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    just got screwd by another mechanic, ugghh now I am diagnosing & fixing myself (kind of)... Just got a new holley, running worse than before. I know my ignition coil & distributor are bad bad bad. I just ordered a NOS distributor but now I'm really confused. I only want to do this once, soo here's the dilemma:

    1964 rivi 401

    HEI (mallory or msd), Petronics, or convert NOS with Dave's HEI's?? what is a 6 box and what coil to use as well

    My 401 had the valves cut too short when rebuilt by retarded mechanic, so she is a lil' shaky already, I really want what's best for her and to not have to worry about it for at least 5 years:) I'm very indecisive and need y'all to tell me what to do.
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    Since the new carb she is running a lot hotter, how do you feel about KwikCool as well


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    it would be better if you posted a location so we can direct you to a good mechanic in your area. Thanks

    oh yea welcome aboard!
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    Where would that be?? lots o forums here...

  4. cnh123

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    Ohh, & I'm one with "good mechanics" they are snakes(with me at least)! just need advice from the experts:)

    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    This isnt a chevy board, and so as one of the "experts" if you want help its easier to point you towards another "expert" that can help you in your own area.
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    your 64 riviera should be a 425 not 401 on top of block left front coner stamped kw or kv u need to find a good speed shop / engine rebuild shop i am using j&l performance in lancaster ny they know there stuff there ph# is 716-684-7069 paul tell hem what u got and he will let you know what you need and order it from them his prices are good they even fix your valves with the wright ones u need there rebuilding my 425 nail head they know there stuff :3gears:
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    If you just ordered an NOS distributor I expect you paid good money for it, so why not just use it? There is nothing wrong with the stock ignition as long as it's in good condition. Use the points and don't leave the key in the 'on' position when the car isn't running and you'll be fine. And get a new stock replacement coil and you're done, or at least you will be if that's all there is wrong with the car. Secondly, if the car is running hot after nothing more than a carburetor change then :Dou: look at the carburetor. Nothing wrong with KwikCool but it's not going to solve your problem. Holley makes a lot of different carburetors and you didn't mention which one you have. If it is brand new and sized properly for your car then it should have the correct jetting, or at least close enough not to cause a lean burn condition. However, are you absolutely sure all that was done is change the carburetor? I am suspect of that statement because generally speaking a carburetor change is not going to cause an engine to run hot, and if you indeed have a "retarded mechanic" is there any chance he might have messed with something else on the car? I suspect there is but he may not be honest enough to admit it.

    What others have tried to tell you is to let us know where you live. You don't have to give an address to crying out loud, just a general location. Judging by the "ya'll" I suspect you're in the south, so Atanta, Birmingham, or ? for an example. Perhaps someone here from your general area knows a good Buick mechanic who can help you. After all, isn't that why you are posting here?
  9. John Codman

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    I am curious as to why you changed the carburetor in the first place. Was there a problem with the Carter AFB? Are you trying to improve performance over stock? If you want a "stocker", then I would stick with factory parts. I would use the NOS distributor and stock coil as was suggested earlier. If you use all factory stuff, you can adjust to factory settings and be done with it. The minute you start changing things, you are on your own. Holley makes a great carburetor, but is yours too big or too small? Is it jetted correctly? Does it fit your intake manifold properly? I am thinking that you may have a vacuum leak since you say it runs worse and hot. Give us a geographical area and someone here will know a good mechanic or will offer to help. There are a lot of good people on this forum. Welcome aboard!
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    IP address resolves to Austin (I assume Texas) residential Road Runner account.

    Lots of good folks here from the great state of Texas that I'm sure would be willing to help you.
  11. SportWagonGS

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    if the carb is too small or under jetter it will run wicked lean and cause overheating issues.....
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    How did you figure that out? Where am I located ? (Sometimes i'm not sure of my own location :Dou:)
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    Brad knows all!
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    I sent a fact 2.....
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    I'm a super moderator on this board. We have, as mods, the ability to resolve IP addresses as part of the software used by the board.

    So.....DON'T PISS ME OFF!!!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Just kidding...:bla:

    Oh, her IP showed in the address line. Yours shows me the following: The IP Address is: The host name is: (I "x" out the majority of the IP address...).
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    You indicate that you have purchased some sort of replacement distributor. If the seller did not require a 'core' distributor in return, you will end up with a spare distributor.

    I suggest getting the engine running well with the new distributor and carb, working it all out, then, when yu have time and funds, send the old distributor to Dave Ray, and let him rework it to HEI. That way, the engine and car get running, you aren't pressed for time, and it all works out.

    There are a LOT of people now stealing/copying Dave's designs/conversions. I suggest you get one of HIS genuine Dave's conversions, they are simply the best there is. I have 5 of them on my Nailheads in my collection, and a number more on the other vehicles I have as well.


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    Like, ZOIKS! Scoob.
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    You said you got a new Holley. Was it brand new or new for you? And do you have the list number so we can see what model it is?

    And who's a bot?:laugh:
  20. cnh123

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    ok austin, tx.. It is indeed a 401 nailhead, and no, I do not have a chevy.

    I got a new carb because I would get it tuned up, and a week later it would be idling rough, not starting, as if it had been un-tuned up. I told several mechanics this for years and they never gave me the distributor and ignition coil diagnosis, sooo I figured a holley would solve my problems:( runs even worse now, backfires, no start for 20 minutes, blah blah blah, dont know what kind it is but it is brand new. They supposedly rebuilt my starter, but its making awful sounds so I'm assuming they f'd it up. they did a tune up (without an oil change, just re-affirming the retard part) car is backfiring now, running very rich, pinging like crazy. But if it doesn't want to start I tap the coil and she goes. & these mechanics specialize in old cars, as a matter of fact thats all they work on, for an arm and a leg and a torso.

    I heard that an hei makes for a better drive w/ maybe better mileage--- but I also read petronics is great as well. I paid 50 bucks for the nos distributor, but I was also reading that it has to be recurved? I don't know, I just want someone to decide for me. I would be very nice if she was happier, if an hei will do that I'm willing to shell out the dough, but if it's a waste I dont want it. She is not for racing, but she is my daily driver and I'm trying to fix her up lil by lil.

    so what should I get?:Do No: :Do No:

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