1965 Olds F85 “Snowflake”

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    Here is my build replacing my Riviera. I can never sit with idle hands, so when this badass project fell into my lap, I couldn’t resist.

    This car went 10s on motor and high 9s on nitrous in the late 90s/early 2000s, and my goal is to get it back to the strip to run 10s. For now though, it needs a lot of love. Here’s the progress in the first month of ownership though:
    72175FA5-6A83-4EEB-A56E-7111CB387880.png A95A0AC7-44EB-470A-B594-B7F383C65A40.png 04F2CC6B-0380-4496-BD2F-C8DF72D53F00.png 8000316E-83B2-4906-8350-297B2E9A3758.png 12584E1F-FC41-4040-9C60-A83F887F8AE5.png D0D505E4-E4DF-4C33-8802-1B87563C49B3.png 47BC118E-49B2-46DF-BF30-EBD50E254F12.jpeg C74C2861-3F71-4D53-A663-A072A0A748FB.jpeg 65446843-D127-46AC-B834-30F19979DE1B.jpeg 46FB6947-3B7B-4944-BDB4-29A5600F57AE.jpeg
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  3. johnriv67

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  4. johnriv67

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    And here we are as of 12/16/2020: A2874997-8162-4176-987D-992D7ADAD4E6.jpeg 8AE26B2C-55E9-4C2D-BD9C-31921D51C960.jpeg AA80549D-CD06-4F37-8622-653705EBAAAA.jpeg
  5. mrolds69

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    Congrats on the new ride, John. Nifty Christmas present, it is.
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  6. Quick Buick

    Quick Buick Arlington Wa

    Looks Good....
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  7. Golden Oldie 65

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    Cool!!! I love the body style of the `65 Olds Cutlass/F85/442.
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  8. Andrew Sury

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    Very cool. And a post car. Been dabbling in my 65 post for over 15 years.
    314954_2276265040150_1381226200_n (1).jpg
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  12. johnriv67

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    Here’s the main list I forgot to post:


    Turn signals

    Weigh the car

    TOTAL: $0

    Need to do:

    • ✅The entire front end: torque specs
    • ✅Grease every grease fitting on the car
    • ✅Swap rotors/lug studs (I think I have to)
    • ✅Speed master Front brake kit
    • ✅Increase rev limiter to 7k for nitrous
    • ✅Screw in valve stems to all tires
    • Weld door bar
    • Weld exhaust
    • Duplicate the keys
    • ✅Rear brake hose install
    • ✅Rear brake line install
    • ✅Install nitrous plugs
    • ✅Dynamat roof
    • ✅Clean/rechrome mirror holder
    • ✅Seat brackets - 2” forward/3” up
    • ✅Check all engine related bolts
    • ✅Pump up all tires
    • ✅Reseal front tires and one rear
    • Install exhaust AFR BUNG
    • ✅Install gauge pod
    • AFR gauge wiring
    • ✅Order seat belts
    • ✅Air lift kit for rear
    • ✅Wheel stud kit
    • ✅Carpet installation
    • ✅Check all fluids
    • ✅Tighten bolts on wheels
    • ✅Torque all wheels
    • ✅Install side mirror
    • ✅Install inspection cover and torque
    • ✅Mount fire extinguisher
    • ✅New spark plug wires and zip ties
    • ✅Make sure the brakes actually work
    • Readjust the exhaust
    • ✅Grade 8 bolts for seats
    • ✅Wire and redo the neutral safety switch
    • ✅POR the bottom of the trunk pan
    • ✅Install the powerblast plate
    • ✅Interior carpet sealer/adhesive
    • ✅Install the wire loom protector
    • ✅Wire loom protector in the trunk
    • ✅Install harnesses
    • ✅Install seats
    • ✅Tighten seat bolts
    Need for the street/strip:

    • ✅Gauge pod holder - $7
    • ✅Small air filter - $30
    • Wiper rubbers -$15
    • ✅Inspection cover bolts -$15
    • ✅Fire extinguisher -$25
    • ✅SFI seatbelts - $300
    • Weld the door bar/exhaust leaks -$100
    • ✅New brake pads/rotors? - $200
    TOTAL: $480

    Need for nitrous at the strip:

    • ✅Plug wires -$50
    • ✅Nitrous plugs -$20
    • ✅Figure out what plugs I currently have
    • SFI Suit -$150
    • Nitrous refill -$50
    • Retard timing on nitrous
    • ✅Neutral safety switch
    • ✅Nitrous pressure gauge
    • Nitrous bottle heater $200
    TOTAL: $270

    Finishing List in order:

    ✅Get studs in

    • ✅Mount spindles
    • ✅Mount discs and pack wheel bearings
    • ✅Calipers and hoses
    • ✅Install pads
    • ✅Check everything and lube everything
    • ✅Install tires on rims
    • ✅Install front tires
    • ✅Put front on ground
    • ✅Raise rear on frame
    • ✅Slip out old lift bags
    • ✅Install new lift bags
    • ✅POR bottom of trunk pan
    • ✅Install front to rear brake line
    • ✅Install rear hose
    • ✅Put car on axle
    • ✅Bleed brakes
    • ✅Fix literally everything else in preparation for first test drive
    • ✅First test drive
    • ✅Sh*t my pants
    • ✅Evaluate
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    trodwen Well-Known Member

    Nice project. The seats look comfy.
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  14. CJay

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    John, whats your snapchat name? Mine is jay_buicks
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  15. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    I'm adding you..
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  17. johnriv67

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  18. D STAGE 2 455

    D STAGE 2 455 Well-Known Member

    I remember that car from Lebanon valley, I always thought it had an Oldsmobile engine.
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  19. johnriv67

    johnriv67 Well-Known Member

    That's amazing, could you please tell us (me) more?
  20. D STAGE 2 455

    D STAGE 2 455 Well-Known Member

    I don't have much, I just remember it when it was green, owner bracket raced it, I believe it ran low 11's. I like the fact that someone put the headlights back in.

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