2005 BPG!!! Parking lot activities need to be addressed!

Discussion in 'Buick Performance Group' started by derek244, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. 8587GN

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    Derek,yuor right about the Mopar Nats. The after show antics in the hotel parking lots,and on Brice Rd is crazy.And the city knows how much cash that show brings in. I dont think any Buick event will come close to the madhouse that is Brice Rd,thats why I`ll be taking my soon to be GSX clone to the Mopar Nats to run in the FAST class.I`ll be at Salem Thur eve though [same weekend] Like Derek said the madhouse in Columbus is something you just have to see to beleive. There were smoke clouds coming from just about every hotel parking lot,not small clouds,BIG clouds
  2. derek244

    derek244 Back again.

    Keith, no doubt! Even if you hate Mopars, ya gotta come see these guys. The burn marks are etched into pavement everywhere around here for months after they leave. You need a respirator to watch these maniacs!!!

    :3gears: :beer :3gears:
  3. Dana/Beth Andrews

    Dana/Beth Andrews Huc accedit zambonis!

  4. derek244

    derek244 Back again.

    Alright, who's in? I figure making some plans early will help us. I REALLY think we should pick one hotel lot that is cruise-in friendly. Heck, I'll even go up to Salem and scout it out, and talk to the people first hand if needed. I am very serious about this!!! :Brow:
  5. JR Wills

    JR Wills Well-Known Member

    You Need to get your AREAS straight!
    1) Motels were in Boardman, which is STILL DRY in some areas.
    2) Salem is Different County, Different Town/Berg, etc.
    3) Lack of Publicity cut down some of the Local activity as well as weather.
    The Southern Park Mall had a "Tool Show" which took over the normal Cruise Night on Saturday. (A GOOD night has 500-700 Cars) So we missed that.
    Friday night was at the Track, Missed A&W, which pulls over 200 cars. Scheduling problem(?).
    Of the Local areas, Canfield IS usually the tightest on nailing people for things. (That is where the Pekin's is Roberta spoke of, they used to be open 24 hours)
    Boardman is USED to Large groups of Car People due to the Hot Rod Super Nationals, and similar events. During that Event, RT 224 is blocked from I-11 to SR-7 from making a left hand turn,(both directions) & people are STACKED to watch the cars from I-11 to I-680. That Event, brings in $11+ MILLION to the area, and the Buicks are NO WHERE NEAR THAT, so don't throw the $ issue out.
    Because it was a 1st year Event, there were a LOT of Growing Pains, and Learning areas.
    These WILL improve as time allows, and improvements are made.
    A) Better Publicity to Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Vendors, Local Businesses.
    B) Scheduling/Planning (Talks should have already started with "Locals" if they haven't).
    This Event CAN improve & get larger, and WILL, BUT, It takes A LOT of WORK and IF POSSIBLE, Use the Constructive Criticism of others who have set up Events, and Avoid the Mistakes THEY made, to save time & build a stronger
    No One can control the weather, and that worked against SOME of the Event,
    and the surrounding activities.
    As for "Extra & Late Night Activities", Yes, we are there for FUN :TU: BUT,
    We are ALSO "Guests" of that Area, & should show the Respect requested, and deserved. :Smarty:
  6. mygs462

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    I agree JR someone from the club should get together with the area chamber of commerce and say hey we bring a good bit of cash to your towns see if you can lighten up on some of these issues, money talks thats for sure.
  7. derek244

    derek244 Back again.

    Thanks JR, I agree with some of the stuff you are saying. The whole reason this thread went up 9 months early IS to address these concerns. You seem to know alot about the area, that's for sure! Help us out man.

    Let me get a few things straight here though, OK?

    1. Last year I could find no real organized gathering of Buicks on Fri. or Sat. night. I am NOT talking about the track. Again, I didn't go at night.

    2. Who cares about the police? Don't do anything ILLEGAL.

    3. I am new again to the Buick scene. I want to meet and talk to people face to face. There are other people on here that want to also. Parking lots and cruise-ins are good for this. Things can get busy at a car show.

    4. Last year the cars and people were scattered all over the place when night fell.

    5. It's really simple actually. Hotel permission+Buicks+people= Nice cruise-in

    As far as money goes, do you think the hotels would like to loose ANY? I think they are in business to make money, and as much of it as they can. We might have brought only $50-60,000 bucks to the area, but that's money they did not have before.
  8. JR Wills

    JR Wills Well-Known Member

    Any Event of this "Magnatude" takes A LOT of hard work & preperation, and investment of time by the people setting it up. It actually gets to be an additional JOB, and must be "Hands On" throughout the process.
    Logistics, and other problems I THINK, were some of the problems that CAN be worked out to improve the event, and basically it is a "Growing Process".
    I was NOT involved in the process, so I WON'T Criticize, but only offer suggestions.
    Things that should be getting set up now are:
    1) Contact with Local People, IE: Law Enforcement, & Local Governments.
    2) Sponsors, Vendors ETC.
    3) Local Dealership (Doug Sweeney @ Buick Youngstown)
    4) A&W For Cruise
    5) Hotels/Motels
    By doing this NOW, it will START to get things going, & I am SURE SOME of this has been done, if it wasn't at the end of the Event.
    Use the experience of OTHERS, & Local people to assist. Use experience of/from other events & people who put them on & learn from their "Trials & tribulations".
    IF you had a problem, let someone know, and OFFER the suggestion & idea to correct it. Just saying "I didn't/don't like this or that" isn't going to correct the problem, & don't expect the Event Fairy to wave a wand to correct the problems.
    As for # of Vehicles, Southern Park Mall will pull LARGER #s on a good Saturday night Cruise (500+) than what was at the Event, and that is just Local Cars.
    As for $, A RUFF calculation, using 400 entrants @ $500 each, ends up being $200,000. The Hot Rod Super Nationals pumped $11 MILLION into the local Economy, & there were gripes about the Super Nats. From some of the Locals. Figures are JUST based on $ for Food,Lodging & the like, Not $ spent on the entry etc.
    Unfortunately, I live 1300 miles away, although I grew up in the area, & try to make it back yearly for personal reasons, & that is how I know what I do.
  9. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    Well we had the A&W cruise on Thursday night, but we had to scram at 10pm due to the owner getting nervous about cops swarming. That was a great place for a social gathering. Most of the time otherwise, we are at the track past 10pm every night!
  10. Stage1 Jeff

    Stage1 Jeff Guest

    A&W!!! we used to have on here in my town,abilene,ks.my mother worked there for 31 years before it changed hands.now works at our local russell stover candies factory.
    has a huge parking lot,could hold lotsa buicks
  11. 70 Skylark Conv

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    I haven't been paying attention lately. When and where is the '05 BPG Nats being held?
  12. Dana/Beth Andrews

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    August 11-14 Salem OH, same place as last year.

    Dee, you may want to consider attending........... lots of single guys :laugh:

    Beth :grin:
  13. 70 Skylark Conv

    70 Skylark Conv Well-Known Member

    You read my mind! This would be a great birthday present to ME! I've got plenty of time to save up and get the car ready. I think I would need some A/C that time of year though.
  14. Dana/Beth Andrews

    Dana/Beth Andrews Huc accedit zambonis!

    Yes, this would be a great B-day gift for yourself.
    I think the host hotel is the Red Roof Inn again (lots of single guys staying there) you can make your reservation on line

    Who needs AC when you have a conv.

    Beth :grin:
  15. 70 Skylark Conv

    70 Skylark Conv Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info!!!

    Both of my converts have top line issues. Mainly, leaking all over. Those are one of the things I put off fixing 'cause I thought I had them fixed. My little dog prefers A/C over getting windblown!
  16. Dana/Beth Andrews

    Dana/Beth Andrews Huc accedit zambonis!

    You have until August. Better get-a-fixin'.

    Beth :grin:
  17. 70 Skylark Conv

    70 Skylark Conv Well-Known Member

    I sure want to meet all the "northerners"! I think it would be a blast! Thanks again!
  18. Carl Rychlik

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    The A&W was a great place for us to hang out and park our cars. Plus,the food was great too!

    It was certainly a great event and also was a good way to meet people from all over. I look forward to seeing you all once again.
  19. David G

    David G de-modded....

    Didn't need A/C for the trip in Aug 04... most of my drive time, about 2200 miles, was 60's to 70's, and the 4+ days at Salem were pretty much in the 70's. I'm sure that was a good bit below average though, for OH in August. :puzzled:
  20. stagetwo65

    stagetwo65 Wheelie King

    Yeah, probably 20 degrees below average! :Dou: We really dodged a bullet on that one. Here's hoping it continues this year. :beer

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