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Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Mike Atwood, Oct 11, 2004.

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    20161011_165745.jpg My 69. Originally Fireglow Orange . 1 0f 3 built at Fremont plant.
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    When you say one of three from Fremont, does that mean '69 convertibles? 3 is a small number! Beautiful car.
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    Hi. 1 of 3 Fireglow convertibles built at Fremont.
    I believe there were 20 built in total in that color . It was only offered in spring of 69. The car is painted in Twighlight blue which was a factory color in 69. It is an interesting paint in itself. Depending on the light , it goes from a dark blue to purplish , to all most black if it is an overcast or cloudy day.
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    Do you have the numbers
    Matching block in your car. Just curious if you do if yours is stamped in the front drivers side or where they say it should be in between the plugs. Freemont was known for stamping the vin on the front especially if it was a late build for 69?
  6. 69 GS 400

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    Matching numbers on the front. If I remember right it was built May 5 / 69
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    Mine was July same location.
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