16th annual buick open in Puyallup

Discussion in 'Other Buick Events' started by red67wildcat, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. red67wildcat

    red67wildcat Well-Known Member

    a few pics of some members cars , I think I got pics of every car there so if I dont have yours on here it proba;;y cause we didnt meet and I dont know who you are so send me a pm and I will post yours if I can figure out what car is what

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  2. Sergeant Major

    Sergeant Major Biggest Nut in the Can

    The Pics look great. Had a great time there, and got to meet quite a few people off of the V8 Board that I hadn't met before. Great weather too.
  3. red67wildcat

    red67wildcat Well-Known Member

    hope you got some sleep, you looked beat at the end of the day
  4. Sergeant Major

    Sergeant Major Biggest Nut in the Can

    Got home and crashed hard. Didn't get up until around 9 this morning. But it was worth it. What a show! Going to the one in Vancouver?
  5. red67wildcat

    red67wildcat Well-Known Member

    Iam gonna try with the GS not 100% sure wildcat has a couple issues that may keep it from a road trip

    LOW MOTION Member

    looked liked a good show.....wished i couldve go but had other thangs goin on..someone post more pics
  7. 1967GS340

    1967GS340 Well-Known Member

    I started another thread with a photobucket link to my pictures from the show. I kinda hoped that some more pic's would be posted. Was a great time for sure. I am going to be at the Vancouver show unless I have even more problems than this weekend! Should have her purring like a mean kitten again long before that though!
  8. rflegel

    rflegel Project PackRat

    I visited the event and was impressed by the many treasures you all toil and tinker with! I wanted to meet everyone that has responded so kindly to posts I have made recently, but I failed some.

    I will not mention all of the names as I do not remember them all the first time around anymore but, I did meet a few of you and had some fine conversations. I tried calling a cell phone number one of you was kind enough to leave with me, but you were more than likely having too much fun to answer.

    Sergeant Major, I saw you and your fine ride, but you were resting your eyes under your cap and behind the wheel and I couldn't bear to disturb you. Maybe next time.

    Well, it was a great event with great people and fine Buick branded rides, but you all know this. I hope to be bringing my '61 Electra into the picture next year and am looking forward to hearing of other events for this year!

    All the best to you all!
  9. cjp69

    cjp69 Gold Level Contributor


    Do you have a 4 door white Electra and you were there with your wife?

    If so, I enjoyed chatting with you, I have a white 61 Electra coupe and also had the silver Stage 1 convertible at the show.
  10. 65specialconver

    65specialconver kennedy-bell MIA

    That was the best show out of the three times i've gone.The lot was allmost full,if the threat of rain hadnt been present,i bet it would have overflowed into the street!My son & i had a great time,he had been to a mopar show & a VW show,and commented how well organized ours was in comparison.Great job by the Puget Sound BCA chapter:TU: Had fun meeting some new faces,Duke,Jeff,Sarge,Harvey,David from the board & the others i only see at the meet,Chris-E-Poo,Jim,Gary,Greg,Roy,Jim,Randy:AKA Vandall(btw,you won an award Randy,but you left due to no top or wipers)...and the list goes on.Sorry i had to leave in the middle of the awards,which started late due to the number of cars i'm assuming,but i had a dinner to attend at 6.30 in Bellevue with my cousins.That was a great time as well,BBQ Copper River salmon...yum:laugh: The Skylark made the 700+ mi round trip with flying colors,no problems whatsoever:laugh:
  11. rflegel

    rflegel Project PackRat


    I was footin' it with my Wife, one of my daughters and one of the grand-daughters.

    My '61 Electra is still in the shop covered in dust just like it was when I first purchased it. It has been parked there for better than a decade. I hope to have it revived, cleaned up and ready to share at next year's show.

    I'm wearing rose colored glasses and hoping for the best since the '61 has not been run while resting in the "shop". My optimism runs high as the Electra was a one owner and was most likely well cared for.

    Mine is a two tone green model, Dublin or Kerry with a white top and i am expecting it to clean up and polish out well.

    Well, I'll meet you at some other event sometime. Have a great week!
  12. Sergeant Major

    Sergeant Major Biggest Nut in the Can

    Yeah Rick I was a bit tired and this 'ol guy just needed a bit of a nap... :laugh:
  13. VandaLL

    VandaLL The Buick Life

    Did someone say pictures? :Brow:

    While it wasn't the biggest or sunniest Open I've attended, that was so much fun! Like Jamie said it was great seeing everyone again, and hopefully I will see y'all at Vancouver, too. Once a year isn't enough Buicks!! I love this venue, too, with the celebration going on there are tons of people to check out these great cars and there are food booths and plenty to do. Usually I'm spectating and only spend a few hours there but this time it was most of the day but it felt way shorter than normal. I just didn't have enough time to meet and talk to everyone I wanted to (the threatening weather certainly didn't help).

    Thanks for the kudos on the Skylark and I can't believe it won an award! That's so cool, my dad will be very proud.. luckily the drive home was rain-free. What a great day :grin:

    Here is the link to my photos (there are a few):


    ** I think it's best to click on the photo on the page so it opens the biggest size that will fit on your monitor, then just use the right & left arrows on your keyboard to scroll through them - it may hiccup once in a while but be patient it will load up

    and someone had asked for past photos in this thread so I will post all my links for previous years I've attended as well :kodak:

    some samples:







    Asleep at the wheel! (sorry, Bruce, I had to include this gem :) )
  14. Centurion

    Centurion Well-Known Member

    Thank you for posting the photos! Roy, thanks for sharing your great shots as well.

    Rick, I'm so sorry that I missed your call, and failed to check my voice mail until Sunday. I had the cell phone with me during the entire time, but I find that I don't always hear it ringing when there's so much going on.

    I had a wonderful time that continued well into the evening at the XXX in Issaquah. Thank you to all who brought their great Buicks to the show.

    I think I said to a few folks during the day, "How could anyone walk through this show and fail to be impressed by the extraordinarily beautiful cars that Buick built through the decades?"

    Every year, we have the opportunity to see a few cars that we've never seen before, and this year was no exception.
  15. 1967GS340

    1967GS340 Well-Known Member


    I was going to ask about the drive home. Glad it stayed dry for you. Wish I would have had more time to talk to you after looking at your car. Nice looking ride. Did you do the work? How long have you been working on it?
  16. 64LeSabre455

    64LeSabre455 Well-Known Member

    Great show, and Good Times.

    Gary, SGM, nice Seein you guys and Talkin Buicks!

    64Electra, centurion, nice to meet you guys.

    to everyone else, " Yes it was my car that showed up with no back Window!" I showed up late because the family was in town. Sure would have been nice to meet some more of you guys. David I parked next to you but didn't get a chance to say Hi. I would say I will see you guys next year, but I will be out of the country!
  17. oldrocka

    oldrocka John

    Great pics, thanks. :kodak: :TU:

    Looks like a great show, I would love to get there one day.

  18. 1967GS340

    1967GS340 Well-Known Member

    I saw when you pulled up and looked over your car. It should be very nice when you are done. I wanted to talk to you about the car, but you had a small crowd of folks around you when you got there and by the time that I got back to my car to take my sleepy little girl home they were handing out awards and no one was around your car.

    Go to the Portland groups show in Vancouver this August. I am planning on being there, and I hope that many more from the board will be there too.
  19. VandaLL

    VandaLL The Buick Life

    No problem on the pics, it's my pleasure! David the drive was pretty cold but it was actually pretty nice up north. a good surprise.

    The '70 is actually my first car, and my dad and I have been working on it for so long we need to start referencing it in decades. Really it's overkill but we re-did absolutely everything on the car (except the various items that still need replacing or repair) and my dad did most of the work. We did all the work we could (short of machine work, re-plating, and a future top installation :) ).

    I was hoping to get my '72 ready for the show but decided that wouldn't happen so we focused everything on the convertible. I'm really glad we did!
  20. 1967GS340

    1967GS340 Well-Known Member

    Well it was a beautiful car. I was admiring it long before I knew who's it was!
    I need a bigger shop so that I can do a project that takes that long.

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