What mid 60's engine air cleaner said "Wildcat GS"

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by musclecared, Jun 13, 2003.

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    Dennis Manner was the engineer for Buick engines when these cars were produced, he might be able to help with your historical research. He's still around, as a technical advisor to the Riviera Owners Association on the 63-66 nailheads. Probably helps out in the BCA too, and has authored some tech articles in the GSCA GS-Xtra.

    Dennis Manner
    11503 S. Linden Rd.
    Linden, MI 48451
    (SASE for reply)

    At least that's how its listed in the ROA Riview newsletter.
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    Thanks a lot John....I really appreciate the info....I'll send a copy of the Build Sheet to him along with what I've been able to piece together...I'll keep you posted as to any info he is able to provide. Best regards, Ed
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    Here is some of the info I saved on the GSCA posting on the 'special' '66 GS.....

    >>There is no substitute for CI.

    66 GS Flint Flier......1966 GS special edition.

    This car was in fact a sleeper, one of 14 that Buick 'enhanced' to beat the competition. They sent these cars to one 'Ollie Olson' to massage and that is what he did. First they designed the motor on a yellow tag. The crank was done by Crank Shaft Corp, rods were stock rods that were 'boxed' for strength and the pistons were MT with the pin changed to accomodate the change in stroke. These cars were raced in the stock classes as '401 CI' motors(A Stock). We think the best times are in the middle 11s. Hopefully we will be getting more documentation from the original owners wife. John is still working on additional documentation and once we get that the whole restoration saga will be posted in the Resto section. Posted the motor info here just to start the ball rolling. Enjoy. <<

    Car was originally sold in Florida in April 1966. I believe it was built in Flint. I don't want to post too much info on this car without the owners permission....Above info was already posted online, so it should be okay....Ed, I'll send you a PM when I can find the original posters address.....
    Cheryl, we apparently think alike....and I've always wanted a 66 Convertible, are you married? 8)

    Here's another pic, before resto....what a car!

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    Found a link...

    There are a few pics of the car on the Buicks.net site....here's the link:


    There's also a link there to the posters e-mail. I believe he is a friend of the owner...

    Ed, do you have the protecto-plate in the warranty book that came with the car?....lots of usefull info there...
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    Sorry Walt, happily married for 13 years. I am still not even sure he will be allowed to drive the 66!

    Cheryl :)
  6. The Florida car being mentioned belongs to John Lane, who bought it from the original owner who has passed away. I had quite a few pictures posted but the host site got locked down and I am trying find another one to repost them.

    The original owner was Robert Altman who raced Buicks in this area in the late 50s and early 60s. Aparently he was contacted by someone at Buick and asked to race a special car. The car was ordered through the local Buick dealer with nothing out of the ordinary. It had the 401 with automatic and PS and a GS. There is nothing on the built sheet to indicate anything special. Based on converstion with Bob there were 14 of these cars built, they were sent to be modified at a source outside Buick. In his case the car was actually delivered to him unmodified because there were cars ahead of him. When it came time for his car he and the car went to Crane and he spent a week actually helping with the changes. This car also has a special rear end and brakes which one could check to verfy it being one of the 14. I have pictures of the brakes and they are markedly different. It had a 2 speed trans with a switch to activate a 'lockup' it was also modified internally at the time. The best part was Buick picked up the tab! The owners just paid for the car in stock condition.

    John is still trying to get more info on the car from the wife and brother.

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    Don't have any info for ya, but what an awesome and beautiful '66 GS you have! You gotta be proud to owe such a unique car.

    This thread could have easily been titled "Love those '66 GS's"! Lots of good info and history.....

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    Hey, Tyler...I've been away for a few days, but appreciate the info on John Lane's....sounds like a really cool car. I especially like the fact that Buick picked up the cost of the mods..

    Steve, thanks for the kind words...I agree, the 66 GS is one of the best kept secrets in muscle cars....I've owned and enjoyed (all driven regularly--no trailer queens) many different muscle cars of various makes from the 60's for many years... This car is absolutely the BEST all around performer of the lot....And as you know, you hardly ever see another one....I've only had mine for 4 years...just wish I had been smart enough to make the "discovery" a lot sooner........Best regards, Ed
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    Beautiful car Tyler!

    Interested in making an appearance in my Rices section of the Buick Parts Directory??


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    Here is a reference to A-9

    In 66. Ed has a special L-76 engine that is A-9
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    Hey Ted.....I must be missing something...What does A-9 mean? ......Thanks....Ed
  12. SpecialWagon65

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    I saw A-9 in this thead and made an assumption about your car, Ed. The Wildcat A-9 option was for the Quadrajet engine according to the post and document from John Everett.
    I thought you wrote that? Ted
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    still unknown...

    Well, there was an A-9 option for the large series Buicks....It was the Gran Sport package for the Wildcat and Riviera, and for the Lesabre, it was the '400' package which included the 340 4bbl engine.

    There was also an A-9 option for the Skylark GS...it was the Q-jet carbed engine. The option came out mid-year, so it's not listed in some factory literature until after Jan or March (?) '66. There were two versions....a 'MU' code 401 with 10.25 cr and 340 hp, and a 'MS' code 401 with 11:1 compression ratio, with the hp listed as 'undetermined'. I don't know if the A-9 option aslo applied to the 11:1 motor....

    We need more info from Fremont, Calif - built '66 GS's....specificly...we need to know the engine codes listed on the buildsheets for the standard 'MR' code 401, and the engine code for the A-9 equiped Q-jet motors.....

    So, if anyone has a build sheet for a Fremont-built car, please inform us of the listed engine code.....
    BTW, apparently, Fremont was the only factory to use these detailed build sheets.....
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    Wildcat GS Engine

    I saw a Wildcat GS Air Cleaner in Flint on a perfect GS convertible.
  15. I exchanged several letters with Dennis M on Johns car and he had no knowledge on it. His area of expertese is what was done at the factory and since this car was 'done' by Crane he feels it was something done by another division in Buick.

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    Ed, sorry I can't help you about your '66, but my '65 GS was purchased from the same Terry Buick in Huntington Beach back in the day by my grandmother. I have been searching high and low for some old Terry Buick license plate frames, so I have to ask if you have any of these license plate frames or know of any that i can get my hands on?
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    I just happened to be reading some old posts and came across this one. The MZ code you are referencing is what the factory used on the factory 2x4 Rivieras that were assembled after March of 1966. There is a way to ID a 425 with out numbers or removing a head. There is a casting lug on the bellhousing on the drivers side. It looks like two rectangles set together in the shape of a J. Good luck.

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    hey did you ever find any lic plate frames that say terry buick??
  19. THEGSX

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    I'm going to check that today...

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