'70 Stage 1 4-sp

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  1. Brett Slater

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    What happened to the black Stage 1 you bought from Fritz?
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  2. Dano

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    Such a cool pic James! Obviously the red car has been driven (nothing wrong w/that) and the rear swapped and therefore the resto, which I'm sure knowing the quality of work you do was top notch, hasn't aged as well & therefore the reduced value as compared to the Seamist one.
  3. Stagedone

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    I don't know whatever happened to it. I shipped it to a veterinarian down in Texas in '98 and have been kicking myself ever since. The only reason I sold it is because my wife didn't appear to like it. Of course after talking to her about it years later, she didn't like how loud it was. That would've been such an easy fix. Oh well, live and learn.
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