help damsel in distress!!

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by cnh123, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. dan zepnick

    dan zepnick Well-Known Member

    i've seen that plug under the intake rot out and cause a vacuum leak.could it be???
  2. doc

    doc Well-Known Member

    No,,,, No,,,, the plug under the intake cannot cause a vacume leak.... a hole in it will cause an exhaust leak,, because it plugs up the hole in the exhaust crossover, not an area that has vacume in it... in fact it has exhaust gasses under pressure,,, if you come up with a exhaust leak that you cannot find in the engine area, pull the intake off and look under it at that plug, chances are , you will find a hole in that plug.... it is an odd size and some times has to be ordered from is best to replace the plug when you rebuild the engine as a matter of routine....NOW , i AM TALKING ABOUT A NAILHEAD HERE NOT ANY OTHER ENGINE.....
    Well, I have to back up about the rocker arm breather having a hole in the center of it.... Kimson had one on his engine..... I just did not ever see one before.... live and learn....
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  3. wkillgs

    wkillgs Gold Level Contributor

    Yes, California emissions setup.....oil breather is connected to the air cleaner.
  4. cnh123

    cnh123 Active Member

    Wow, there's been a lot of action in my post since I've been gone:)

    Doc, let me reiterate that you are a wizard. I started exactly how you told me, pressing softly all the way down 4 times, and viola:) It still backfired and stalled a few times, but no carb start! It used to start like an automatic choke, no pressing at all---

    I still need to check the firing order and see if the adapter is webbed & figure out a heat material to put in there if that is the case-- you never told me if I should put the original heat plate on as well since I already have it.

    I'm doing the distributor, hei, points, coil, carb etc with another mechanic, but I'm going to do it with him. If I get a new ignition switch will my entire ignition system be brand new? I would rather redo it all now...

    She is still running hot, but hopefully we can figure it out :3gears:
  5. doc

    doc Well-Known Member

    Well, that is not surprising,,, I dont use a choke,,, just start on the accellerator pump.... when you do that , the engine is going to be ''cold natured'' untill it warms up some.... from looking at the pics , I see that the choke is wired open.... you could always hook it up manually , with a choke cable to the inside of the car to the bottom edge of the dash... only thing is if you forget to push it back in after the engine warms up, it will use more gas....:laugh:
    the reason that I didnt say anything about a heat shield is that I knew you had to use a adapter plate to install any holley carb onto a nailhead manifold...and the adapter acts as a heat shield... I just assumed that the mechanic put the proper gaskets you did... when you paid them to do so...:laugh:
    Like i said, we need to get the ign system spot on, before diving into the carb....odds are, the carb is ok...
    Well if you put in a new ign switch, the whole system will be new except for the wire loom.... on a lot of old cars , I have seen so called mechanics butcher the under dash wires up.... I hate that.... it is not that hard to rebuild a wire loom.... one thing about it ,,, if you do that , you will know that the switches are all good .....
    Definitly need to get the running hot problem fixed... my riv runs right on 185 deg. without the air on ,,, with air , it gets up to 210....
    You need to get the rad checked out and rodded out if neccessary....
  6. TXGS

    TXGS The United State of Texas

    Hello from another Austinite. :3gears:
  7. cnh123

    cnh123 Active Member

    had my radiator recored a few years ago, usually runs at 180-200 depending on the weather, but since the new carb and plugs 200-215:(

    Is it called an ignition switch on our car or something else, I can't find it in my buick parts catalog.

    Hi Austinite:bglasses:
  8. dl7265

    dl7265 No car then Mopar

    Phil, got some nailhead members down there that can help this young lady out ?

  9. cnh123

    cnh123 Active Member

    Doc, I missed the post about your heart, don't go dying on me, I'll be stewed, screwed, and tattooed!!:af:

    I will have the mechanic check for a vacuum leak...
  10. doc

    doc Well-Known Member

    Hey,,,, dont worry bout me,,,, I aint going anywhere unless my God says so first.... so I dont worry at all.... got 2 more tests to do.....:laugh:
  11. John Codman

    John Codman Platinum Level Contributor

    It is a well-known fact that if you paint a Nailhead pink, unless you are a Mary Kay salesperson - you will go to hell. God will not forgive you; he never intended that a Nailhead be pink. If you are a Mary Kay salesperson and leave the company, you must repaint the Nailhead a proper color within 72 hours or you will still go to hell.
  12. doc

    doc Well-Known Member

    Pink??????????:Do No: :Do No: :Do No:
  13. tlivingd


    Where did the pink come from? Nailheads need to be nailhead green. It's a great color.
    I'd love to build a highboy or other hot rod with a Nailhead with the green showing on the engine, and Nailhead green on the wheels. The body could be turd brown and it will still look great.
  14. cnh123

    cnh123 Active Member

    I'M A GIRL, we like pink, plus it's fun to make die-hards mad:):grin:
  15. maxammuscle

    maxammuscle Member

    Any ideas where I could pick up a 65 vert Chassis/frame? Mine is rysted through.
  16. DaWildcat

    DaWildcat Platinum Level Contributor

    Dan, I suggest starting a new thread in "Parts Wanted".

  17. cnh123

    cnh123 Active Member

    check the buick parts forum here they have an awesome list, and there is a good buick graveyard in washington, pm me I might have the #
  18. doc

    doc Well-Known Member

    Max ,,, if you are talking about a 65 skylark GS, there was one here in Lawrenceburg a while back, actually 2... one a complete car and one a rotted down hulk but i think the frame may be still good.... cause we dont salt the roads here much at all.....

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