My 76/77 Buick regals going to the darkside!

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  1. Norman Martin

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    Today I got the starter put on but noticed that it was harder to rotate the flywheel when I was installing the flywheel bolts. I realized that I never put oil back in after the oil pan install. So I grabbed the oil and filter and after 6 qts All was good.

    I installed the new water pump gaskets and torqued the pump to spec. I torqued the tranny bolts and the power steering/alternator bracket.

    I installed and torqued the intake manifold to spec after realizing that duct tape is not easy to get off the port openings. I had to plug the ports and scrape the residue after a degreaser spray down.

    I installed the coil packs but realize that the coil for cylinder 7 is broken( from junkyard straps during removal). I will replace it before the first start.

    Lastly, I got tired of hitting the fan so I got a pipewrench from the store and heated the nut holding it on with my torch to expand it. A few whacks with a hammer and the fan was able to be screwed off. It will interfere with the intake piping.

    I cant wait to get my weld argon co2 bottle swapped tomorrow so I can mig my tranny xmember before sandblasting, painting and reinstalling it. Work is starting to get critical. I am making lists of what is left in order to test fire. Sandblasting and painting the manifolds is on the shortlist. I need to get them installed so I can fit up some pipes with O2 sensors. I also need to return the factory style MAF and buy the 4inch MAF that matches the intake pipe I have.
  2. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    Returned the factory van maf and bought a 4inch pipe adapter with a card style maf. Welded the tranny x member up and prepared for the final parts of it to get welded (exhaust hole bottoms)
    Bolted the new tank back up so only wiring is left.

    Only photos taken were of the welded xmember with crappy welds since I literally welded it in the dark. You wont see the welds as they are on top of the xmember though.
  3. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    I got exactly what I wanted to get done completed tonight. I got the intake cut and added the new MAF in the middle and got the intake in what is an 85% chance of being the final spot.

    I also got the tranny crossmember in its final welded state. I still need to sandblast and paint it but there is no more welding needed on it. It has holes for a 2.5 inch exhaust to pass through it. I kind of wanted space for a 3 inch exhaust but the manifolds I got are only 2.5in so no reason to do 3 inch. The x-member is very stout. It has a little curve in it by design for strength.

    Last, I got my HP tuners goodies in the mail. I will play with that later.

    20201027_214816.jpg 20201027_214825.jpg 20201027_214850.jpg 20201027_214803.jpg 20201027_165022.jpg
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  4. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    Just ordered my Stainless pipe for the exhaust. I went with the 2.5 based solely on the availability. I will be off work on election day and the day after and it is supposed to get delivered that day so can work on it the whole day on the 4th. Now I have to pick out the mufflers. Probably Magnaflow with an H-pipe but I may go with some kind of chambered muffler like flowmaster. Last flowmaster exhaust I had got really annoying over time though.

    DNA Motoring ZTL-25SS 16Pcs 2.5 Inches DIY Custom Exhaust Pipe Kit Straight & Bend
  5. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

  6. Mark Demko

    Mark Demko Well-Known Member

    Me too, I think they're better built too.
  7. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    Cool Project! I am doing a 12:1 compression Buick 350 on E-85 into my 75 Regal, but I respect the LS swap its great too!

    I have the L-96, 6 speed combo in my truck and it works great!

  8. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

  9. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

  10. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    It’s a cool car to work on, it’s on my lift now getting upgrades...

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  11. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    Oh what a difference a stinking inch makes!

    After test fitting the exhaust manifolds for the last time, I decided to start fitting the stainless pipes for the downpipe. It was then that I realized that the front passenger side control arm perch would not allow the pipe to fit straight. After about 8 hours of pondering, I finally admitted it to myself. The motor has to move to the rear. Unfortunately the bracket holding the AC unit was in the way. Well, after notching the bracket, I was able to move the motor about 1 inch back which solved all sorts of problems.

    1. I no longer need to worry about the power steering pulley hitting the steering box.

    2. The exhaust should be easier to fit up.

    3.The motor mount bolts are easier to access with a wrench.

    4. Obviously moving the motor to the rear will slightly shift the weight back which is good.

    1. Have to drill 2 new holes for the tranny crossmember.
    2. May have to trim a tiny bit more tunnel in one area.

    Overall, this one inch saved a whole bunch of heartache an some cash too.

    20201103_103210.jpg 20201103_102951.jpg 20201103_102939.jpg 20201103_102810.jpg
  12. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    Hey,that is awesome.

    Question, do you have more photos of that garage? I am planning an addition to my home to add 2 car tandem to my 2wo car garage and what I have in my head and in plans looks just like your garage interior. Would you mind adding some more photos. Dead serious, my plans are with a 4 post and everything. I am so tired of laying on the ground to work on the car.
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  13. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    Will send a message
  14. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    Floorplan From my phone app...
    Garage level

    SmartSelect_20201103-235329_Floor Plan Creator.jpg

    Second floor

    SmartSelect_20201103-235422_Floor Plan Creator.jpg
  15. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    Getting back at it after a little break.

    Today I replaced the broken coil. It may have still worked but why take a chance. FYI, if you pull your own motor or if the yard pulls it for you, be careful that the straps or chains do not damage the coils. I noticed the broken coil when I got the motor home.

    I have to buy the o2 sensors now. That sucks. I wish these suckers came with the factory manifolds.

    20201109_132028.jpg 20201109_132023.jpg 20201109_132020.jpg
  16. Norman Martin

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    Its been a few slow days with the car. I had to figure out alot of little things. I solved a few problems after much thought. I have a bit of a roadblock though that I finally sorted. The big roadblock is the exhaust manifolds. I have purchased all sorts of stuff to paint them but in the end, I finally broke down and got some cerakote C series on the way. I am trying to decide between glacier black or glacier silver. I bought both. The thing is that I just could not bare the thought of painting the manifolds only to have them ugly soon after. The only product I had never seen any bad reviews of was the cerakote. I sand blasted the manifolds in preparation for the cerakote when it gets here.

    Next, I hated the super long van dipstick for the tranny. I solved it by cutting the tube and dipstick ensuring that I have the same stickout. I drilled the new holes and riveted it back together.

    In the process somewhere, I broke the brand new oil dipstick tube so I had to buy another. I also cut a corner off the dirty dingo slider mount so the tube would fit better. I had to grind off the paint on the dipstick tube and use antiseize to get the tube in.

    I got the o2 sensors in so now I can finish out the downpipes.
    I began trying to figure out where I will put the computer and fuse box.
    I decided to go with factory GM exhaust manifold gaskets so I bought those.

    For the moment, I think I will be putting the battery back in the stock location. Eventually it will go in the trunk. The problem is that the location I was going to put it is compromised. I went back there and realized that the area will need new sheet metal. I put my finger right through the floor. Dang!

    Well, slowly but surely I will get this sucker completed.
  17. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    Cool, keep going
  18. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

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  19. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    Vacuum line to the brake booster done. I had to adapt from 3/8th at the factory booster to 1/2 at the LS vacuum port.
  20. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    After a bunch of troubleshooting, anger and some alcoholic beverages I finally figured out all the wiring to make the Regal crank correctly. Apparently one of my wires is broken internally and not making contact. That wire is spliced into another wire and I assumed that since they are connected, that only one needed to be hooked to 12v. Well the one that I have hooked up was the broken one. Once I hooked the other wire up to battery, I hooked the Regal wire that used to be purple to the LS wire that is purple......finally! I heard the motor crank! The fuel pump is not hooked up otherwise she probably would have started.

    So now I need to hook up the fuel pump wires, then cerakote the headers, finish the downpipes with O2 sensors and put a little fuel in her.

    Then she will be ready to fire up for the first time as a newly married car and motor! 20201121_170650.jpg 20201121_170641.jpg 20201120_122035.jpg

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