64 Riv. Michelins were 1st.available in 1947 I believe.
  3. gstewart

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    BF Goodrich was marketing Pirellis in 1969 in Canada. I think radials were an option in '71 or '72 on our cars. Correct me if I am wrong.
  4. My3Buicks

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    67-69, then not again until 74
  5. BuickV8Mike

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    Seems like the left side is the worst side. Im going to try and print this out and try and make an adjustment my self based on the info Larry provided. Whats the worst that could happen? I'll need an alignment? lol
  6. gstewart

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    when the big 3 were buying F78x14 glass-belted tires from BFG in Canada for $8.00, why buy radials?Whitewalls were either 50 cents or $2 more. I work for BFG in 1969 in Kitchener, On.
  7. TimR

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    Older thread but just wanted to say one of the best changes I ever did to my stage 1 was UMI upper control arms with the 0.90" taller ball joint. I run 1/2 negative camber, about 1/8" toe in, and about 4 degrees of positive caster. Hardly any shims at all, made a huge difference in how it handles and feels. Black arms are hardly noticeable on car. On my convertible I have about 0 camber, about 1/8" toe-in and about 1.5 degrees of positive caster. Pretty much maxed out shims on stock arms to get that, did the alignment myself, works good but might swap out upper arm shafts with offset style to drop some shims. Trying to keep the cars as stock as possible but those upper arms made all the difference. Tires are wearing great, probably dry rot before they ever wear out.
  8. rkammer

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    When I had my front end completely redone with all new components about two years ago, my favorite "old Buick" shop said they would have a front end guy come over to their shop to do the alignment. I asked if they had an alignment rack and Kevin (KDK Auto) said no but he would do it "in their driveway"! I wish I could have been there to see it but, when I picked the car up (and now over 3000 miles later) the car handles great and there is no appreciable tire wear. I don't understand how they did that but the results are great.
  9. knucklebusted

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    All it takes is a few tape measures and an angle gauge. I used my phone and two 4 foot levels that I cut some notches in for the tape measures to get front and rear readings.
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    Lo Tech wins the day. :D
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