Time for new steering box?

Discussion in 'The whoa and the sway.' started by josehf34, Dec 16, 2019.

  1. josehf34

    josehf34 Well-Known Member

    A month ago the power steering box of my 70 GS started leaking really BAD through the pitman seals when doing full steer to one side. At home I realized both seals were pushed out of the box but no idea why, what I did is buy a new set of seals, install them back but at the first try the box leaked terribly when doing a full steer to one side but this time isn't pushing out the seals.

    I have always complain about how the steering feels in my car, so I'm visiting the U.S. these days and was thinking maybe is a good time for an upgrade due to I don't have idea what's wrong with my current box.

    What could be a good upgrade and what could be a good source to find it in South Florida area?
  2. Bygblok

    Bygblok Well-Known Member

    you need one of Hector's quick ratio boxes. Awesome box that really improves the feel of the car on the road.
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  3. josehf34

    josehf34 Well-Known Member

    Where is he located and how can I contact him? maybe that could be an option
  4. tdacton

    tdacton Gold Level Contributor

  5. DasRottweiler

    DasRottweiler -BuickAddict-

    Nothing against Carhex's rebuilt boxes,
    always good to support a Buick Brother,
    But I bought a reman 69 Chevelle SS quick ratio box from Advanced Auto.
    Direct bolt in, uses same coupler/ rag joint. Just another option....Jim
  6. josehf34

    josehf34 Well-Known Member

    You bought it online or do they have them in the stores ?
  7. PCUB


    Turning radius of car same after conversion? curious....
  8. DasRottweiler

    DasRottweiler -BuickAddict-

    I went in and ordered it. Do a search , make sure the price is for quick ratio.
    Turning radius isn't determined by the box, so ,yes it stays the same. ....JIM
  9. Dr. Roger

    Dr. Roger Stock enthusiast

    I've purchased the reman steering boxes off ebay. The company I got them from (California somewhere) had the quick-ratio boxes also. I thought about the quick ratio box, but went back to the stock ratio. New box made a big difference in how it felt. You also need to check the all bushings (tie rods, center links, ball joints, etc). If they have never been replaced, they can have a lot of slop which will make it feel like you are riding an angry pig. Further, if one breaks, you are in big trouble. I don't think the turning radius is affected.
  10. Luxus

    Luxus Gold Level Contributor

    By no means am I an expert on this, but I believe I have read posts on here where people bought steering boxes from rock auto and other chains and the rebuilt boxes were not built well. This is something in my future and if I don't rebuild it myself, I'll probably buy one from Hector or another reputable rebuilder.
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  11. tubecatgs

    tubecatgs Finally a 4 speed......

    I bought a box from Hector, shipped quick, packed well and included a bunch of small miscellaneous parts i hadn't thought about.... he even answered the phone on a Sunday to walk me through a few questions I had about different pitman arms and rag joints for my application... all I am just saying is.......I was happy with my purchase.
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  12. josehf34

    josehf34 Well-Known Member

    I bought the box from hector, I will keep this post going once I get it installed.

    I'm crossing my fingers to this improving my GS steering to something more "driver friendly" (Sometimes I feel like I'm going to die at 40mph :D )
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  13. BYoung

    BYoung Stage me

    I had the box in the '72 I once owned converted by Hector. Excellent service, I would go with him again over the local chain stores.
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  14. josehf34

    josehf34 Well-Known Member

    Finally the past weekend had the new Gear Box from Hector (@CARHEX1 ) installed in my GS, also discovered my stock Steering Box is also a quick ratio. :D

    So far I'm really impressed with the steering improvement now I have the new box in place, the car feels like a complete different car and I'm really happy with it!

    I'm planning to go to the alignment shop this weekend to have everything in spec, usually guys where I live don't have idea about how to align this kind of cars so they just leave the toe and caster at zero (0), I have read a bit of negative caster and toe is recommended. Anyone has a recommendation about alignment specs ?
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  15. Dr. Roger

    Dr. Roger Stock enthusiast

    I am always leery about youngsters trying to align my old cars. Found an older guy at a shop where everybody that has an old car takes them in for alignment. Guy really knew what he was doing and had the alignment specs memorized for most old cars. You should ask around your area and see who knows how to align the older ones the right way.
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  16. mikec

    mikec Well-Known Member

    We started doing our own alignments at home. We use jack stands and run strings down the side to set toe. We’ve also used a laser level for toe. For camber we use a digital level and place it on the wheel up and down. Caster gets tricky and we have a quick trick kit but it is way over priced for what it is other than the digital level. Caster is set by measuring the angle difference between the wheel turned 20 deg in and 20 deg out. Summit sells this kit and the pdf instructions can be found here.

    You can also use an iPhone with the level app. Car must be at ride height.
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  17. CARHEX1


    Thank you for all the good feed back. I started out my business after I found out my core buyer was shady.
    He supplied boxes to some of the big names mentioned above. most times he would just leak test adjust clean and paint and send it out as rebuilt.
    another shady practice he and other rebuilders do is add big stops to make it a 3 turn or a 2.5 turn. box. this limits turning radius. this is why some boxes
    do not have full turning radius. Not all boxes have the same turning radius. some camaro and trans am Nova's have 2.5 turn boxes. They can get away with it and have full turning radius because they use a longer pitman arm than the A body dose.

    here is some info and pricing on the box I offer

    Carhex quick ratio steering boxes are now in stock!
    New 2020 price! I work hard to keep the pricing down. For 2020 pricing only went up 10 bucks over last year.
    This is small increase is do to 3 things.
    #1 paypal no longer refunds the fee when I process the core refund.
    #2 I now make regular trips to Arizona to locate and pull each and every core. 6 hour drive 1 way plus gas and hotel room for 2 to 3 days.
    #3 slight increase in shipping cost as well as shipping supplies.

    Thank you for supporting and tagging me in post. It brings great joy to know how many people are enjoying Carhex quick ratio steering boxes.

    Carhex quick ratio boxes are fully rebuilt. We use only American made rebuild kits.

    Direct bolt in replacement for most 64 to 76 GM cars. They are 12.7.1 ratio. They maintain full turning radius. They use factory rag joints and accept factory style hose fittings. This is a true bolt in box.
    our boxes are 130 plus 120 for the conversion core charge. shipped is 270. This includes the 120 core conversion charge.

    You can buy it out right. No core needed.

    Cores must be power steering cores. We only accept #6 or #76 castings core. Cores must not be rusted or pitted. Cores can not be locked up. Cores can not have any stripped threads or broken studs.

    Core charge break down as follows. Core is $40.00 quick ratio conversion is $80.00. All cores sent back that qualify and are 3 1/4 turns lock to lock or less will get the full core and conversion charge back. Any core that is more than 3 1/4 turn lock to lock will only get the $40.00 core charge back and the $80.00 will go towards the conversion charge. Buyer pays shipping cost to send back the core. They ship in large flat rate usps boxes for 20 bucks.

    If you don't have a good core you will not get the core or conversion charge back. Its ok to buy with out a core.

    To order all I need is your paypal email address. I will send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid you are locked in and I will ship it out.

    Any questions feel free to call or text me.
    Hector 626 488 5472
    Please like and share and tag a buddy that can use one

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  18. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member


    IF your talking about the car in your sig. it has an "808" which is for a Full Size car. Carhex I believe ONLY has boxes for the A-Body cars.
    Carhex IF I'm wrong please let me know.
    I have the "808" fast ratio boxes in stock for the Full Size cars from '59-'76. 2.5 turns lock-lock, completely stock BOLT-IN NO OTHER PARTS REQUIRED. Turning radius the same, etc. etc. Although more costly @ $450.00 makes a drastic improvement over what you have now.

    Tom T.
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  19. 1969RIVI

    1969RIVI Well-Known Member

    I've spoken with Tom about these "big car" boxes and I'm going to be getting one for my 69 Riv from him soon once funds permit.
  20. josehf34

    josehf34 Well-Known Member

    So... Had the car aligned the last weekend, went to a shop a friend of mine recommended and there was a guy that has experience aligning Dodges specially A bodys and trucks. The alignment machine had the alignment specs for 82-83 Buicks so he did the job using what the machine recommended and what he though was okay

    Now the car steers a lot better, it is almost completely straight in street (the only issue I have seems to be related to RH front caliper dragging). But I'm experiencing something that I don't know if is normal. Where I live there are a lot of hills and mountains and whatever so freeways has a lot of curves and when I'm taking a curve at more than 30mph I feel like I'm going to end in the passenger seat or out of the car. I don't know if is because of alignment specs or because this car doesn't has a rear sway bar but I don't have this feeling in a Mopar Land Yatch I also have so, is it normal in a 70 GS? Front end and Rear end are rebuilt.

    I'm attaching the alignment specs just in case you guys notice something out of place, these are in Spanish but I translated the basic specs (caster, camber, toe)

    Thanks in advance!

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