350 Junk Yard Roller Cam and Single Plane....Calling Burton Machine.

Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by Lightningbird, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Lightningbird

    Lightningbird Well-Known Member

    After revisiting and looking at a few things, I was wondering what everyone's take on a single plane intake similar to this were?


    It retains the ability to have a Q-Jet, 4150 flange and EFI Bungs for the more adventurous people of the bunch. The intake only claims 2000-6000 RPM range of operation, but is more likely very street friendly as well as supplying the upper RPM HP single planes are known for.

    LMK what you are thinking.........

    Oh...OMT, the water crossover and heating tubes could be reused from a STOCK intake manifold, even if it's cast iron. Just cut it off and bolt it on. I will have to look, but that is what I was thinking.

    A SBC intake adapter would entail cutting off the dizzy part of the intake(you just want the runners, and screw the rest)....it would need to be an air gap type of manifold to begin with to save time. If not....someone with a hell of alot more patience than me could cut it off, but why? Just start with a better intake.
  2. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut

    Very cool! On a related not I am going to call Sonny seal and try to get some pics of his tunnel ram sbc intake on his 350...

    I do like the mopar intake idea the best though for a conversion and it looks like Finishline Motorsports is looking into this as well.
  3. roverman

    roverman Well-Known Member

    Regarding sbb. prototype intake manifold. The, very good ,Huffaker manifold, was first made and dynoed in fiberglass. Hitemp clear resin,rinseable foam or plaster for the cores(runners/plenum).Relatively easy to get correct contours. Was dyno tested with Flourescent dye in gas and monitored with a stobe light. Very revealing.roverman.
  4. Lightningbird

    Lightningbird Well-Known Member

    After thinking about this a few more hours....It may be easier to actually break these two things apart and have an intake adapter and a separate roller lifter spider adapter. Than after two usable pieces, combine them later down the road.

    I was looking at an 1/8" steel retainer bolted to each head for the roller lifter retainers. That way any intake manifold could be used after machining 1/8" off of each side to fit an adapter so everything would fit. BTW 3.1 roller lifters are $70 new on ebay. Comp roller lifters are way pricer, so unless this adapter would cost $300 this route would be cheaper either way.

    I need someone to make a pattern from cardboard with fingers all the way to the lifter bores where the dogbones would be held. I do not have a 350 Buick here in Australia to develop a pattern.

    I just had to make a jig to a 350 Buick manifold for R&D of a Mopar Small Block manifold adapter.
  5. BuickRacer69

    BuickRacer69 1320, Mark of the Beast

    It is going to take some work to get a 340 intake to bolt on. I am in the middle of a 340 single plane buick 350 project and it does not fit as well as you would hope. The ports do not line up to great. Good luck though

  6. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut

    Lots of work either way, here are pics of a 340 type intake rebuilt for a Buick 350

  7. BuickRacer69

    BuickRacer69 1320, Mark of the Beast

    I just do not think you can use plates to make it all bolt up. The ports are not close enough. There would be some crazy angles going on which would hurt perfromance.

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