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Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by marrie, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. marrie

    marrie Member

    I have a 73 Riviera Stage 1 and had the windshield broken in a storm. This riv is almost entirely original, except for the engine, which seems to be from a 71 Stage 1, so I a m looking for a new windshield that is either original or a NOS that looks exactly like it:

    Green tint, brown shade and built-in antenna.

    According to another thread here, all 71-76 GM fullsize/E-body cars use the same windshield, so I thought it would be easy to find one. However, for NOS parts, I have only found ones with blue shade.

    I have been in contact with Dave from CTC Autoranch and although he has quite some riv's there, even the best original one had bubbles and problems with the antenna connection.
    Also, I found that Brandywine Auto on HollanderStores.com has an item with stock #DW778, which happens to be the original part code, but after being stalled for a month now, I kind of got the idea that they are not interested in selling anything to me :sleep:

    I see many people parting out matching cars, but it is rare that one will or even is able to remove the windshield while keeping it in mint condition. To complicate things further I am located overseas and have to rely on the sellers online reputation. The windshield must be shipped to Virginia, though.

    From this forum I can see dvap.com could be the solution. Anyone out there who can point me in the right direction?
  2. Bad Boattail

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    Please put your name in your signature (when "marrie" isn't your first name), we are all here on a friendly first name base :TU:

    And don't forget to introduce yourself (and your Buick) in the Wet behind the ears?? section of the board :Smarty:

    For your question:
    Let me know where you are located, when it's in Europe, I can give you an address in the Netherlands where they have new windscreens like that for sale.
    299 Euro, including tax.
  3. flynbuick

    flynbuick Guest

    Are you unable to accept an aftermarket windshield?
  4. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

    Any Glass shop should be able to order one for you. Maybe takes a couple of days . It just won't be a " FACTORY N.O.S. " Just put one in my 73 a year or so ago.
  5. Junkman

    Junkman Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, most new replacement windshields today do not look correct with the blue shade across the top having a curve with the ends having a wider shade than the center unlike the originals that have the shade an equal width side to side. This really gripes me. The '64-'67 A bodies have basically a flat windshield and this curved shade looks much more pronounced.
  6. newmexguy

    newmexguy Well-Known Member

    Windshields, especially in parts of the country were there are a lot of stones on the road, and trucks without adequate flaps are usually full of stars and or cracks. (i.e. New Mexico is far worse than neighboring Arizona in that area) Inexperienced pullers usually break them when trying to remove - especially if the original butyl tape had been replaced with urethane. A urethane sealed one is very easy to break if trying to get it out. There are expensive glass industry removal saws for that. Finally they are almost impossible to find in good shape original. Would think a "granny" parts car or the holy grail - a NOS one that has never been installed is what you need to find.
  7. marrie

    marrie Member

    Thanks for all the replies - great forum!

    @Bad Boattail: Sorry about that, can see that many doesn't bother doing that, but that is just a bad excuse.
    "Martin" :)
    I am located in Europe and I know that the Dutch fancy American cars as well. Just haven't found one that looks stock yet.
    @Junkman: Exactly my point.
    @newmexguy: I know that used ones can be worn and getting it out is a hazzle. That is why I am not expecting to get good news from people parting out their car.

    To the rest of you, basically I just want to get some glass in this baby again, so at the end of my rope I will take any aftermarket windshield. That being said, I have some months to get one and as I would love to keep this car original my top priority is a new original or a good used one that meets the specs. I actually read about a guy who found a NOS windshield for his Skylark tucked away in a warehouse somewhere. That's a lucky strike.

    I am willing to go for an aftermarket windshield because it will be new, less prone to get bubbles and probably also safer in some ways. My problem here is, as Junkman points out, I haven't found any that meets the specs even just the brown shade, so I am pretty far from finding one that looks original. This riv is white with white and brown/maroonish upholstery, so putting a windshield with a blue shade in it is a real shame. My eyes would hurt every single time I looked at it.

    The very last option I have is to pull the original windshield from my 71 riv, which is ending up as a mild street machine anyway, but the chance of success is minimal. I have a friend who has a glazier business specializing in glass for vehicles and even he won't guarantee a successful interchange. By the way, Bad Boattail, he gets his glass from Finland and they just have the blue shade. I would appreciate if you could send me the link to the Dutch site or the address?

  8. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest


    The name of the company is Tyra, they are located in Bunschoten, the Netherlands.
    I bought a new windscreen for my 1973 Boattail from them in 2010, for 299 Euro (paid for by my car insurance) with the built-in aerial.

    Click here for website :Comp:
  9. telriv

    telriv Founders Club Member

    Another problem with replacement China glass is that they are thinner than the originals which when it comes time to install the moldings can be quite a hassle & also more prone to easily cracking from the normal stresses generated by an older more flexible car/frame/body.
  10. Junkman

    Junkman Well-Known Member

    These windshields fit only E body cars....Riviera, Eldorado and Toronado. Other fullsize windshields will not fit correctly.
  11. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    If originality is important, date coded windshields are available for many vehicles. Our '72 Mercury (since sold) had only 5,000 original miles when the windshield developed a crack at the top for no apparent reason. Hagerty had one shipped in from New York and my glass guy/friend installed it. Also have one for my '69 Z/28.
  12. marrie

    marrie Member

    Thanks Bad Boattail - I have sent them a request and I am expecting a reply tomorrow.

    I have heard that before Tom, but I actually had the impression that vehicles with frame were more rigid? I guess that there are pros and cons here, as the old ones are more robust whereas the new ones probably shatters less in an accident.

    @Junkman: Yeah, you are right. The title of this thread can be somewhat misleading.
    @Smokey15: I wasn't aware of that possibility. Do you know what company is selling/manufacturing it? Did the replacement look exactly like the original?
  13. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    Marrie, I'm not sure of who manufactured the windshield as Hagerty and the glass company (Glass Doctor) handled everything. And, Yes, you could not tell it from original. All the markings, tint, etc. were correct. I do remember that the glass alone was around $800 shipped.
  14. marrie

    marrie Member

    Got the reply from Tyra that makes me wonder:

    Firstly, who would match a blue shade with maroon, burgundy, green and whatever interior colors they came in? I know, it was a question of cost and that is why we only had three years of boattails for instance, but really?
    Secondly, I would like this riv to be as close to original as possible. Even though the blue shade seems to be original and also explains why it is only available in this color I still would like it to be original as in 43 years has passed. Any thoughts?

  15. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

    Martin This is not meant to be offensive but there are a lot of things on a 43 year old car that are not "ORIGINAL" . Things like Oil in the crankcase , Spark plugs, Coolant Hoses and many other items that are concidered "WEAR" item.

    That being said you say your windshield was damaged in a storm . That is something you have no control over except to get a new windshield installed. Over 43 years there are just some things you can't get N.O.S. and have to accecpt what is currently available. Even a windshield out of a car that is 43 years old will have damage that is done over the 43 years it has been bombarded by sand, tiny stones and grit thrown up from the vehicles in front of it.

    Its probably best to get a new windshield regaurdless of the color of the sun screen so you have a clear surface to see out. Besides who's to say there won't be another Storm in the next few months that will break it again.

    Good luck whichever way you go.
  16. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    I also think that you are too picky about this.
    Does your car still have the original mouldings on the sides?
    Do you still have the road wheels?

    I would love to see a few photos of this all original model year 1973 Riviera, with a 1971 engine :TU:

    Tyra gave you a very decent answer, it's up to you what to decide :beer
  17. marrie

    marrie Member

    Yeah, I hear you on this. Kind of a struggle of my heart vs. my mind, but the reasonable thing to do is to get a new one.
    Still don't like the idea of a blue shade in this car though.

    Anyone got a 10MW UV light for rent? :beers2:

    Thanks for all the replies!
  18. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    Keep us informed, Martin :TU:
  19. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    Windshields were not tinted to match the color of the automobile. They were all green with a blue tint at the top (in this time frame). Over time, the UV will fade the blue to a brown color. The UV will also fade the needles on the gauges too. Doesn't make it correct, but what can you do?

    Put the correct windshield back in the car and not worry. :)
  20. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    /\/\/\ Agree with Brad 100%. Just do it.

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