What mid 60's engine air cleaner said "Wildcat GS"

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    Jim (THEGSX),
    I have not found any as of yet, if I didn't actually see them on my GS many years ago, I wouldn't beleive they exist. Again, if you do come across some that are available, please let me know.
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    Jim(The GSX), don't leave me hangin', if you did find some Terry Buick plate frames, and do not want to part with them, could you at least post a pic?

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    Hey Sorry ..I dont have any...you were lucky enough to at least see one...

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    I have a copy of a "Buick Delaer" SERVICE INFORMATION bulletin dated March 1966. Filed under group 60-9, dealer letter 66-106A.

    It shows all of the codes for engines built in 64-65-66.

    Here's the 66 codes that are listed for nailheads

    MR - 400 cu. in V-8 4 bbl, 10.25 to 1 comp.
    MS - 400 cu. in V-8 4 bbl. 11.0 to 1
    MU - 400 cu. in V-8 4 bbl. 10.25 to 1
    MT - 401 cu. in V-8 4 bbl. 10.25 to 1
    MY - 401 cu. in V-8 4 bbl. 8.75 to 1 (export)
    MW - 425 cu. in V-8 4 bbl. 10.25 to 1
    MZ - 425 cu. in V-8 2x4 bbl. 10.25 to 1

    There was some discussion on the Yahoo Nailhead group a couple of months ago that suggested that one of the "400's" - A body 401's - had the Qjet carb from the Riviera, and was rated at 356 hp ( or some other odd number close to this)

    Something else to put in your pipe and smoke.


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