One more time....looking for a 9

Discussion in 'The "Juice Box"' started by RACEBUICKS, Sep 11, 2005.


    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    I have decided not to take the car Ive raced apart I decided to try one more try for a 9 second run. Ive done everything right but one thing. anyone want to guess??? Heres a hint......................... :Brow:
  2. buickman71

    buickman71 da RED BEAST!

    wow hot car dude...... :TU:

    is it all motor or you have spray?

    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    no spray all motor!!
  4. bobc455

    bobc455 Well-Known Member

    A hint? Well maybe you forgot to close the hood.

    A better guess: Since the wheels are off the ground, perhaps that indicates poor traction.

    -Bob Cunningham
  5. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    I notice you can't make out the front license plate in the picture. That would have answered your question! :laugh:
  6. 9secStage1

    9secStage1 Worlds Fastest GS Stage 1

    Hope ya get it there :3gears: Let us know how you do.
  7. leo455

    leo455 LAB MAN

    Put the TRANS back in!
  8. buickdav

    buickdav Kris' other half.

    Hey man, while your at it this time, borrow some narrow fronts to toss on there too.
  9. GStage1

    GStage1 Always looking for parts!

    Looks like someone left a large toilet seat on your intake, probably need to get that off there in order to close the hood, can't see where you are driving! :laugh:
  10. 71GS455

    71GS455 Best Package Wins!


    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    One of you are very close. :Brow: :3gears:
  12. GRNDNL

    GRNDNL Wannabe


    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    no bottle sorry thats not it!! .................I will post another picture tonight.
  14. 10sec 455

    10sec 455 Well-Known Member

  15. evil16v

    evil16v Midwest Buick Mafia

  16. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc


    Mike, its obvious. Youll never run 9's while you have 10.48 written on the windshield. Its the law of physics man!!
  17. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller Well-Known Member

    No Tranny fluid ???

    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    WE have a winner!!! :TU:

    That was at high altitude, and its been teens so far.
  19. Shayne Dillinge

    Shayne Dillinge Well-Known Member

    Talk to the GSE guys, they swap converters like most people swap sparkplugs. I'm thinking it's not an easy task to nail down the converter on one of these cars.
  20. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    Get one of those Neal Chance converters that you can take apart yourself and change parts until it works like you want! :TU: (it's only money! :laugh: )

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