• Had it since 7/25/2020 yet to get it started.

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  1. ArnoldsMind
    Sold for $3,000
  2. TriShieldFever
    Great car! Do you know if it’s an engine code MW or MZ?
    1. ArnoldsMind
      It's an MZ Code. I'd be scared to work on it myself if it was an MW car.
      ArnoldsMind, Aug 27, 2020
  3. Michael_G
    Love the the look of that front-end. What's the plan? Does it have the original power plant?
    1. ArnoldsMind
      Yes it has the original Trans and Engine. I plan to restore it (and get it over 400 HP), and gift it to my father. He always admired the Rivieras
      ArnoldsMind, Aug 24, 2020
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    2. Michael_G
      That's very cool! My '70 GS 455 was a 'Forever Bday' gift from our son after he grew up watching me work on my '71 Skylark while I also talked about my dream convertible.
      Michael_G, Aug 25, 2020
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    3. ArnoldsMind
      Thats awesome
      ArnoldsMind, Aug 26, 2020