• Have but don't need

    340 motor runs fine
    Turbo 350 tranny
    Heater and AC parts D69A5CF6-B2AA-4980-B2B3-0E932C5FB002.jpeg 20EBB5AE-8362-4CBA-AFF1-AA4BD12F685F.jpeg D69A5CF6-B2AA-4980-B2B3-0E932C5FB002.jpeg 20EBB5AE-8362-4CBA-AFF1-AA4BD12F685F.jpeg

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  1. Steve 67 Buick Skylark
    I have a original 340 motor 3 speed turbo 350 tranny radiator and ton of original Buick parts I don't really need I am open to selling cheap.

    Doing a LS Swap into my girl half way done, the wife is on me to get rid of some stuff. Dealing

    Parts list I have:

    Extra front bumper
    340 motor
    Turbo 350 3 speed tranny
    Heater and AC parts
    1. 67SkylarkGS400
      Hi. I know this is an old post but it's worth a try. Do you happen to have any trunk torque rods for a 67 Skylark?
      67SkylarkGS400, Jun 16, 2021