16th annual buick open in Puyallup

Discussion in 'Other Buick Events' started by red67wildcat, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. cjp69

    cjp69 Gold Level Contributor

    I will be there rain or shine with a car, just have to decide on whether it is a hardtop or convertible.
  2. red67wildcat

    red67wildcat Well-Known Member

    Bring both I will ,you just gotta have faith
  3. idabuick

    idabuick Member

    Just doing some reading and found this thread. I wish I had found it earlier I would have tried to make it to the show. I go to the car shows here in Boise Idaho but I have only seen one 1955 Buick. I cant wait to get started on mine so I can take it to the shows. Maybe I can get up there next year.
    Thanks to those who posted pics of the show I was going to ask if any body would post pics then I saw some. I would love to see more if anybody has some. I am realy wanting to see pics of 1955 buicks.
    Thanks :TU:
  4. Centurion

    Centurion Well-Known Member

    Todd, I wish you could attend this year.

    Probably no chance that you could make it down to Colorado Springs for the upcoming Buick Nationals there? July 1 - 4.

    Several of us will make the return trip through Boise on July7.

    I grew up in Baker City, OR, and often visited Boise as a kid. I always figured that Boise was a great town for vintage Buicks, since Anderson Buick seemed like a thriving dealership at the time. Had friends and family who bought Buicks at Honstead in Nampa and Bunny Buick in Caldwell.

    Hope to see you at a future Buick Open.
  5. Ol' Yeller

    Ol' Yeller Guest

    I'm coming despite the Fates taking a nasty swing at us lately. I spent most of today getting my 4 door '65 Skylark running and mostly back together. It won "Most Ambitious Project" 2 years ago. This year I am hoping for "Most Improved" and "Most Ambitious Project" again. It still needs a lot of help.

    I was also hoping to bring my '90 Reatta but my wife is busy tomorrow so I have no way to transport 2 cars to the show. I am getting up early tomorrow so I can wash my 4 door prior to the show. I was so concerned with mechanical issues (and getting the wipers working) that I didn't have time to clean it up today. This is a great show for Buick lovers even if you don't bring a car.

    David, I'd like to meet you if you come. Ask for me at the registration booth. They should know where I am. I will be kinda in your neighborhood on Sunday and Monday as we are taking our RV to Grayland State Park.

    Greg Powers
  6. idabuick

    idabuick Member

    Centurion, No I wont be able to make it. I have my truck entered in the Northwest Motor Fest July 3,4,5. This year they are featuring pickup trucks.
    You will have to take lots of pics so I can see what I missed.:laugh: :laugh: Anything else coming up near here? I havent been in the Buick scene very long so I dont know what or where things are happening.
  7. Iroczlover

    Iroczlover New Buick owner

    sorry guys, with me not able to walk that well, plus My husbands dr just came up with a last min MRI appointment for him that way we can figure out whats wrong with him, guess its next year for us.
  8. Iroczlover

    Iroczlover New Buick owner

    you ca do what we do & be one of the few Buicks that end up in Reno for Hot august nights lol.
  9. cjp69

    cjp69 Gold Level Contributor

    You gotta have more than faith, you gotta have two drivers, and that is something you have and I don't!
  10. cjp69

    cjp69 Gold Level Contributor

    Just heading out, looks pretty good outside, we didn't appear to get any rain overnight.

    See you all there!
  11. idabuick

    idabuick Member

    Iroczlover, That is my biggest goal with this car. I have never been to Hot August Nights and I really want to go.
  12. Iroczlover

    Iroczlover New Buick owner

    go down get your car on the waiting list & if you get on, then head down with out the car (or get one that is ready) & enjoy your self.
  13. 1967GS340

    1967GS340 Well-Known Member

    Just got home from the Puyallup show.
    It was a good turn out with about 150 cars. I had a great time and even though I'm not even going to try and name everyone, it was fun to put a face to quite a few of the people on here. Everyone was great. Some were very brave with the weather. One wildcat under construction didn't have a back window in, but someone who knows who they are had their nice red convertible there. I noticed that it looked good with the top down, then I noticed there was no top on the frame! No wipers either!
    Lots of nice cars and nicer people. My daughter had a blast too.

    Maybe next time my wife wont be busy and come along. It's easier to keep track of a conversation when you aren't trying to keep track of a four year old.

    It would be fun for everyone going to shows in Western Washington to post what shows they will be at. I go to lots of shows, so it would be fun to hook up with other board members from time to time.
  14. 64LeSabre455

    64LeSabre455 Well-Known Member

    HA, Who brings their car out there without a back window!!:Do No:

    I showed up late due to my family being in town, Had a great time, and it was nice to meet a couple of you guys. :TU:

    Hopefully next time I am there, My car will be finished!!
  15. garys64wildcat

    garys64wildcat garys64wildcat

    I thought it was a great show, I was glad to have also met several board members. I felt bad for Sarge having worked all night and coming with no sleep:cool: . Dave glad to run in to you and Jamie got the farthest distance award. but already left. Neil you must love project cars Thanks for the lens.:TU:let me know if I can ever help you. It started to rain just as I crossed the Narrows Bridge. I guess the Buick God shined down on us yesterday, I dont think the Ponchos will be as lucky. Alex great 64 225 you got there and to all others The cars were great. I hate to see all Chevy and Fords.
    And I even got my wife to go and she hates car shows she gets bored talking cars. Hope to make Vancouver 8/15-16

  16. Ol' Yeller

    Ol' Yeller Guest

    It was a great show. To answer the question of who brings a car without a back window to a car show?, it wasn't me. I brought my "In Transisition" 65 Skylark 4 door. Every car at our show doesn't need to be perfect. This year I left both of my "Nice" Buicks at home and brought my project to the show. Partly to show how much I had done to it since picking it up 2 years ago, Frame replacement, body panel replacement, new interior. I also don't attend the show expecting or even desiring to win something. I just want to show everyone what the Buick love affair is all about for me. I was delighted and surprised to win "Most Improved". While I can and do appreciate completley restored cars or nice originals, I love hearing about cars with stories like mine. The best part of our show is meeting and talking Buicks with all the folks who were there. I had a great time! I particularly enjoyed hearing a woman who was admiring Jeff "photobugs" '65 Skylark convertible say, "I just love these Impalas".

    David, I saw you drive in but I never got over there to introduce myself. Sorry.

  17. dukec

    dukec Platinum Level Contributor

    Great show.

    It was good to see everyone again and put some more faces with names. Roy, Chris, Jamie, Eric - everyone.

    Jamie - Thanks for the starter. I will be sure to have everything ready for you to install it when you come to Vancouver for our show in August!! Just kidding.

    Remember that the Portland BCA chapter All Buick Show is moving from Brooks, OR to The Pearson Air Museum in Vancouver, WA. This is about 50 miles closer to all you folks up north. We did it just for you! August 16th - let me know if you need registration forms.

    Just had an idea - is there any interest in a V8 Buick only parking area? Since I am the show chairman - I might be able to arrange that. I would need to know who is coming and how many spots to set aside.
  18. GS-XNR

    GS-XNR Well-Known Member

    Great seeing all of my "old" Buick friends again. But another year for me without a Buick to bring. Next year...I promise!!!!

    Duke, I'm going to do my best to get to Oregon in August. Thanks for bringing the wheels. Jamie, thanks for bringing the starter. I'm amazed at how light it is.
  19. garys64wildcat

    garys64wildcat garys64wildcat

    Dang we sure got the right day this year:laugh: The sky here just opened up with thunder/lightning and lots of rain. I feel bad for the guys in the Pontiac show there today. Yeh!! Reminds me of 2 years ago when we had the same thing
  20. 1967GS340

    1967GS340 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the form last night! I also saw the BOP show listed at Rooster rock. Is that out 84?

    As for the V8Buick guys parking area, it could be a fun idea.

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